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Mar 01

Mar 01

PS Plus: Free Games for March 2017

James Hallahan's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Plus

Hello PlayStation Nation — ready to game? This month we have the action-packed Disc Jam and the beautiful Tearaway Unfolded for our PS Plus lineup.

First up, Disc Jam, which is an insanely addicting cross between air hockey and tennis. Players scramble to retrieve and throw a glowing disc while unleashing powerful abilities and defending their end zone. This game is just launching on PlayStation Store but is available to all PlayStation Plus members as part of your membership. It’s a must-have in your collection!

We’ve also lined up the gorgeous Tearaway Unfolded for PS4. Tearaway Unfolded is the expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning PlayStation Vita game Tearaway, where you are placed in a magical papery world and tasked with delivering a top-secret message while collecting papercraft models.

Full Lineup

  • Disc Jam, PS4
  • Tearaway Unfolded, PS4
  • Under Night: In-Birth, PS3
  • Earth Defense Force 2025, PS3
  • Lumo, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)
  • Severed, PS Vita


Add Your Own

MomeAlsadi said:

March 1st, 9:39 am

they didn’t even put a video because they knew everyone will dislike it

Korahn27 said:

March 1st, 9:41 am

I’ve been curious about Tearaway since its release but never enough for full price. Glad it’s available this month. As for Disc Jam – never heard of it but it might be fun. Rocket League was a surprise so this one might be too.

saab01 said:

March 1st, 9:41 am

I played tearaway unfolded before on disc and would like to know would that game save work with the digital version?

Disc jam looks decent and undernight looks like a game I would enjoy don’t think I would like the rest of the lineup.

    CHIVO_BLUE said:

    March 3rd, 4:32 pm

    Yes saab it would

glassmusic said:

March 1st, 9:45 am

Well, for those who don’t already own Tearaway this’ll be a good month. I already own it, and am not interested in Disc Jam.

That said, I’m glad to see we’ll be getting Lumo! I’ve been interested in that game since it was released. It reviewed well and looks to be a lot of fun.

Kishnabe said:

March 1st, 9:48 am


Tearaway Unfolded: Tearaway was my First Platinum, never really went for the PS4 version since I played the Orginal. It been a few years, so looking forward to a fresh exp.

Disc Jam= Beta was absolute fun, have not had as much fun with an online game since Rocket League. Worth it.

Under Night Rebirth= Too hard of a Platinum, but going to play for a bit. Got my hands full with Persona Ultimax Series.

EDF 2025: Maybe a short session, great PS3 offer.

Lumo= One of the games, I really wanted when it came out. Very happy I can try it now.

Severed= The only game I own on this list, not really disappointing as I would have been since I got it from donating to charity. IMO, one of the best Vita games out there. Drinkbox Studios have not made an average game yet..

KissLen said:

March 1st, 9:51 am

EDF 2025?!?! ROCK!!! Ive wanted to try one of these babies. Thanks sony

Bigsilvs said:

March 1st, 9:55 am

And…back to the biggest load of garbage ever.

    ExplodingJuice82 said:

    March 1st, 10:05 am

    The games or your comment? Don’t like the games? Don’t download them. That simple. However I am pretty sure you will download them anyway which makes your bellyaching moot.

    MC_Taiga_SGT said:

    March 1st, 10:26 am

    It’s his opinion dude. Why are you commenting on people post that have a dislike with the game selection? Remember this is a forum to discuss things related to this anyways. But being a A-Hole to people isn’t going to help no one dude.

Cyganek92 said:

March 1st, 10:07 am

Some1 knows when they will give those games to download?

    arlrex said:

    March 1st, 10:09 am

    Usually the second week of the month.

    Cyganek92 said:

    March 1st, 10:16 am

    Ok thanks

    Akmaljon said:

    March 1st, 10:18 am

    Not second week of a month, but first Tuesday of a month, between 12-6pm east

    Cyganek92 said:

    March 1st, 10:42 am

    Ah ok thanks for reply. Can’t freaking wait :)

    CHIVO_BLUE said:

    March 3rd, 4:34 pm

    First Tuesday of the month, always.

