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Mar 15

Mar 15

Journey: A Legacy of Adventure, Creation, and Friendship

We celebrate the five-year anniversary of Journey this week with a look back at the incredible path a cloaked traveler took towards the mountaintop.

Shannon Studstill's Avatar Posted by Head of Studio, Santa Monica Studio

Featured image by @tokinohiyoko

We’ve glided across sands and soared above ancient ruins on our way to the mountaintop. We’ve formed bonds with strangers unknown, whose paths we’ve intersected. We believe that there is no better time than right now to experience Journey. There’s a new friend waiting for you, and a journey to discover.

We’re incredibly proud to share the five-year anniversary of Journey this week with creator Jenova Chen and the team at thatgamecompany, along with everyone who helped to create this award-winning experience. Journey was born out of the raw, extraordinary talent of a highly inventive team of creatives. They set out to craft a game that could emotionally connect with anyone.

“It’s hard to put into words what the past five years has meant to the team since we released Journey. To see all of the connected travelers extend their friendships online, at conventions, and in the community has been truly humbling. Thank you for continuing to share Journey and for inspiring us for our next game.”
–Jenova Chen

There are endless things to say about Journey, and — for Jenova and the team — their narrative and technical achievements with its creation are timeless.

To celebrate five years of Journey with thatgamecompany, we’re collaborating on the following activities. We hope you’ll take a moment to check them out:

  • We’re supporting the Able Gamers Foundation who are running a charity auction including an extremely limited, rare edition of The Art of Journey book signed by the creators, one of the last remaining original Journey “Traveler” statues, and the 20th Anniversary PS4 special edition console. All proceeds will benefit the Able Gamers Foundation. Please visit their charity auction here to bid.
  • A new five year anniversary Journey t-shirt is now available on the PlayStation Gear Store.
  • The PlayStation Gear Store is also running a 20% off sale on all Journey merchandise until Sunday, March 19. Majestic apparel and other items are all on sale here.
  • Over the past five years, fans of Journey have created incredible inspired artwork, cosplay, jewelry, even weddings! We’ve sampled some of thatgamecompany’s favorite pieces in this post.

From everyone at Santa Monica Studio and thatgamecompany, a sincere thank you for your continued adventures with Journey on PlayStation over the past five years.

We look forward to seeing countless more Travelers soar to the mountaintop with new friends, side by side, for many years to come.

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IAmToastMan said:

March 15th, 10:16 am

Journey will always have a special place in my heart and the hearts of many who played it. Can we have a Pro update for it pls? :)

    mnep99 said:

    March 15th, 11:03 am

    A 4K HDR Pro patch would be a awesome.

Stringer2355 said:

March 15th, 10:22 am

Any plans for another Pressing of “The Art of Journey” book ?

    Shannon Studstill's Avatar

    Shannon Studstill said:

    March 15th, 11:25 am

    No plans at the moment. Don’t forget that AbleGamers is auctioning one off for charity.

    GameKing92 said:

    March 17th, 9:11 am

    One of my favorite games. I would like to see a patch for the PS4 version that gives the option to match the visuals of the PS3 version (I believe the frames per second are different on the PS4 and PS3 versions: I think the PS4 version is 60fps where the PS3 version is 30fps (in my opinion, the sand sparkles A LOT less in the PS4 version than in the PS3 version, and I think this is due to the PS4 version having 60fps, which then “blurs” such fine details of the sun sparkling off the sand). I believe a lot of people would like to have the option on the PS4 version to match the visuals of the original PS3 version. I think the PS4 version of The Last of Us has such an option available.

Seluhir said:

March 15th, 10:50 am

When I wrote out my list of my 60 favourite games of all time, Journey placed second ( ).

There are few games that come close to the level of ‘memorable’ that Journey achieves… it is a stunning, beautiful experience that allows one to imprint their own emotions on the game in a way that I don’t think any other game has ever managed.

Journey is a game that everyone should get the chance to experience, and I am sincerely thankful for what this game has been both to myself and a lot of other people.

It’s been a good 5 years, and hopefully people keep Journeying for years to come.

Tarheel_Mark said:

March 15th, 10:58 am

It was always such a wonderful, moving experience to suddenly play with a complete stranger you randomly meet, especially if you were lucky enough to play with them during the game’s emotional finish.

,,,and then the credits roll and you find out you were playing with LikMaButt97

(please let us change our name, Shuhei)

Raseleanne said:

March 15th, 11:26 am

To this day Journey ranks high as one of my favorite games. I still remember playing it release day on PS3. I was incredibly fortunate enough to encounter a player that ended up sticking with me to the very end. That last scene at the top of the mountain where we walked away together… not going to lie, I cried. I immediately messaged my friends “Hey, you have to try this! No spoilers though!”

Every once in a while I’ll either load up Journey or Flower to relax and unwind. Looking forward to many more years of games from y’all!

    Shannon Studstill's Avatar

    Shannon Studstill said:

    March 15th, 11:52 am

    :) Really touching to hear. Thanks for sharing your experience Raseleanne!

pkhestoo said:

March 15th, 12:26 pm

I have that pixel hearts piece hanging in my living room! One of 25 prints. Love this game and Flower

xRichPandax said:

March 15th, 12:29 pm

I really wish the journey team would make more of those statues but this game I usually play from time to time searching for others to help them unlock the white robe and I feel like friendship begins among us two traveller, give high praise to journey team, wish journey 2 could be a thing though

SoundTribeDroCat said:

March 15th, 12:29 pm

Wow! I didn’t realize it had been five years already. Especially relevant because I just got a traveler tattoo on this past friday that I love.

(sorry idk if outside links are allowed or not.)

It’s an amazing piece done by Shannon Parcell at Authentic Art in Ann Arbor, MI.

xRichPandax said:

March 15th, 12:31 pm

Also kinda wish they would make merchandise but Etsy is loaded with journey merchandise so the team kinda doesn’t have to make merchandise

dkarlowicz10 said:

March 15th, 1:47 pm

Journey is my favorite game that came out in 2012 (followed by a PS4 port in 2015). So, I’m thinking that a lot of time has transpired since this awesome game came out. What is next for thatgamecompany? And wouldn’t this be a great anniversary to announce that next game? Whatever it is, I am sure that I will like it.

justamazing1972 said:

March 15th, 5:56 pm

The game is so moving and so pure of heart I love it

plaztiksyke said:

March 17th, 7:46 am

This game (and Flower, actually) begs for a PS4 Pro patch. The colors, highlights, far distance views, and fine grains of sand would all be amazing in 4K HDR.

dd75man said:

March 18th, 1:19 pm

I’ve helped over a hundred companions reach the mountain. I look forwards to helping many more. If I’ve helped you, help others just as I did. This is by far the. best game you will play. Ever.

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