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Feb 17

Feb 17

Disc Jam Beta Begins Today on PS4

Timothy Rapp's Avatar Posted by Founder, High Horse Entertainment

Hey folks! Tim and Jay here from High Horse Entertainment. We’re thrilled to announce the online beta test for Disc Jam, an action sports game for 1-4 players! During our alpha phase, the top two requests we received were “Please do a PS4 Beta!” and “Please add doubles!” So today, we’re announcing both!

Throughout development, it’s been critical for matchmaking that we only offer the singles mode (1v1) to help players around the world find opponents with a good connection. Now that Disc Jam is nearing completion, and with the hopes of getting some solid stress testing on our network, we are activating singles and doubles for the PS4 beta. In addition, we’ve made some exciting new changes to the mode including an updated court, as well as a complete overhaul to the pass mechanic.

When we initially implemented doubles, we wanted to see whether the mode would be fun in exactly the same play space as singles. Our assumption was that the additional player would add tension to the frantic pace on offense. With the passing mechanic, players could set up more powerful offensive shots which we believed would compensate for the extra defender.

This was true for the most part, but it became quite clear during high-end tournament play that some adjustments were needed. The singles court was simply too small to make defending your end zone as challenging as it should be. After some tweaking, a simple widening of the court by a few feet proved to be a simple and effective solution. This small adjustment to the play space compensates incredibly well for the extra player (not unlike the sport of tennis).

Another issue we had with doubles was the first implementation of the pass mechanic. Our main problem was that there wasn’t any significant punishment for poor timing on a pass. This basically created a situation where passing was always the optimal strategy. It slowed the game down and directly opposed our key design pillars: positioning and timing.

To address this, we redesigned passing so that your timing is graded just like the other throws in the game. Your teammate can now only throw as hard as the incoming pass, so a poorly timed pass to your teammate at the net will severely hamper their offensive power. With this new implementation, choosing to pass is a much more strategic decision which includes a layer of difficulty that the previous mechanic lacked. However, if executed properly, the pass mechanic is still quite powerful, enabling teams to charge the net and maximize their offensive potential!

It has been very important for us that singles and doubles each feel like first-class citizens in Disc Jam. We want to ensure that both modes remain competitive and that both lone wolves and team players have a home. So far, we have heard great feedback on both modes with many players gravitating to one or the other, but enjoying both. We believe these simple yet game-changing updates have made doubles a unique experience without straying too far from Disc Jam’s core gameplay. Of course, we may just have our “developer blinders” on, so we hope you’ll join us in the beta and share your thoughts!

We are accepting signups for the Playstation 4 beta on our website so sign up today and give it a spin!

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brak014 said:

February 17th, 8:07 am

Heck instant Beta code after signing up for the beta, looking forward to playing this tonight

    brak014 said:

    February 17th, 8:07 am

    Heck Yeah!*

    happilymarried69 said:

    February 17th, 10:00 am


    goopynose said:

    February 19th, 10:07 am

    I played this for 4 hours straight last night. Definite buy for me!

    Joey1848 said:

    February 20th, 10:29 am


kreiden said:

February 17th, 8:09 am

Definitely jumping on this one. Looks great!

paulogy said:

February 17th, 8:13 am

So you’re telling me PS4 will be getting both Windjammers AND this game? What a time to be alive :-)

This looks like a fun party game, how many players can play at the same time locally?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:40 am

    Any combination of 1-4 players online or local! A favorite way to play is two local players jump on the same team and matchmake doubles online!

LeandroDiFini said:

February 17th, 9:06 am

This looks fun!

capitolc said:

February 17th, 9:14 am

I don’t know what this is. I need more pics or a video.

Sounds like tennis, but passing and goaling like soccer.

I’ll wait for more info.

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 10:31 am

    The game has changed a TON from our announce trailer so join us in the beta and let us know what you think!

    capitolc said:

    February 17th, 9:17 am

    announcement trailer on YT

    Disc Jam – E3 2016 Announce Trailer | PS4 – YouTube

    (wow, this title skipped my E3 experience)

krae_man said:

February 17th, 9:30 am

Really enjoyed what I played at PSX.