LeandroDiFini said:

March 1st, 10:08 am

Another pretty good month on Plus. I didn’t even played through the stuff from last month yet… Ai ai ai!

arlrex said:

March 1st, 10:09 am

Will be nice to have people to play Under Night with. Only have the JP version since I didnt think it would be brought over. Severed is a pretty sweet freebie. Time to charge my VITA.

Sangetsu-II said:

March 1st, 10:10 am

Good job PlayStation, keep pumping out those 1st party retail titles. LBP3 and Tearway are good games.

Mando44646 said:

March 1st, 10:12 am

First decent month if FOREVER on Vita. Its nice for once. But it is super, super slimy and crappy of you to put Severed on sale the week before announcing this. I literally just bought it a few days ago and not its free. That is a jerk move!

    Mando44646 said:

    March 1st, 10:13 am

    *now its free

steeler192 said:

March 1st, 10:16 am

Severed AND Tearaway Unfolded???? Excellent picks!!!

ASOS_Picker said:

March 1st, 10:19 am

I am very disappointed that shadow of Mordor wasn’t a free game this month and every month for the last 3 months or 4 months it’s been nothing but rubbish shame on you sony

    ExplodingJuice82 said:

    March 1st, 11:06 am

    Don’t like the games? Don’t download them. That simple. However I am pretty sure you will download them anyway which makes your bellyaching moot.

    myfault69 said:

    March 1st, 2:52 pm

    Thank god they dont offer trash lile Som. That game is absolutely bad.

YoungBlaise said:

March 1st, 10:27 am

All looked meh, but then Severed!

Highpark_united said:

March 1st, 10:34 am

We just had severed in the flash sale last week!!! If I knew it was gonna be in the ps+ line up I would of completely avoided it smh. Not the first time this is happening get it together Sony

Quixote85 said:

March 1st, 10:39 am

Interesting lineup. Tearaway was one of the first games I bought for my Vita and I’ve been thinking about giving the PS4 version a try since I heard they’d added some features. I bought Severed in a sale a while back and haven’t played it yet, but I’m glad other Plus members will get a crack at it for free. The rest look like they’re worth a try or two.

Mattmal67 said:

March 1st, 10:40 am

It’s OK to like indie games. It’s also OK to not like indie games. One’s own personal preference doesn’t justify righteous indignation at someone else’s position, whatever that might be. You’re no more ‘right’ than they are. If you like indie games or you like to try out everything, you’re probably happy with PS+. If you don’t and you prefer AAA, you’re probably not. That’s it, really. Personally, I’m not an indie game fan or adventurous soul when it comes to games – I’m old school enough that I grew up with the original Nintendo and I like to play my games on my own, not online with strangers… but my tastes have evolved as gaming has over the years and I don’t want them to look/feel old school. In that respect, my preference is for AAA games. But hey – I really only pay for PS+ to receive discounts on the games I want to get/play, any ‘free’ games that fall into my interest range are purely gravy for me. Nevertheless, I enjoy watching you all battle each other out convinced that your side is right. AAA forever! Indies for life! Cheers for keeping it up every month ;)

ALZ3em053 said:

March 1st, 10:41 am

Know I.m try *

soulismissing said:

March 1st, 10:51 am

Sometimes I feel like they have just given up on giving us good games, or anything worth playing.

    ConstantTerror said:

    March 1st, 11:05 am

    So true

    xzero_coolx said:

    March 1st, 11:26 am

    The ones in charge probably aren’t gamers, so they don’t care about the games.

    17th February, Disc Jam was promoted as a Beta, and now they put it in PSN Plus ¬¬”

whereymyconary said:

March 1st, 11:00 am

I’m honestly pretty happy with this line up. I’ve been wanting Unfolded for some time, and been to cheap to pick it up, Severed I already own but it’s fantastic so any love it can get is good by me. And Under Night looks like a fun fighting game. And that developer makes great stuff.

ConstantTerror said:

March 1st, 11:01 am

This selection sucks as a matter of fact the selection has been sucking for over a year can’t even think of a good game for plus that’s worth downloading on the free side don’t get me wrong I love playstation but plus is lacking

    ExplodingJuice82 said:

    March 1st, 11:07 am

    Don’t like the games? Don’t download them. That simple. However I am pretty sure you will download them anyway which makes your bellyaching moot.

