PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

Your PlayStation Plus games for the month arrive on February 7! This month we have the incredibly creative LittleBigPlanet 3 and the fast-paced action game Not a Hero from Roll 7 (OlliOlli).

PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

LittleBigPlanet 3 is available for all PS Plus members this month. This is one of the most imaginative games on PlayStation, full of platforming adventure and excitement. After you’ve explored the Imagisphere, flex your creative muscle and bring your own imagination to life or play one of the millions of original creations from the LBP Community.

We are also offering Not a Hero, because sometimes you just want to blast the criminal underworld to bits. Play as Steve, a professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager as he cleans for his boss, an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord. Run, jump, shoot, and cut your way through this white-knuckle campaign.

Full lineup:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 // PS4
  • Not a Hero // PS4
  • Starwhal // PS3, cross buy with PS4
  • Anna — Extended Edition // PS3
  • Ninja Senki DX // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4
  • TorqueL // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4

A ton of gaming fun for such a short month. Enjoy!

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3 Author Replies

  • How come the last few PS+ Monthly Announcement Videos don’t have PS3 or PS Vita games shown? They have only shown PS4 games for the video, even though PS Vita and PS3 games are shown on the list.

    Also why don’t people buy the PS4 games even if they don’t have a PS4? I don’t have one but I have been purchasing the free games for when I get it (which will be soon).

    I know many of these games are not that great to people on here, however I myself don’t mind. Unlike people who seem to have the money to buy many of the games on here, I don’t have that luxury. So all the games they have released on here, I haven’t played before.

    One thing I miss though is the free PS1 games they offered years ago (back around 2010 or so).

  • Little Big Planet 3 And Not A Hero For Free Huh? Acceptable…For Now At Least.

  • another disappointing month of poor choices somebody should tell sony to leave the sega megadrive games in the museum where they belong. in 2 and half years of the ps plus i had 5 games last one was everybody has gone to the rapture

  • Not cool Sony NOT COOL.

  • While those are cool free games, whatever happened to the PS Plus where we got awesome Triple A games for free?! There was a time when we got Prototype 2, Tomb Raider (2013), Crysis 3, and many more TRIPLE A titles free of charge. Now it’s all just indie games that virtually no one cares about. Bring back the good old days for once, Sony!

    • I am not sure what you mean by virtually no one cares about indie games. I care about them and those that understand where most game companies started as do care. If it wasn’t for Indie Games, we wouldn’t have what we do today.

      From the way you speak about Indie Games, I can tell you never played Atari or Sega Genesis or any of the other older consoles. I enjoy Indie Games because they take me back to those systems.

      Yeah, we could use better games at times, but if we complain over and over about the games we do get, one day Sony will just stop doing PS+. Why would they care doing this service if everyone complains about it all the time? No matter what game they release, there is always someone that complains about it.

      This is especially to all those people that played the game. We know by now these games were released at least 1 year ago, maybe at least 2 years. Why would the give us relatively new games when they still sell for original price?

      Plus there is the fact most likely Sony has to contact the Publisher in order to even use their games in PS+. Another alternative is they already give them permission and possibly how long to wait to put it on after release.

    • i have respect for indy games, but they are just not for me.. i feel ya.

  • Why Not A Hero for PS4 only? PS Vita linup is the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen yet.

  • I already own LBP3 but am psyched that many more people will get to play it. haven’t played it in a while but this is prompting me to pop it back in again. fantastic!

  • PS+ Still Not worth it…

  • Anyone else having the issue of seeing last month’s game selection still? Mine hasn’t updated to February’s choices yet, :'(

    Playstation, some help please!

  • I could’ve guessed this… LACKLUSTER GAMES yet again!

    The only reason I bought Plus literally was to do PvP in Dark Souls III…

    Now I regret that decision!

  • It’s more than a little annoying to get pixel graphics games for free every month.

    I’m not going to complain about LBP 3, even though I’ll probably never touch it (I despise platforming in any context), because at least it looks like something that you need a modern console to play.

    Getting games that look retro but are actually modern completely turns me off. I’m not saying that graphics must be cutting-edge for a game to be good, but there’s a reason why very few people actually have an NES or Atari hooked up to their televisions. (The nostalgia-fueled mini console not withstanding.)

    On top of it, this is exactly WHY I won’t buy any of the pixel graphic games on PSN: because eventually I’ll get them for free, if they’re any good. Why should I waste my money on them, when I know that almost inevitably, I’ll gain access via PS Plus?

    If you guys are like “Well, we should release *something* this month that we aren’t making much money from to begin with,” how about a PS1 or PS2 classic title instead?

    I’m not saying that I’m not renewing my PS Plus membership if changes aren’t made, but I’ll say it’s no longer a priority to do so.

  • This line up sucks like always nothing good on the list

  • Not a bad month, for once. Usually the titles are a bit awful, but LBP is one of the most amazing games out there.

  • i already have lbp3 do i get something else?

  • Looking forward to little big planet 3. So excited can’t wait haven’t even played it yet. Not sure about the others but can’t wait!! please remake spyro!

