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Mar 08

Mar 08

PS4 System Software Update 4.50 Out Tomorrow

External HDD support arrives alongside a host of other features, including voice chat for Remote Play.

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Our next major system software update for PS4, version 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke), rolls out tomorrow. We’ve already shared some of the key features last month, like external HDD support and custom wallpapers, but that wasn’t all this update has to offer. Here’s a look at some additional features heading to your system soon.

Improved 2D Images on PS VR
If you’re playing a game in PS VR and you return to the PS4 home screen, you may notice that the resolution looks lower than normal on the TV Social Screen. Following this update, you’ll find that the resolution of the system screen displayed on your TV is significantly better when you’re out of VR mode.

Also, the resolution of Cinematic Mode on PS VR will improve — if your PS VR screen size is set to Small or Medium, the frame rate of content viewed in Cinematic Mode goes up from 90Hz to 120Hz with this update.

Voice Chat for Remote Play
We’re adding voice chat when using Remote Play on Windows PC, Mac or an Xperia device. This is especially useful if you’ve got a gaming session planned with your friends, but you’re away from your system. You can switch your mic on and off via the microphone icon on the Tool Bar of the Remote Play app.

Off Console Availability
We have a variety of off-console apps and features that make communication with other gamers easier, like the PlayStation App and PS Messages. We’re adding an icon, shaped like a smartphone, which indicates a player is logged into PSN but away from their system.

Boost Mode (for PlayStation 4 Pro only)
PS4 Pro gets a new feature in this update called Boost Mode. This feature has been designed to provide better performance for select legacy titles that have not been patched to take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s faster CPU and its faster and double-sized GPU.

This can provide a noticeable frame rate boost to some games with variable frame rates, and can provide frame rate stability for games that are programmed to run at 30 Hz or 60 Hz. Depending on the game, the increased CPU speed may also result in shorter load times. You can turn on Boost Mode by going to Settings > System.

Keep in mind that Boost Mode is not guaranteed to work with all titles. Turning the setting off will allow the game to be played in a mode that replicates the standard PS4.

PS Messages and Communities app Updates
We’re also updating the PS Messages (Android/iOS) and PS Communities (Android/iOS) apps tomorrow with a few handy features.

  • When you receive a Party invitation from your friends on PS Messages, now you can respond with a quick reply, “I’ll join later” or “Sorry, I can’t join,” when you want to get back to them ASAP.
  • On the Communities app, you can now easily check the PSN service status under Settings > View Status of PSN Services.
  • Also on the Communities app, iOS users can tell at a glance if there are any new posts in their community by checking the badge app icon (the number in a red circle at the top-right corner of the app’s icon).

We can’t wait for you to get your hands on all these new features, and make sure to let us know what you think in the comments. We’re listening and always appreciate your feedback!

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CARLOX_ said:

March 8th, 5:08 am


    etscott said:

    March 8th, 9:40 am

    Yeah. Not sure what Beast Mode does, but I’ve always wanted a feature like that. Can’t wait to try it out.

    chazman862 said:

    March 8th, 9:57 am

    Why don’t they just make an app with all of the features instead of having like 4?

    Fuzunga said:

    March 8th, 12:09 pm

    I hope notifications gets its function restored one day. I’m not sure why it’s being taken away.

    SPAZzMatiK said:

    March 9th, 1:36 am

    Still waiting on in game video chat and video conferencing, whats going on with that??

    FATHASUN said:

    March 9th, 4:24 am


    I ask this question all the time. Whatever happens to ooVoo?!

    If the PS4 had a Video Conferencing App I’d buy one for each household in my family.

    guillermoHer said:

    March 9th, 6:04 pm

    So when can I pop in a PS2 or PS3 disc into the PS4 and have it play. I’LL PAY $500 FOR A PS4 THAT DOES THAT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    swedishfriend said:

    March 9th, 8:58 pm


    The PS4 is nowhere near fast enough to play PS3 games. They would have to include the PS3 hardware in the same box to do what you want. PS2 is also hard to emulate but that one might be possible.

    deathgamer228 said:

    March 10th, 4:33 pm

    I’m getting the new update but I have to wait 6 hours for it to be done. I’m just trying to play some games. But I have to wait 6 hours for some bs to download. F this

    ThunderlipsJoe said:

    March 10th, 4:40 pm

    This update broke many people’s wireless function. No word from sony when the patch will be out. Highly recommend waiting to install or download this update IF POSSIBLE until fixed

    Glitchtastic said:

    March 13th, 10:13 pm

    Most of these changes are good, but why oh why oh why did you change the notifications menu? It’s a gigantic mess that is a nightmare to navigate. What was once laid out into categories is now jumbled together into something that is nearly impossible to use.