Looking forward to playing it again.

xPAULIEx said:

February 17th, 9:31 am

So tron (from the intellivision days) meets air hockey. I like it!

merlinten said:

February 17th, 10:42 am

Can anyone play this beta or is it only for certain people?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 10:55 am

    All you have to do is validate your email (see the link at the bottom of the post) and you’ll receive a beta key!

    merlinten said:

    February 17th, 11:04 am

    Thanks! Sounds Awesome I will try it out tomorrow. :-)

NelsonScotty said:

February 17th, 11:23 am

HELP!!! I got my CODE (thank you), but when I redeemed it on the PS Store, it only showed up in the “media” section……and will NOT allow me to “download” or anything; Plus, when I search for the game on the store, it’s “NOT FOUND”?????
So, how do I actually DOWNLOAD the “Beta”???? Please help. *****First time ever getting a “beta” like this by the way…..thank you.

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 11:27 am

    Let’s get to the bottom of this right now! email me at info[at]highhorseentertainment[dot]com and we’ll get you sorted out!

    oo7PorscheMGS said:

    February 17th, 12:54 pm

    Check under your ps4 “library”, it should be there.

    This looks like fun, and THANK you for making a local AND online mixed multiplayer game. Shared it with my ps4 beta community and can’t wait to try it, the trailer on youtube looks fast and furious fun! Passing mechanic sounds great (skill based!) too!

    foeaminute said:

    February 17th, 1:13 pm

    I had the same problem, you’ll just have to check your download queue.

    Hoo boy, that Playstation store is a MESS to navigate. But also, thanks so much for the Beta Key! Looking forward to trying it.

GreenTractor said:

February 17th, 1:14 pm

Try sign up and when click verification email just says invalid code on page it takes me to

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 5:39 pm

    email me at info[AT]highhorseentertainment[DOT]com and we’ll get you squared away!

KidCommando said:

February 17th, 1:46 pm

Just played a few matches, very fun. I could see this getting really competitive.

paulogy said:

February 17th, 1:52 pm

I’m in, sweet! How long is the Beta going to run?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:50 pm

    we haven’t set an end date at the moment but we’re thinking a week or two

    DaveedT13 said:

    February 17th, 2:00 pm

    Good question, the info is really not in the blog post! (Unlike a lot of questions on PS Blog from people that didn’t read the whole post!) :)

DaveedT13 said:

February 17th, 1:58 pm

Just registered, key received in seconds, can’t wait to try it (in 1 or 2 hours).

Looks really fun, the competitive side really attracts me, if it’s not based on superpowers or P2W, count me in for a long time and…I predict you a lot of success!! :) I’ll talk about your game around me!

Rocket League was a very welcome addition to this gen with no “powers” or any other perks that put players on unequal grounds…I hope more games like it will come, with original sports like this one!

No dev interested into remaking SPEEDBALL or MUTANT LEAGUE FOOTBALL??? :)

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 9:34 pm

    It’s is enormously important to us that Disc Jam is NEVER a p2w game. To your point, we believe competitive play is a central focus for our game so there is no randomness or rubber banding of any kind. Disc Jam is a skill game at it’s core!

    Sinistar83 said:

    February 17th, 3:59 pm

    Yep I got my key too right away for both Steam and PS4 :)

    Looks like Mutant League Football has a Kickstarter

xBrayneZx said:

February 17th, 1:59 pm

I redeem my key. but it dosent work iv tried 4 times

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 5:37 pm

    I will send you another key! Hit me up at info [AT] highhorseentertainment [DOT] com

Vuors said:

February 17th, 3:17 pm

Is it a F2P game?

CrimsonDream24 said:

February 17th, 6:42 pm

Three questions:
1: How long will the beta be up for?
2: Can you tell us roughly what the game is going to cost at launch?
3: Do you have a rough release date?

I tried the beta on a whim because it was a free way to kill time, and I LOVE it. Had no idea this game even existed and now I’m super excited for it!

Thanks for any information you can provide.

