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Feb 09

Feb 09

Flywrench Launches February 14 on PS4

knorindr's Avatar Posted by Co-founder, Messhof, LLC

Hello, lovely people! I hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day gift to you — a new game from us at Messhof, the creators of Nidhogg! Flywrench launches on PS4 February 14!

Flywrench is a tough-as-nails, masorcore-ish game that’s somewhere between a platformer and a physics puzzle. We’ve been working on it since 2007 if you can believe it — you might even have played Mark’s early prototype version of the game! If you play games like Team Meat’s Super Meat Boy (actually, Flywrench was a playable character!) or Roll7’s OlliOlli, then this is right up your alley.

Your character is a white line. No, seriously, you are a tiny white line. You are a tiny white line ship. If you don’t press anything you will drop to the bottom of the level and explode! Don’t do that. You can flap to stay aloft. Left and right adds momentum each way. You can do a barrel roll or 10, but you won’t be able to control your ship in this mode. Each move changes you color — while flapping, you’re red. If you’re rolling, you’re green. If you aren’t doing either, you’re white.

Obstacles come in a bunch of different colors, but if they’re one of the three that you can switch to then you can phase right through it untouched. It’s a little different, but you’ll get the hang of it right away. At AGDQ this past year there were some incredible Flywrench full story runs that were nearly flawless!

There are 199 levels and they come at you with the quickness. Flap, spin, and bounce through all kinds of tricky color coded obstacles and into the exit. We spent a lot of time tuning the controls just right, so when you die (Which you will… often) you’ll know it was all your fault. Bad gamer, bad!

In addition to the main campaign, we’ve also included a Time Trial mode so that you can race against players globally. Also — and this is only available on PS4, we’ve included a whole new pack of “Asteroid” levels in Time Trial. They’re fierce.

I may be a bit biased, but this is pretty much the best game soundtrack ever, so far (We are working on some killer music for Nidhogg 2!). Daedelus, who we were lucky to work with on OG Nidhogg, wove together an awesome soundtrack from some of the best producers around like Machinedrum, Baths, Dntel, Sweatson Klank, and many more. You can actually listen to the soundtrack in-game through an old school “Sound Test” screen.

Okay, that’s enough from me. I super duper hope you check out our game! If you’re afraid of hard games, don’t worry, we baby you for a bit until you learn how to control your ship… but not for long.

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KongWen said:

February 9th, 7:07 am

Fantastic news! Love this game and the soundtrack, and look forward to playing on PS4 with a nice controller. Can you confirm it’s going to be $6.99?

    knorindr's Avatar

    Kristy Norindr said:

    February 9th, 7:48 am

    We love that you love the game and the soundtrack! & Yes, it will be 6.99.

paulogy said:

February 9th, 10:27 am

This looks both challenging as hell and absolutely delightful at the same time :-)

Nidhogg proved to be such a fun local multiplayer game. It seems only one player would play Flywrench at a given time, but might you have some sort of hot-seat / tournament mode so multiple people could play through the campaign together?

    knorindr's Avatar

    Kristy Norindr said:

    February 9th, 12:46 pm

    Thanks for the compliment! We think you are delightful :) No plans for multiplayer Flywrench but its a super interesting idea.

pablikenemy79 said:

February 9th, 11:53 am

This is perfect for play on the go…

Are you going to release this on the SWITCH !?

    knorindr's Avatar

    Kristy Norindr said:

    February 9th, 12:44 pm

    No plans! I hope you try it on Playstation though…!

knorindr's Avatar

Justin Massongill said:

February 9th, 12:01 pm

I’m really excited for this one! Nidhogg’s controls were spot-on, so the idea of Messhof taking on a precision-platfloater (flapformer?) is an enticing one indeed.

    knorindr's Avatar

    Kristy Norindr said:

    February 9th, 12:43 pm

    ha! i love flapformer! i think you’re going to love the game feel of Flywrench for sure. :)

ShowUp2ShutDown said:

February 9th, 2:38 pm


HomessaHomem said:

February 10th, 1:46 am

Any chance of a PS Vita version?

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