    At least give us a toggle for this stupid, stupid change. I mean, come on. How did this get through beta?

dmfarris90 said:

March 8th, 5:08 am

Solid update guys! I really enjoyed the beta testing, and seeing now party chat on remote play!? Mind blown that will come in so handy. Keep up the great work!

    DoMthyBoMb said:

    March 8th, 5:56 am

    Hopefully they rollback the notifications menu. The worst thing about 4.50 beta

    dmfarris90 said:

    March 8th, 6:14 am

    True I did find that a lot more confusing

    Deadlius said:

    March 8th, 7:36 am

    I wasn’t in the beta but perhaps somebody can answer this question about the “unified” notifications list… did they finally add the ability to clear it all out at once or do you still have to clear each item individually?

    uniform72 said:

    March 8th, 7:44 am

    You can already mark all as read out by hitting options before going into individual notifications.

    Deadlius said:

    March 8th, 7:52 am

    @uniform72 Yeah but that only applied to certain sections like the “What’s New” section at the top of the left bar. If you were trying to clear our Downloads or Uploads that option didn’t exist. You had to clear each one out individually which could be a royal pain if you hadn’t done so in awhile.

    DoMthyBoMb said:

    March 8th, 8:34 am

    You still can only clear downloads and that is only in the nested download list, not the main notifications list. Also have to do it individually.

    Overall it’s completely worse.

    dmfarris90 said:

    March 8th, 8:51 am

    Yeah really kinda needs a clear all or at least a checkbox, but it’s still individually.

Xbox1_Sign_Out said:

March 8th, 5:10 am

Boost Mode + Bloodborne


    dmfarris90 said:

    March 8th, 5:13 am

    Boost mode does help out quite a bit I am sure you’ll love it.

    Hatchetforce said:

    March 8th, 5:58 am

    The boost mode has been amazing. It really smoothed out The Witcher 3.

    whitlock said:

    March 8th, 6:05 am

    According to Digital Foundry, the boost mode doesn’t have an effect on Bloodbourne. It helps with several games but not that particular one.

    bradk721 said:

    March 8th, 6:33 am

    Then Digital Foundry is fibbing bc it definitely has an impact on Bloodbornes frame rate. You can watch youtube videos on it from the Boost Modes beta stage.

    lilmetaI said:

    March 8th, 7:19 am

    @bradk721: The Boost Mode helps only with the very minor frame rate drops. The game is locked to 30FPS, and maintains that, for the most part, on the Base Mode.
    You still get a bunch of frame-timing issues, which causes stuttering, on both the Base Mode and Boost Mode. It’s really nothing to brag about for Bloodborne, aside from the extra 1-2 FPS.

    Deadlius said:

    March 8th, 7:34 am

    I wasn’t in the beta but perhaps somebody can answer this question about the “unified” notifications list… did they finally add the ability to clear it all out at once or do you still have to clear each item individually?

    Deadlius said:

    March 8th, 7:35 am

    Whoops, sorry… replied to the wrong thread.

ItsKapow said:

March 8th, 5:12 am

I can’t wait! So many new features! :3

JayBizzle311 said:

March 8th, 5:13 am

Oh yeah!!

Motherboop said:

March 8th, 5:15 am

I bought a new copy of Assassin’s Creed Unity just because of this update alone. Boost mode fixes what was once a broken game!

