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Mar 27

Mar 27

Media Player Updated Today to Support 4K Video on PS4 Pro

Videos in mp4 format are playable from your USB sticks or home servers.

John Koller's Avatar Posted by Vice President, PlayStation Brand Marketing, SIEA

Starting later today, the Media Player app is getting an update to support 4K video playback on PS4 Pro. Following this update, 4K videos in mp4 format saved on a USB stick or home server can be played on the Media Player app (remember, you’ll also need a 4K compatible TV to watch the videos in 4K).

Your home server will appear as a media option in the Player automatically, so finding your media is simple and quick. Just a reminder: USB storage that’s already been formatted as extended storage for your PS4 can only be used to save games and apps — it can’t be used to save and play videos.

For those of you that own PlayStation VR in addition to PS4 Pro, Media Player will also update to support playback of 4K VR video content. PS VR’s display resolution is 1920 X RGB X 1080, so 4K VR videos will be displayed in a higher image quality compared to HD VR videos. Capture stunning 360 degree 4K footage, and then immerse yourself in that footage in VR at home — just as if you’re right back in the scene you shot.

And while on the topic of 4K, many of you have already been enjoying 4K streaming on PS4 Pro, but in case you weren’t aware, streaming video apps including Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu all have 4K content available, so make sure to check them out.

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jmerbaugh said:

March 27th, 5:10 am

Just curious. Does this mean 4K blu rays will now work?

    ps_maxout said:

    March 27th, 5:19 am

    jmerbaugh The PS4 PRO doesnnt have a 4K blu-ray drive, so no, never will

    nathanuc1988 said:

    March 27th, 5:27 am

    Only if you make digital backup copies of your 4k blurays and then convert those digital backups to MP4. So still no 4k bluray disc support (impossible to add this via software)

    KazeEternal said:

    March 27th, 5:48 pm

    While the laser is technically able to read the bluray discs themselves from what I understand of the technology. The Drive itself doesn’t spin fast enough to read the data.

    The PS4 comes with a 6x Bluray drive which at best can read at 60mbps. This is slower than the read speed by as much as 20, 60, or 80 mbps from the three size standards. The motor isn’t likely designed to run at those speeds and could burn out the drive or the PS4 is unable to adjust or supply enough power for that to happen.

    Long story short the PS4 and PS4 pro would need hardware upgrades to run 4K discs.

videtonator_os said:

March 27th, 5:16 am

Awesome! Just to confirm: does this add support for eac3 audio format too?

slayer7744 said:

March 27th, 5:24 am

So, going by this post, MKV 4K content will not work? Only MP4? That’s a shame, all my 4K content is in MKV or TS.

    rockyzhng said:

    March 27th, 10:25 pm

    I just test it, sorry to tell you guys, PS4 Pro can’t play any 4K HEVC(h265) video files, it only can play 4k file with H264.
    not support HEVC decode, this upgrade is useless, I am very disappointed at Sony.

Ooste said:

March 27th, 5:29 am

Can we get an option while watching a video to change Audio Track? Many videos come with multiple different languages now days.

NotCarolKaye said:

March 27th, 5:32 am


Everyone loves 4K content! Unless it’s on a Blu-Ray. People hate 4K Blu-Rays. It’s great that this doesn’t have a 4K Blu-Ray drive. Thanks for that guys!!

    Stryker_X20 said:

    March 27th, 5:38 am

    Yeah, this’ really cool. Just downloaded K: Missing Kings just a few days ago and it looks better on 4K.

    Dragonchasers said:

    March 27th, 6:06 am

    Agreed, I am so happy Sony didn’t force me to pay for a 4K blu-ray player I would never have used. Don’t own any 4K blu-rays, don’t plan to ever own any. Happy my gaming machine’s cost wasn’t pushed higher to support old-fashioned physical media.

    Rapturesassassin said:

    March 27th, 7:05 am

    Im happy sony didnt force me to by the “Pro” I not intrested in 4k gaming so i wont upgrade my TV either. I have a perfectly good 6TB external harddrive on my OG Ps4. No need to waste money on minimum “upgrades”

    NotCarolKaye said:

    March 27th, 7:13 am

    Oh totes Dragonchasers. I agree that you’re everyone. So if you wouldn’t use it, that means no one wants it.

    And Sony absolutely would have had to charge more for it if they’d included a 4K Blu-Ray drive. Because Sony doesn’t set the prices for their products. Their prices are set by cosmic forces that can’t be understood.

    Plus, we all know how prohibitively expensive that Xbox One S is with it’s 4K Blu-Ray drive.

    Rapturesassassin said:

    March 27th, 7:36 am


    I know your trolling Carol because im look at a 2TB Xbox 1 s right that is 400.00$ new

    While the Ps4 Pro 1TB system sit at 400.00$ new too

    SCoopat said:

    March 27th, 7:45 am

    You are wrong. I LOVE 4k UHD blurays!!!

    Besides, the PS4 Pro still doesnt support HDR with any of the streamers…. so that’s still a dud.