  • Why do i still see The january games?

  • Ok..listen girly men..for the dissatisfied customer..don’t resubscribe…end of story..the month after month belly aching is redundant…you fed up with the product..don’t buy’s basic supply and demand people…for the people defending guys need to slap yourself…what ADULT sits at home and plays little big planet…?? I will wait…and by chance if you are over 15 playing my friend need to get laid..or improve on your marital relations because obviously something is wrong…to the entitled gamers such as myself..I’m with you guys..the ps3 had the most legendary run with plus..we got spoiled..I’m calling a spade a spade…when Sony announced that they were going with an indie approach for plus with the 4..I instantly thought shovelware..I remember picking and choosing the games I wanted to install on my 3..and even the ones that didn’t make the cut were still better than broforce or super meat boy…before you guys kill me in the comments…I guarantee my online library is more extensive than yours and I can guarantee I spent more REAL MONEY on my don’t do it…personally I’m not saying for Sony to go back to the old formula because well all know that isint gonna happen..

    • …..what I am saying is that Sony can make a more conscious effort to listen to the customer that it is blindly serving..i personally can’t unsubscribe because alot of my games are digital downloads..i lose my sub ..thats it…but I can also do without all the mega man 1 looking it’s insulting Sony..i bought my 4 for the next level of entertainment not to go back to playing super Mario bros..for the guys that get on here month after month..complain but still download and still only have plus games..get by on redeem codes or code generators..a system isint what you guys guys need..a job…a girl and a life…

    • Really?
      So I just checked you out on ps4. Because I like calling people out on their bs.

      A good over half of your game library have been PS+ titles (unless you have multiple accounts which is a waste), so you clearly haven’t spent that much money,
      If you don’t enjoy indie games then fair enough that’s your taste but Playing games such as LBP and being over 15? There is literally no problem with that and you are just being salty because you clearly have no creativity.

      You can unsubscribe as long as they weren’t free PS plus games, discounted games will stay, I haven’t paid for us for over a year now and I can still play everything I’ve brought.

      If you really have that much of a problem, get a PC.

  • I’m so done with this.

    Have you seen what Microsoft is putting out for this months free games?
    Have you seen what they put out the past couple of months?

    The last time we had a decent lineup of free games on PS+ was back when Injustice ultimate edition came out, since then we keep getting these strings of indie games and general crap.
    What are you doing Sony? Do people have to stop buying your consoles for you to compensate with PS subscriptions by putting out better games, like what Microsoft is doing?

    This is a joke, at the moment I’m only paying for the online service, seeing as the PS+ free games and discount aren’t worth spit, I might as well just take the money I’m renewing ps+ with and get Nintendo’s Switch online subscription if I wanted to pay for less as they both have the same usefulness.

    Get it together.

  • For anyone defending PlayStations choice of free for PSN titles go take a look at what Microsofts been giving away and prepare to look like an idiot as you see their giving away real full title games none of this arcade title BS their getting a proper fighting game and rayman, PlayStation lift your game these minor titles are an obvious way for you to save money and i’ll do the same by not getting PSN again

  • I love the PS4, as a console it is fantastic but PS+ is a total let down, I have 0 interest in any of these games and haven’t had any interest in a PS+ freebie since Rocket League. Little Big Planet is boring and childish and Not A Hero looks like a disgraceful game, I hate that terrible pixel style of game. Maybe Sony could create a discounted PS+ for people who only want to play online and have no interest in the ‘free’ games?

  • I feel PS+ has gone from strength to strength with these free games. If I don’t download any one month I find I download them all the following month. So I don’t feel like I lose out at all. I love this service. I cannot wait for every month to roll around for what’s next.

  • I cancelled my PS PLUS subscription months ago and haven’t regretted it since. I hardly ever play online any more and the free monthly games are really pathetic. I mean come ON, month after month the overall quality of the games in the subscription is shameful. It’s like every month, Sony is giving me a huge middle finger while saying out loud laughing “Thank you for your money”! – NOT ANY MORE!

  • There is a war between people who defend ps+ and people who criticize ps+. And defenders are losing a war by each ps+ line up announcement XD

  • If a game that says it’s only free on PS4, but has a PS3 version, will the PS3 version be free also? I would like to get Little Big Planet 3, but I can only afford a moth of PS Plus and don’t want to waste my money if I can’t get it. Can someone let me know?

  • I pretty much never comment here on the playstation website, but i just really wanted to say a lot of you are fools, you buy a playstation plus subscription to not only play online, but also for the playstation plus exclusive sales and features.
    Now instead of gambling each month thinking “THIS month must have great ps+ content” why not just “wait”….it’s not hard to wait and see if the content of the month is worth a playstation plus subscription or not, this is of course for the people that do not play online too often.

    I am really tired of the argument that “the free ps+ games this month are BAD” cause video games and genres are in general heavily affected by opinion, maybe you don’t like a specific game but other people do, maybe you enjoy games others may dislike, i am personally surprised Little Big Planet 3 is free this month, and Not a hero seems like a fun game, along with Ninja Senki now there is some free fun to be had.
    Whatever microsoft do on xbox is not our concern, they may operate very differently when deciding what games they will giveaway for free each month.