    Cloud__Rulez said:

    March 8th, 6:25 am

    uh the game was already fixed long ago with the patches….. I played it perfectly fine when I got around to it.

    bradk721 said:

    March 8th, 6:36 am

    Lol the patches did not fix the game. Just bc u were able to make it through the game doesnt take away from its terrible performance issues. Boost mode absolutely fixed unity. Watch youtube videos of boost mode beta to see the difference.

kikin69 said:

March 8th, 5:15 am

Great :)

Cynequil said:

March 8th, 5:15 am

Very interested about the Voice chat using remote play as I use this to capture my streams on PC.

Is this update going to enable my PC mic to be used on my PS4 when using remote play?
Away from console usually means you don’t have the headset you use either?
Or will this work by using a mic plugged into the Dualshock 4?

Any more info on this would be awesome!
Thanks guys!
Looking forward to the update going live!

m1a1h2a said:

March 8th, 5:17 am

That’s a nice update, but one would expect that a PS4 would also support every Bluetooth earbuds/earphones (such as AirPods) long before than version 4.50…

    smokeydahair said:

    March 8th, 5:39 am

    Bluetooth is garbage for audio. No Bluetooth in the PS4 anyway.

    ShanksAndShrugs said:

    March 8th, 5:41 am

    LET US CHANGE OUR PSN I.D’s I don’t care if I have to pay

    flipdaddy said:

    March 8th, 6:07 am

    The controllers connect via Bluetooth, so I’m pretty sure it does have it. :-)

    PinataStorm said:

    March 8th, 6:35 am

    So the issue is Bluetooth has two audio protocols. A2D and HSA. Audio to device is where it can transmit and receive high quality stereo audio (no mic). Handset audio is where you get low quality mono audio and mic for phone calls.

    The reason Sony doesn’t want to support stereo is because people would start asking for mic support too. But they have no way to implement it due to the limitations of bluetooth’s standard protocols.

    So you may ask how does the DS4 have stereo audio and mic support. Sony may have created their own custom protocol to deliver such fidelity. They can do that because they own the source and destination devices, ie console and controller.

    Bluetooth may support it in the next revision but it’s no guarantee. That’s why you see hi end gaming headset with a Wi-Fi dongle. Those companies had the create their own protocol for their headset.

    m1a1h2a said:

    March 9th, 12:37 pm

    Thanks for your replies! It is true that bluetooth is not even remotely capable of delivering an high fidelity sound, but I think that no one would expect that from bluetooth earbuds. Bluetooth is a versatile and ubiquitous technology and this makes it so handy and useful: it doesn’t need a dongle and works with an enormous range of devices. And this is why I find really annoying the fact the PS4 has a bluetooth chip and does not allow me to use it to listen audio from games or Netflix, when it would be really easy.

    I personally prefer to sacrifice audio quality for this versatility and simplicity, but I obviously understand the point of view of an audiophile: I just don’t think that Sony should make this choice for me.

    Also, I can still connect wired 3$ earbuds to the DualShock 4 and listen audio from it and I really love this. So, this “preserve audio quality” thing seems an argument a bit weak to me. I mean, it is totally understandable in principle, but I don’t see why be so stubborn on wireless audio quality when they allow worse audio quality over wire and abysmal video quality with any kind of TV/monitor (and I don’t see why they shouldn’t).

SeanScythe said:

March 8th, 5:18 am

When are you going to do a full list of what this update does? Backgrounds, ext HDD & others….

IceMan_516 said:

March 8th, 5:18 am

So will I be able join a party from the PS App?

    dmfarris90 said:

    March 8th, 5:24 am

    Good question.

Irishboy3173 said:

March 8th, 5:19 am

Cant wait to use my external HDD on my ps4 thats going to be a great way to help with my space problems

    skiernan said:

    March 9th, 10:49 am

    Yes. I filled up the 500 GB internal hard drive within the first three months after I got my PS4, LOL. I hope Sony adds external hard drive support for PS3 as well.

helbertpina said:

March 8th, 5:20 am

Never have I waited so anxiously for a “software update”. Good job, Sony! ;)

Bufftbone said:

March 8th, 5:21 am

Perfect. I bought aa 4TB external and it’s waiting for the update. I can now download all my games and not have to worry about space on my system now.

Valyrious said:

March 8th, 5:22 am

Boost mode really should have been called Beast mode.

Wurmzh said:

March 8th, 5:23 am

Looks great, their any chance of psn ID change in the future?