    Some people want the best quality available when they watch movies, and that means UHD Bluray!!

    NotCarolKaye said:

    March 27th, 8:08 am


    You can get a 1TB Xbox One S with a bundled game and a 4K Blu-Ray drive for $300. At most.

    So, nice try, but no.

    Dragonchasers said:

    March 27th, 8:14 am

    @NotCarolKaye — I never said anything about “everyone” I was just agreeing with you that it was a smart decision for Sony to leave out the 4K Blu-Ray player in order to keep costs down.

    The Xbox One S can afford to put in a 4K BR because the rest of the tech in the box is so old. Also MS is highly profitable and can afford to sell the Xbox at cost or even for a loss.

    For the PS4 Pro Sony chose to spend $$ on gaming performance rather than put in a 4K Blu-Ray for the small proportion of customers that have a 4K TV and that are interested in expensive 4K Blu-Ray disks but haven’t bought a 4K Blu-Ray player yet.

    And unfortunately Sony isn’t in a position to take a loss on every PS4 Pro sold. Their profits were down 54% for fiscal Q3 of 2016/17. Adding a 4K Blu-Ray player would have meant they’d have to raise the cost of the PS4 Pro.

    NotCarolKaye said:

    March 27th, 9:14 am

    @ Dragonchasers

    “small proportion of customers that have a 4K TV and that are interested in expensive 4K Blu-Ray disks but haven’t bought a 4K Blu-Ray player yet.”

    That’s just more you you pretending that people don’t care about that feature because you don’t.

    As if nobody complained when this thing was revealed. As if perplexed articles weren’t written. As if they weren’t evasive and wishy-washy when asked about it.

    And their profits being down? Boo-hoo. Why’s that my problem? Why should that make it acceptable to me that the thing doesn’t include a feature that it should have?

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:11 am

    I like this @NotCarolKaye guy, hes alright.
    funny how some didnt see the painfully obvious sarcasm , scary stuff.

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:20 am

    Crazy thing about this whole blu ray thing is that Sony OWNS the Patent, a mindboggling oversight not inlcuding 4k player as they are limping right out the gate.

    Many people bought ps3s just for the sake of it being one of the most affordable bul ray players (late gen)

    now xbox is framing that market as it is also now one of the most affordable 4k blu ray players, i bought one just for the sake of such.

    When sony is just handing the competition windows of opportunities its hard not to think back to the days when sony was a bit cocky, thought they had enough of a firm foothold that they focused more on how to take advantage of their consumer base RATHER than innovating and being one step ahead in terms of market presence.

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:27 am

    For those who dont understand value and making arguments about value proposition being somewhat worthless, how features and in this case 4k blu ray doesnt add value and more importantly people dont consider this.

    You arent a consumer or just so blind due to brand loyalty that you cant think straight or refuse to, once you start buying stuff for self you will understand what this guy is saying.

    blu ray drives are dirt cheap btw, look it up and thats at the consumer level imagine mass production.

    sony was willing to take a loss with ps4 hardware, smart move, now that they made tons of profit well they see an opportunity to cash in using hardware and thats the bottom line, they felt people would buy no matter what and they were partly right
    i bought an xbox for 4k blu ray bcus the value is there, albeit i have a mean gaming pc i would bought the pro if it had 4k blu ray

    they skimped out of blu ray when they shouldnt have.

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:31 am

    4k streaming not only relies on ones internet, hogs bandwith (if you have a cap on data god help you if you watch tons of 4k via streaming) and doesnt offer the visual fidelity of 4k blu ray

    just sayin

    google 4k streaming, auto search will deliver bandwith as 5th most searched.

    read the article that starts with

    The Adoption Of 4K Streaming Will Be Stalled By Bandwidth

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:33 am

    or just read this

    The reality is that true 4K streaming can’t take place at even 12-15Mbps unless there is a 40% efficiency in encoding going from H.264 to HEVC and the content is 24/30 fps, not 60 fps. Netflix has stated they expect HEVC to provide a 20-30% encoding efficiency vs H.264, within two years. That’s a long way away from the 40% required to get bitrates down to 12-15Mbps. While 4K can in theory be compressed at 10-12Mbps, this is typically achieved by reducing the frame rate or sacrificing quality. As points out, to date, “most of the HEVC we’ve seen in the market is heavily noise-reduced with high frequency details blurred out to fake the 40% efficiency”. The optimal bandwidth for high quality 4K is higher than 20Mbps. UMAX in Korea, for instance, compresses its 4K p60 streams at 32Mbps (i.e. using a rate of 60 frames per second, progressive). For the full effect of sports and documentary content, this is a more realistic bit rate at today’s compression efficiency.