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 7:26 pm

    1. We have no end date in mind right now!
    2. We have not decided yet but somewhere in the $15-20 range
    3. Late Q1 2017 so pretty soon here!

    So glad you’re enjoying it!!!

GBC803 said:

February 17th, 7:31 pm

The code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid. :(

Any way around this?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:25 pm

    E-mail us at info[at]highhorseentertainment[dot]come and we’ll send you a replacement code right away. Sorry about that!

bimz_22 said:

February 17th, 7:33 pm

This game is beautiful. Please guys put some update and make possible to play local with friends. This is must make, if you do that this game will be up there with rocket league. Once again this is beast game, everyone should have it.

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:26 pm

    THANK YOU! We already have local play ready to go and at launch we will have more offline practice/minigame modes. For now the beta is all about testing our online and making sure it’s stress tested for ship!

Axecution said:

February 17th, 8:10 pm

Easily my new fav game. Been playing all day haha thank you for this.
Might stop playing soon depending on:

QUESTION: Does our progress carry over to the full game?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:26 pm

    we’re hoping that we don’t have to reset the progression but we’re adding a lot of content and likely going to be shifting tiers so we’re not sure if we’ll have to reset or not

DaveedT13 said:

February 17th, 8:43 pm

Ok, tried it now and, frankly, the game is AWESOME, good learning curve, nice timing to get, enough moves (or maybe a use to R1/L1?), no perks to give advantage to players that played more, I’m impressed!

Continue your good work, can’t wait to see all the stuff to unlock in the full game! …with a little more customization for characters and some more characters I hope…and can’t wait try your mini games and maybe differents shaped arenas later on? ;)

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 17th, 8:49 pm

    So glad you’re enjoying it! we’re going to be adding more and more customization every patch :)

RED-DOG69 said:

February 17th, 9:49 pm

WOW, game looks great. If your still sending out beta keys I would love one Just send to please and thanks

ThatSubZeroFlow said:

February 17th, 10:48 pm

OMG YESSS!!! I have been waiting for this beta for MONTHS watching AustinCreed and Denk play this game for hours and hours and hours. What a master piece, congrats Tim and Jay! This is the next Rocket League like success story

gkashalkar said:

February 18th, 1:17 am

Thanks for the code. But when I try to redeem it, I get an error saying that it’s not valid. Would appreciate some help.

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 18th, 6:37 am

    Sorry about that! You can email info[at]highhorseentertainment[dot]com and we’ll get you squared away!

LEFT__4__DEAD__2 said:

February 18th, 7:29 am

I am telling my friends about this Beta! =^-^=

Schnyd said:

February 18th, 12:05 pm

This game is amazing, been playing all morning.

BlueBl1zzard said:

February 18th, 2:36 pm

Wow, this game is so addicting! Gives me the feeling I got when I first tried out Nidhogg (in the best possible way!). Simple, easy to pick up, nice learning curve, and most of all sooo fun. I will definitely pick this up when it releases!

FreedomKME said:

February 18th, 4:30 pm

Yeah, i deleted it after 1 hour of waiting for a match.

    DaveedT13 said:

    February 19th, 7:10 am

    1 hour…?? I find games in less than 2 minutes. In SINGLES. Did you select Singles or Doubles?

    Doubles seem harder to find for me, the matcmaking is probably faster when a team of 2 players is searching for Doubles.

    …and…it’s a beta, stuff can happen.

    FreedomKME said:

    February 19th, 6:20 pm

    I didn’t expect any better, it is a beta, a niche game, and i am in a third world country.

ColdCole14 said:

February 18th, 4:58 pm

So how do I get the beta code?

    DaveedT13 said:

    February 19th, 7:08 am

    The link is up there at the end of the blog post. You receive the code in seconds.

FighterAbhi said:

February 18th, 8:03 pm

Any plans to integrate the Motion Controllers to work with the game?