JPull07 said:

March 8th, 5:24 am

When will we be able to change our names? Please make it happen Sony!

SeshiLord said:

March 8th, 5:25 am


I really don’t care that voice chat is not available on Vita, and I don’t know if this is the place to say this, but please…

Don’t. You. Ever. Remove. Remote. Play. From. Vita.

Love you, guys ;)

    dmfarris90 said:

    March 8th, 6:56 am

    I have a feeling with the Nintendo Switch having just now launched we may see a new portable console from Sony that will definitely make great use of that feature. You can let your competitors have a whole market to themselves right?

Skater_Ricky said:

March 8th, 5:26 am

I hope one day you can backup screenshots and video clips with the same external storage device that your storing game’s with.

I’m hearing you can’t store anything but game’s on that drive.
As it stands you have to have two external storage devices.

1. For storing game’s on external storage device
2. For coping screenshots and video clips to external storage device.

Those that are invested in a external storage device now have to opt into two external storage devices to free up space on the internal storage device.

Please change this method.

    MAULxx said:

    March 8th, 6:18 am

    No, we don’t need PSN ID name changes. Come on people, wouldn’t you rather have real features?
    I’m with Skater_Ricky with external storage.

    ValhallaOutcast said:

    March 8th, 8:54 am

    space is space what difference does it make if the external could store screenshots or captures?

    you wont be able to plug it into your PC because the external drive will be formatted to only work with the PS4 it was formatted with

    CandystoreVan said:

    March 8th, 11:51 pm

    I have been wanting to change my ID for YEARS ever since the TV show Fastlane went off the air. I’m tired of every multiplayer game I play people think I’m an Admin over my name. I do not care if I have to pay for it…some of us want to change our user names.

    So PLEASE let us be able to change our user names! You can still track users by the Console’s UUID number, just let us change our screen names!

WingZero01 said:

March 8th, 5:28 am

how about the the update to watch 3D movies through the VR? is that part of this update too?

gooniej79 said:

March 8th, 5:30 am


Techn9cian804 said:

March 8th, 5:30 am

But still no custom music for games such as WWE. Will that ever happen?

    Gromit_73 said:

    March 8th, 10:46 am

    You can play your music from a USB stick. It will be mixed with in-game sound. What do you want more? I’m pretty sure this works with WWE, too.

haloisthebest said:

March 8th, 5:31 am

Now we need a “one drive” type app like Xbox one so I can upload my game clips to the cloud then download them to my iPhone so I can edit them on there
It’s a big reason I get my online multiplayer games on the x1
I like to add my clips toguand make a highlight vid and tweet them

    haloisthebest said:

    March 8th, 6:19 am

    Add my clips together* with my video joiner

    ValhallaOutcast said:

    March 8th, 8:57 am

    Use a computer for video editing not a cell phone

Hixson_28 said:

March 8th, 5:31 am

Are you guys ever going to add the feature to delete certain extra DLC’s I can’t play my favourite game Battlefield 4 anymore because the dlc I got takes up to much space and no one plays it so I want to get rid of it and play the normal base online game. It’s 69 gb and should be 40 gb and I don’t want to have dlcs on there that aren’t being used at all! Plz

    Cloud__Rulez said:

    March 8th, 6:28 am

    backup your saves to a flash drive…. delete the game…. and don’t install the DLC?

CoMiGa76 said:

March 8th, 5:32 am

I am sure this update is good for someone but there is nothing here of interest for me.

    bradk721 said:

    March 8th, 6:40 am

    Get the pro

kratos1984 said:

March 8th, 5:35 am

Can’t wait! Quick question, can games on an external hd be used on a different ps4? Like if my ps4 dies and I buy a ps4 pro.

    strangephish said:

    March 8th, 7:46 am

    As long as your logged into your account then yes. Your case is a great example of why this is good, but you can also take that drive to a friends PS4 and login to your account there and play games there without having to download them again

    kratos1984 said:

    March 8th, 7:34 pm

    That’s good to know.