    TerraTanium said:

    March 1st, 1:07 pm

    Hey explodingjuice,

    As a big supporter of the monthly games your comments to whiners are embarrassing. It would be great if you could decide to stop doing that.


March 1st, 11:07 am

Not one to complain but what’s with these crappy games. I mean if we’re paying for it can we get better games.

    xzero_coolx said:

    March 1st, 11:24 am

    “Crappy Games” every month. I think that the person who chooses the games aren’t a player.+

RaymanIsPWNzilla said:

March 1st, 11:10 am

I’m a dummy who enjoys weird, “lame” niche games and indie titles along with the “cool” triple A stuff. That being said, this is a decent lineup, on par with that other company’s lineup this month.

ItchyRobot said:

March 1st, 11:21 am

I am all over Disc Jam. For some reason that game looks like a lot of fun to me

DragonusFirus said:

March 1st, 11:21 am

Don’t like a comment? Don’t respond, its that simple. Isn’t it? However I’m pretty sure you will respond yada yada yada…

    Akmaljon said:

    March 1st, 12:09 pm

    I like your comment :)

xzero_coolx said:

March 1st, 11:22 am

PS Plus is a loss of money. It’s been one year already of indie and beta games for PS4.
Now Xbox Live is doing what PSN did at the beginning, “Giving AAA Games”…

Who’s now in charge of the Selection.? Probably somebody that never plays PS4.

iM-A-tRuMsTaH said:

March 1st, 12:02 pm

Hey guys! Just wanted to say a few things.

Disc Jam is seriously awesome, I’ve played in the beta quite a bit.
I’ve actually spoken to the developers. Very good guys.

You might say, guys? Yes! Two people developed this game.

Show them some love and support for their game! Give it a try & don’t give up!

Kishnabe said:

March 1st, 12:08 pm

We are getting Disc Jam the game…not the Beta.

So what if it was in Beta a few weeks ago. Xenoverse 2 was in Beta before launch. Plenty of games had open/closed beta withing days of launch.

Whoever has played Disc Jam…knows it is a lot of fun.

We got the same complaints when Rocket League was PS+….looks how things changed when the community played it.

Best month so far….6 fantastic titles….and still complaining…..what is wrong with you.

ChildrenOfBodom2 said:

March 1st, 12:15 pm

I don’t think I’ve been excited for a PS plus game since I bought a ps4 and this month isn’t changing anything for me :/

RyuuHou24 said:

March 1st, 12:19 pm

Ick. Tearaway will be a nice game to experience, but Disc Jam was pure dog slop. Poorly designed and executed, lacks content, and handles terribly. I tried doing the tutorials and what not in the Beta, and the game flat out refused to acknowledge what I was doing half the way. I actually had to do it the complete OPPOSITE way of what the screen claimed you should do to get it to work.

And all the fancy crap will never come into play anyways. Ultimately, it boils down to a poor mans flash looking volleyball game where the ball can go haywire. Boring. Boring. Boring.

Wish severed would have released on PS4 as well. Ah well. Not the worst month for Plus, but definitely nowhere near a great one. Disc Jam, pfffft. What a joke.

    steeler192 said:

    March 1st, 1:05 pm

    Severed is impossible to bring to the PS4, but you can enjoy it on bigger screens like the iPad Mini’s 7″, the iPad’s 9.7″ or the iPad Pro’s 12.9″ one.

CAAG said:

March 1st, 12:23 pm

Just above poo poo. Disc jam looks interesting. Before you get upset and write mean hateful comments, remember this is a form of feedback for Sony so they know how a customer “me” feels about their service.

dastern said:

March 1st, 12:28 pm

really tearaway for ps4 and not psvita T_T

thunderplus316 said:

March 1st, 12:42 pm

Please give us more virtual novels on VITA,


March 1st, 1:07 pm

Mr James Hallahan, tell the blog editor that the main photo of this post links to a corporate Flickr account. And, all of the bulletpoints should be LINKED!

TerraTanium said:

March 1st, 1:08 pm

Eyyy 4 games I don’t own yet! The 2 i do own are great i recommend everyone to try them all out. Trophies! :D

DaveedT13 said:

March 1st, 1:25 pm

Whoa, Disc Jam free on RELEASE DAY!!!

The game was REALLY FUN in the beta, can’t believe it’s made by 2 guys only, a Rocket League “feel” to it!