Dmeyer1227 said:

February 18th, 11:19 pm

Having a blast with this game, definitely buying the full game…….it video game crack.

goopynose said:

February 19th, 10:09 am

I played this 4 hours straight last night. I’m behind this release 100%

fivexl said:

February 19th, 10:11 am

I am absolutely loving this beta. I can’t wait for the full release. My only gripe so far is having the lob and slide mapped to the same button. I am constantly sliding into the disc and lobbing it, when i didn’t want to lob it in the first place. I’ll need to check the options when i get home to see if i can change it. This feels like it could be the next runaway success, similar to rocket league. I just hope that, if it isn’t a ps plus title, it can still reach that success. If i could preorder it now, i would.

OneBadBaggins said:

February 20th, 12:09 pm

tried to submit multiple emails but havent gottena beta code :(

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 20th, 2:31 pm

    Sorry about that! You can hit us at info[AT]highhorseentertainment[DOT]com and we’ll get you sorted out

hongthay said:

February 20th, 5:16 pm

Tried it last night. It was a lot of fun. Of course, I jumped online and got my butt kicked, but still fun nonetheless. I like playing frisbee games, and will be getting this eventually.

Now someone just needs to make another good Disc Golf game so I don’t have to keep pulling out my PS3 for Sports champion Disc Golf.

RISE_UP44 said:

February 20th, 6:53 pm

Very cool, just got email

gaborj said:

February 20th, 9:20 pm

Been playing the game and it’s quite fun! I think it needs a local multilayer option and against CPU. Add more characters and more prizes. I like the gacha system but give back more salvage points when you get a repeat. The loading screen is ugly btw :/

cusman said:

February 21st, 5:38 am

Got the Beta key, will pass the word around to friends. How long is the Beta window?

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 21st, 5:14 pm

    The beta ends this Friday so get your game on while you still can!

bacalazin0 said:

February 21st, 6:32 am

This game is pretty awesome. I’ve played a lot with a frend in online .. But is impossible to find another player in south america. I hope this get a bigger community on launch. But if have 1~4 local coop for me is a must buy.
Great game!

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 21st, 5:11 pm

    We will have local co-op at launch! Our beta is for testing our online play but rest assured you can get some couch play going with the full release of the game :)

ejike24 said:

February 23rd, 5:00 am

I enjoyed playing this at PSX. Can’t wait to buy the full game

ItchyRobot said:

February 24th, 6:44 am

Great game. I wish more of these “simple” yet competitive game were available.

Dev – question for you:

Are you planning on creating a big pool of players from all systems, PC, PS4, Xbox for matchmaking in multiplayer?
I here the PSVR game Valkyrie does this. I think it would be great for us player since it would make for a larger community, instead of breaking us all up into smaller subgroups like many games unfortunately do today =(

    Timothy Rapp's Avatar

    Timothy Rapp said:

    February 24th, 2:14 pm

    While cross platform play is something we are always looking at, but there are both business and technical hurdles that make this a significant undertaking. We are only a two man team so while we would like to deliver this feature, it would have to come online after launch.

GrafUlrich88 said:

February 27th, 4:45 pm

Hello Tim,

This looks great!

I wanted to ask if you will be able to play against friends (singles and doubles) in a private match?

Also will you be having different court’s to play on? It would be cool to have courts themed say from several decades. Like 1920’s, 1940’s. 1950’s, 1960’s and so on. Also maybe a western, underwater ocean, Sci Fi, Vikings, Ancient China, Ancient Japan, Egyptian, Old Russia, Roman, and Medieval. Also clothes and disc to match (if a player wants).

Really looking forward to this amazing game!


Rob aka Graf

W33DnSNIPE said:

March 9th, 1:20 pm

I got Disc Jam as a free PS Plus game. My only issue ATM is, after I win a match and return to the main menu it says I’m offline. The only way to get back online is closing the application after every match. Very annoying issue if you ask me!

Morty_C-137 said:

March 11th, 4:04 pm

Cool game. I have a comment on mechanics for play. Triangle is doing nothing, you could allow for deflect to be separate for more customization and more reliable mechanics. I found doubling shield and throw to be counter productive and not skill based. It does prevent button mashing but hard punishes being early and other play. Having both core functions on X made the triggers way more reliable for throwing and the shield just feels trolly currently.

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