Lion0Zion said:

March 8th, 5:37 am

Sounds all good. ..still waiting for the PS app second screen to control everything on the system just like the controller. Also waiting for the resolution of the VR itself to be either HD/UHD…wishful thinking

    Priometrics said:

    March 8th, 8:06 am

    We can already do that through the app though…

smokeydahair said:

March 8th, 5:38 am

That’s it????

sykokiller3 said:

March 8th, 5:41 am

Boost Mode + Ark Aurvival Evolved

ceez0320 said:

March 8th, 5:42 am

Sony PlayStation can you guys fix the Bluetooth headset so that i can use any type of Bluetooth.. I careless about the rest i just want to play on my game chair n have my Bluetooth on blast!!!!

    CandystoreVan said:

    March 8th, 11:53 pm

    I Second that motion! I have Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth Wireless headphones and I would LOVE to just sync my headphones to my PS3/4 console!

Andrewww76 said:

March 8th, 5:43 am

External HDD support is an awsome idea but anyone else is concerned about loading times being longer with an external HDD? I don’t see how a USB drive can be faster than the internal one. Since game saves can’t be put on the external drive (why???), I just hope it doesn’t kill the loading time by too much…

    Cloud__Rulez said:

    March 8th, 6:29 am

    why would it, don’t have a problem using external drives on an Xbox…

    Priometrics said:

    March 8th, 8:09 am

    USB 3.0/3.1 is how… Potentially even faster than the internal drive depending on what drive you use or if the internal is sata 2 or 3.

    davidhin said:

    March 8th, 11:29 pm

    Actually you will be able to save game data on the external hard drive sony confirmed that

VT-Spike said:

March 8th, 5:52 am

What about the ability to change our PSN id’s?! X-box has been able to do this for a long time. Playstation customers would love to have the option as well. Some of us have been on PSN for a really long time, and don’t care much for the id they chose do many years ago in a rush to play their new console. We didn’t realize it was a life long choice. Would have put a little more toothy into it. Charge a fee if you’d like. It doesn’t matter much. It seems easy enough, and it would make a lot of people happy, and Playstation more money. Seems like a no brainer. No idea why this is being ignored.

    Cloud__Rulez said:

    March 8th, 6:30 am

    There’s always someone like you on every blog post….. Xbox’s system is different. PSN’s coding or w/e is much more complicated, obviously too complicated to do this or they probably would’ve by now.

    Priometrics said:

    March 8th, 8:12 am

    That is not why they haven’t implemented that feature yet, Cloud. This feature will be available at some point though nonetheless so I wouldn’t worry too much.

    CandystoreVan said:

    March 8th, 11:58 pm

    When? I have been waiting for years for that to be a reality since the PS3!

    Atiagooq said:

    March 13th, 11:34 am

    Make a new user with the name you want it to be… EASY!!! if you are scared you have to buy ps plus again for it you don’t have to as long as some other user has ps plus you can play online……

BarrettJarvis said:

March 8th, 5:52 am

Can you fix the Messenger app so it starts you at the newest message and not somewhere dozens of messages back?

Bloody_Shadow said:

March 8th, 5:55 am

Some good stuff here, but it’s still disappointing to not have features the PS3 had like 3rd party bluetooth headset support and video chat.

gohan16ken said:

March 8th, 5:56 am

Please add external HDD support to PS3 also. I have used up my 1.5TB in my PS3 with the 210 games I have installed. I have an additional 160 games I would love to install. If you are unable to do it, please at least remove the 10% reserve for future OS update. You are reserving 150GB of my 1300GB usable storage. Thank you.

DX2800 said:

March 8th, 5:56 am

Couple of questions
Which external hard drives are compatible and which are recommended?

Can I use the ones that need to be plugged in via AC adapter or can I use the ones that are powered by USB via connection?

Also how many games can 4TB Hard Drive hold? I plan to only use it for games, DLC and if able to the save data. But I plan on getting a lot of games so I want a Hargrove that can hold all games I buy until PS5 releases. Games like God of War,WWE, Kingdom Hearts,Watch Dogs,GTA etc… to name a few. So will 4TB be enough or do I need bigger?

Also if I can’t put save data on hard drive can I still back up my save files on my 32GB thumbdrive/flash drive after I install the external hardrive ? Like hard drive in one usb slot for games and 32GB thumb drive on other sub slot to back up game saves?