…with his best quality being that it’s based on skills and not “play time to unlocks perks/advantages over other players” and that it’s not P2W either, just like RL!

The game DESERVE that you guys try it for more than a few games!!

Can’t eait to play it with an improved training mode, stats, ranked play and all…! :) Thanks to the devs and to Sony!

Slim3_Sinatra said:

March 1st, 2:00 pm

AAA For life !!!!

X-Warlock said:

March 1st, 2:08 pm

Not horrible. I mean not great either, but certainly a step up from recent months. Now I just need to tear myself away from Horizon: Zero Dawn (such a fantastic game!!!) long enough to download these…

bigstang2015 said:

March 1st, 2:12 pm

Good games for ps+ I would like to see next is GTAV on PS4

SovietBR said:

March 1st, 2:43 pm


gphjr14 said:

March 1st, 3:07 pm

Well with LBP3 I guess it’s time for the indie “AAA” games to be rolled out. Better luck next month.
And if the games are so great why aren’t you already playing them right now instead of posting here explodingjuice82? Games must not be all that great…

SavoyPrime said:

March 1st, 3:15 pm

…man, when are they going to step it up with the quality??? PSN has really been bad with the + games since the PS4 released. Last generation gave out some really good stuff.

leftwinga said:

March 1st, 3:31 pm

I’m really starting to get frustrated with these bad PS4 games. Especially since they raised,the price. I mean, c’mon once in a while, throw us a bone. Most of the decent PSN games they’ve offered, I already owned. I get they want to market the indie games but we want some Quality developer games.

sekaniy said:

March 1st, 3:40 pm

I’m actually considering re-upping myaccount this month. Good games and we can get the extra 3 months with a year membership!

Tech_Bruh said:

March 1st, 3:43 pm

Under Night: In-Birth for sure, thanks!!


March 1st, 3:49 pm

This really is getting ridiculous now, another line of games ill download once just to laugh at how bad it is.. im aware we cant have £50 AAA games, but at the same time it doesnt need to be indie made garbage, there are plenty of half decent ps4 games that aged rather badly or could have done with more attention, say take one of those and a couple of indie games and theres a nice balance… an example of what could be used.
killzone shadowfall
shadow warrior
destiny without DLC (result in profit as a portion of people will then pay for DLC afterwards)
wolfenstein: old blood
infamous: first light
by no means are these expensive, great games (actually id disagree some are great) but my point is that on the ps store these cost just as much and in some cases less, than the indie games we recieve currently. as previously mentioned take one of these and combine it with 2-3 indie games and viola youv got something for everyone

    Inthebag84 said:

    March 1st, 4:25 pm

    Infamous: First Light and Thief were already PS+ games back in the day.

    But I hear what you’re saying. However, the only problem with your theory is that people will then complain and say, “Man, why can’t we get any new games! These games have been out for over 3 years already!”

    The internet is made for complainers, and it’s not going to change with your suggestion.

    Airdrighmor said:

    March 1st, 7:05 pm

    To be fair, outside of Wolfenstein (since we have already received Infamous and Thief) I could qualify this list as AAA “made garbage” just as easily as you discount indies. I get the fact that you want some diversity, and we get AAA titles from time to time, but Sony can’t please everyone. I’d rather get an indie that was well reviewed by the gaming community than a AAA title like Evolve, which is basically dead, or a small portion of a game like Destiny, which wouldn’t really be free since you have to buy the DLC to really get into the game.

    Basically, you shouldn’t discount indies just because they don’t have the budget of a AAA game. Some of the best games I’ve played in the past year have been indies developed by a small team (or one person). I’m looking at you Axiom Verge!

The-Reaper2008 said:

March 1st, 4:12 pm

Wow, another swing and a miss.

The only one I will be downloading is Earth Defence Force, as long as it isn’t a PVP ****ing contest.

Least it gives me more time to play my backlog of better games from PS+ giveaways many years ago.
Seriously need to step it up Sony.

Inthebag84 said:

March 1st, 4:15 pm

First off, Severed is awesome. Anyone who owns a Vita (not many I’m sure) needs to take advantage of this for sure.

Secondly, Disc Jam was pretty sweet when I played it at PSX this year. Might be a great fun game to play some couch vs mode against some friends!

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