    • As u said “maybe you don’t like a specific game but other people do”. Let those who didn’t like and those who liked line up express their opinion. U don’t have to call them out or humiliate just because they didn’t like line up. I don’t mean you but in general.

  • I come to the comment section to read what people think about the month’s line up, what the general mindset is, but little by little i started to realize that there is pretty much no mindset what so ever, cause all people do month in and month out is complain, complain and complain some more, most people are so busy complaining that they completely disregard the content itself that they just outright label it as bad without any context, and i can confirm that this happens pretty much no matter if it’s an indie or triple A game title.

    The main issue is that very few is actually describing their dislikes and likes about the free ps+ games, most comments every month (with the exception of maybe a month or two per year) are just people coming here to write pretty much the same comment they left last month and the months before it.

    Besides if you buy ps+ for the monthly games before you even know what they are, only to come here and complain they were a waste of money or bad games, you pretty much shot yourself in the foot, it’s not like sony is holding you at gunpoint to buy ps+ every month.

  • Why are people still coming here to cry about the “bad games” and “terrible price” they paid for the subscription.

    1. Get a PC, free to play online and nothing free every month, so nothing to cry about.
    2. Anyone saying games with gold are better
    Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (Xbox One)
    Monkey Island 2: Special Edition (backwards compatibility)
    Project Cars Digital Edition
    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (backwards compatibility), other than lovers in a dangerous blah, we have had all of these.
    3. If you pay for a yearly subscription (depends where you live) we pay £3.33 a month in the UK (yearly subscription) these games add up to way other that.

    So, moneys worth? Yes
    Stop being baby’s, just try the games.

    Already own not a hero but the rest make up for that :P. Look forward to it.

  • 1. It’s already 7th Feb 2017 and still no new games in PS Plus.
    2. Xbox live gold games are MUCH better.
    3. PS Plus games are bad. The only ONE good games in 2016 was Broforce.
    I pay for PS Plus only for multiplayer. Sony, please remove ****** games from subscription and reduce the multiplayer cost.
    Or introduce another type of subscription – “without ****** games”, which will cost less.

    • Remember when all you needeed to play online was a free psn account and not a ps+ account? Pepperidge Farm remembers. Pepperidge Farm WANTS IT BACK!

  • when will they be available for download in GMT+1 timezone?

  • this is a good line up Sony

    i got all Little Big Plant’s for Free (exepect for vita and kart racer) got LBP for PSP for free also.

    the first one was from you guys big mess from 2011
    the 2nd one was from PS Plus back when it was free

    now the 3rd.

    never heard of the other games but still…

    here’s a golf clap for you.

    GOLF CLAP? GOLF CLAP (clapping sound effect’s)

  • yo! old games are still up there! gimme dat LBP3!!!

  • When will lbp3 be available for download? Ive been waiting!!

  • Remember when gamers got along? Before gaming went main stream. I remember when playing online with people was fun,people used their Mics to communicate,now your lucky to find a match that’s quiet enough to talk,mostly just loud disrespectful kids blasting their music and arguing. I stopped playing online several years ago because it wasn’t fun anymore,to many cheaters and loud mouths. I hope they bring back the ability to kick people out of matches,I know some games do and it’s great because it helps keep people in check. The next time your online remember to be nice and show respect so OTHERS can enjoy themselves,after all were all GAMERS.

  • Ah now I know why, it’s the time difference @9:38am here

  • I’m I the only one not seeing the February game titles

  • yoo yoo yooo LBP3 is not free yet i can’t wait much longer !!!!!

  • + i have the coolest psn name ever :/

  • with the coolest psn avatar :/

  • tsk … at 7 pm not am :(

  • Am I reading the store page correctly? Not A Hero is 816 MB and has a minimum save file size of 2 GB?!

  • Where the free games at?

  • People haveing issues geting the games should search the games!

  • Heads up, TorqueL on the NA PSN Store is not yet marked as a free PS + game…

  • Why even check other regions? It’ll just piss you off for no reason.

    Are you guys happy with anything? AAA game this month? “It sucks and it’s too old.” Top rated Indie? “It sucks.” Did you try it? “Nope. I like running my mouth without anything to back it up.” Give it a rest already.

  • I realize that the ps plus free games aren’t always going to appeal to my taste but as a 41 year old gamer the “novelty” of side scrolling, pixel graphic games is entirely lost on me.I don’t own a system capable of VR so that i can play 2D games. A little variety would be nice.

    • This guy. This guy gets it!
      I did not spend the salary of a 3rd world employee on a console to play what I used to play on my Sega Gen or Nintendo.

  • Project CARS: Digital Edition & Star Wars: The Force Awakens for me…good to be a XBox Gold member right about now!

  • Can’t play rainbow six siege for second day cause servers are down. now question is why the F word am I paying for ps+ to play it?

  • all i wanna know is when is march’s games getting released!

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