Please help

    TwinDad said:

    March 8th, 7:25 am

    You should get one that uses external AC. Those don’t draw power from the PS4.

    You must get a USB 3.0 or USB 3.1 external drive, USB 2.0 does not work.

    If you use 50GB as the average size of a game, you can estimate the number of games. 20 games per TB, so you could get maybe 75 games.

    There is an upper limit to the number of TB the PS4 will be able to use, I believe that it is 6TB or 8TB, if you go higher, the drive doesn’t work at all.

    FeistFan said:

    March 8th, 8:07 am

    You’re going to want a USB3 drive, the faster the better. External power or USB power probably doesn’t matter a lot – I’m using one that’s USB powered (an old 1TB hybrid drive in a new USB3 enclosure), and it seems to work well – I don’t notice the difference between a game on the internal drive and a game on the external, in how long it takes to load or how it plays. If it’s USB powered, then it can sleep/wake with your PS4 and save some power. If you get external power, try to find one that can sleep when there’s no connection, so it can save power while your system’s off or sleeping.

    As for how many games…that depends on the games. Go look in your storage menu now, at how much space each game is taking. Some take dozens of Megs, some dozens of Gigs, so it all depends. My 2TB internal still had over a quarter of the space free before the beta, and I had what I thought was a lot of games requiring a lot of storage.

    You can still copy save files elsewhere – just not on the same drive as your games. The drive you put your games on will be reformatted, so don’t use the one your saves are on without moving them first.

    DX2800 said:

    March 8th, 10:19 am

    Thanks for all the info

JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

March 8th, 6:05 am

Nice update Sony

For future updates i would like to see

– On PS4 startup, go straight to PS Vue “have an option for that”
– Able to Post Recorded clips onto ‘Whats New’ without having to post it to Social Media
– While watching a Stream on ‘Live with Playstation” have the abitlity to invite friends to that exact stream on PS4
– Trophy leaderboard like on your Competition console

thats just a few i can think of off the top of my head

    JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

    March 8th, 8:29 am

    Hope you mods saw my post here!! these are some decent updates to look into!!

Stompy_MwC said:

March 8th, 6:06 am

Thanks for acting like the Vita doesn’t even exist any more, Sony.

    JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

    March 8th, 6:14 am

    wouldnt Blame them its dead

    KBG29 said:

    March 8th, 6:29 am

    I mentioned the same thing. Funny that they continue to support Xperia when it is in even worse shape than the Vita.

    It is time for Sony to move to a PS4 based mobile. Give me the PS4 OS on a new Vita like Phone with clickable sticks and R2/L2, and I will buy one every year. I have messed with Xperias and iPhones for the last 4 years, and I am done. I have an Xperia X Performance, and it sits at home. It will be the last smartphone I buy, after it dies, I will either get a PS Phone, or a flip phone.

    FeistFan said:

    March 8th, 8:09 am

    Have you tried to go find a new Vita for sale in the US? From all appearances, it IS dead. Sorry for your loss.

    KBG29 said:

    March 8th, 1:29 pm

    Have you tried to find a new Xperia at retail? Not gonna happen, the brand is dead and rotting.

Blademan54 said:

March 8th, 6:08 am

Can’t wait for this update, however is this also going to help fix the huge slow down problems on the home screen? It’s been a problem for well over a month now and makes using the system a chore at times.

    JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

    March 8th, 6:13 am

    try to Clear up space on your PS4, i found my Ps4 navigating through menus much smoother when the HDD isnt almost full just a tip

JoeDeuce said:

March 8th, 6:10 am

Great! But when can I change my gamer tag?

    JeRzYzFyNeSt said:

    March 8th, 6:13 am

    i think that a PS5 feature by the way this is going lmao

    TwinDad said:

    March 8th, 7:29 am

    You can change your gamer tag today. Head to XBL.

    Your PSN ID, is not changeable currently. It is going to take engineering to implement. Sony are working/looking into it, nagging them about it, isn’t going to make it go faster, they heard the request. Shuhei said it is in process, and whatever is possible will be announced when they have a solution or no solution.

Weezle41 said:

March 8th, 6:11 am

Will this update improve on the overall sluggishness of the menus and PSN store? Over the last few months i have had issues getting into my app selection screen, or getting the store to load, or even when going into my library to download a game it rarely ever loads on the first time. Will this update improve issues like these, or is it possibly just my PS4?

    Elvick_ said:

    March 8th, 6:17 am

    Doubt it. Since that store’s beta launched on PS3, it’s run like a hot mess. And PS4 didn’t really fix it’s performance, and it’s only gotten worse as this generation has gone on. As for the PS3 version… lol, that just crashes more than not. I don’t even have it installed there anymore.

    PS Store needs revamped entirely, and the team currently working on it needs to never work in the industry again. Terrible design, terrible functionality, terrible stability, terrible organization. Just dreadful in every way. When you think they can’t do worse, they update it or change things and… tada, they managed to make it worse. Only thing all 3 console makers seem to be truly competing in is how terrible they can make their digital storefronts. Each one striving to be the worst, like no one ever was.

    Cloud__Rulez said:

    March 8th, 6:33 am

    funny… my OG PS4’s fine….. and the store’s smooth as butter…

    da1writer said:

    March 8th, 8:06 am

    Cloud__Rulez , same with me, never had an issue with the store or main menu, I limit the menu (10) and have a 1GB up/ 1GB down internet (AT&T, $70 a month), a me having a smooth experience may be down to what I have.

Elvick_ said:

March 8th, 6:14 am

I hope you add the option to notifications so we can have them separated again. I don’t want them all dumped into one menu. I like having uploads/downloads/etc in different tabs. The only annoying thing was the redundancies of “new”, and “notificaitons” not being deletable at all.

Also, I hope this patch restores app’s options menus. I don’t know why they vanished, but only being able to delete from the options menu for apps is stupid beyond words. I close the apps from there, it’s far faster than going through the PS menu, and now we can’t check patch info [not that they’re hugely useful, most are just ‘bug fixes and stability’ updates but still].

Options menu needs to have more options than not. There’s an entire button dedicated to options, make it worthwhile.

fubar-man said:

March 8th, 6:16 am

Nice to see a full update :-) BUT CAN YOU PLEASE READ THIS can you please do an update that will allow me to change the output sounds (and mic) back to my head set when using PS-VR as the way it is now is only set up to use the stereo headphones and camera mic but i use my 5.1 surround sound headphones but can’t change the mic back to the headset for chat which causes a lot of echo and feedback problems as the camera is a lot closer to the telly so I can’t effectively going to group chat when I use a PS-VR

Prince0fTheBx said:

March 8th, 6:17 am

Its about time this update is coming i cant wait to put my own custom wallpapers and watch 3D movies on my ps vr im really looking forward to tomorrow.

YODADDY14G4L said:

March 8th, 6:18 am

Everything that’s being added is great but what about more Emojis and please note tax on playstation store please Thanks, PlayStation!

HugoStiglitz_420 said:

March 8th, 6:19 am

Hell yeah. I need that external HDD support bad man. I got these cheeseburgers man…

KBG29 said:

March 8th, 6:20 am

How about Vita?

I will never support Android or iOS PlayStation Apps, and I will never by another Xperia. Terrible OS’s and even worse devices. Give us a PlayStation Phone, or start treating the Vita like a part of the family. The lack of communities and now voice chat during Remote Play is absolutely disgusting.

On the PS4 side, I am very pleased. Looking foward to the new quick menu, game save in the options menu for each game, and Boost Mode. The PS4 OS is realy starting to take shape, and I am very excited to see where it goes. I would take this OS on a Phone over iOS and Android any day.

Validate_User said:

March 8th, 6:23 am

This is awesome. Great work

Sorrow said:

March 8th, 6:26 am

So what about hard drives? Wasnt you testing usb 3.0 hard drive hook ups?

    TwinDad said:

    March 8th, 7:30 am

    They did not add that to this announcement, as that feature was announced on the Beta sign up. It is a feature.

Grim_Assassin14 said:

March 8th, 6:27 am

Will the update fix the issue with DLCs not able to download because they are listed as pre orders with a blank countdown?

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