    PixelProV1 said:

    March 27th, 10:34 am

    As state of the art HEVC improves, some benefit will be reaped in terms of target bit rate. If the 40% efficiency improvements do indeed come true for HEVC, years from now we might see 4K streaming bitrates at the 10-12Mbps level, but it would not be for a very long time. OTT streaming is completely driven by the economics of bandwidth and what it costs to deliver the content. So the video only gets delivered at the minimum bit rate required to make the video look generally acceptable. Costs drive adoption. As I have written about before, the dirty little secret about 4K streaming is that content owners can’t afford the bandwidth costs. At Frost & Sullivan, we have done a lot of work on HEVC and 4K streaming trying to set the record straight on what is and isn’t possible. See [Cutting Through The Hype Of HEVC] and [Why MSOs Should Not Consider Switching Directly from MPEG-2 to HEVC].

    NotCarolKaye said:

    March 28th, 12:46 am

    @ PixelProV1

    Thanks for picking up the baton and explaining this properly. Sarcasm can only go so far, but it’s all I really have. I’m not at your level technically.

    One more thing I’d add from my non technical perspective. There are people like me who just plain like physical media. Having something you can pull off the shelf and look at. You know, just to enjoy the cover art and title logo. We like to hear and feel the clasps snap when we open and close the case. That’s part of the value of this stuff to some people.


March 27th, 6:59 am

Ok, that’s awesome to hear this. Now, when will the PlayStation store have 4K content and 3D content for my PSVR. That should have been ready when VR and Pro launched. Come on Sony, get up to speed with the 4K and 3D content!

    RX7DRIFTR said:

    March 27th, 7:04 am

    Also, when will the media player have playback for 180x180x180 3D, or sbs 3D video? Having VR and only being able to watch 360 degree videos is disappointing. Please add more formats to the media player.

    Sindred said:

    March 27th, 8:35 am

    You can use the Littlstar app (with the new update) to watch 180×180 VR mp4. The file names must be labeled correctly, but they do work.

    Kenshinesca said:

    March 28th, 8:57 am

    RX7DRIFTR I also want 3D sbs playback via the media player. Basically it should just be a fully featured player. More formats would be great.

gaara_kage said:

March 27th, 7:26 am

Quick tech question; does the vanilla PS4 have an HDMI 2.0 controller or is the firmware of the HDMI controller upgradable ?

When it was announced that HDR support would come to the vanilla PS4, I assumed something like that was happening.

UnivrsalCalamity said:

March 27th, 7:29 am

Huge question I completely understand Netflix, Hulu and other services streaming 4k. But, what about your own Playstation store videos WHEN WILL WE GET PS VIDEO 4K STREAMING?

    SCoopat said:

    March 27th, 7:47 am

    another dud from Sony…. they have a service called ….. Ultra….. not available on PS4 Pro…. lol

UntamedBrawler said:

March 27th, 7:46 am

Hopefully this also is saying we no longer have to unhook the cord from vr to watch 4K videos like the apps and play supporting games in 4K hdr before we had unhook the hdmi and plug in other hdmi to tv only to PS4 pro to work the one from crazy didn’t support that k thanks for updates

SCoopat said:

March 27th, 7:46 am

When is HDR coming to Netflix / Youtube / VUDU / Amazon / Hulu etc?????

furleys_ascot said:

March 27th, 8:12 am

Will I be able to view my digital copies of 4k blurays on pro now?

Sindred said:

March 27th, 8:33 am

Does this update support stereoscopic VR mp4s? I was able to view an mp4 shot on the VR camera (Lucid Cam) using the Littlstar app. It looked great. It would be awesome to be able to use the media player app for this.

Morteth said:

March 27th, 8:39 am

Remember MKV support!!!

weshverse said:

March 27th, 9:40 am

we also want HEVC h.265 video file support

    Prashast17 said:

    March 27th, 11:37 am

    We surely do

Akuma-Oh said:

March 27th, 9:56 am

Please support more video and audio codecs. I still have problems to watch some videos on mkv and audio with m4a

MrBeens said:

March 27th, 10:09 am

Is media player going to support 180 side by side 3D content for the VR?

I know Littlstar already does this, but it would be nice to not have to create another account and have to connect to an online service, just to watch local files on a USB drive.

ZoidbergForPrez said:

March 27th, 11:35 am

Does this mean the “multimedia player” now reads image subtitles again?

Because if it does not it is yet utterly useless to me…

Prashast17 said:

March 27th, 11:36 am

But we still cannot copy files larger than 4 GB to external FAT32 formatted storage.
Will this be changed sometime soon ?

    SCoopat said:

    March 27th, 12:59 pm

    try exFAT

KBG29 said:

March 27th, 12:17 pm

Great news. Now please, when is 4K HDR content coming to PlayStation Video?

Ariost said:

March 27th, 12:46 pm

Any plans to add 4k videos to the PSN store for rent or to buy? I would love the option.

Fuhr31 said:

March 27th, 4:01 pm

Sony puts so many arbitrary restrictions on their products that leads to an inferior experience for their customers.
-Why can’t we use the same drive as our game saves?
-Why wont they add more formats?
It was a mistake to not include a 4K drive, but it likely saved them 10s of dollars. Although I’m sure the lost more with lost sales.

Anyways, this is at least a small positive step.

armyguy1141 said:

March 27th, 5:24 pm

When will the Vudu app be updated for UHD content?The app has been available on the Nvidia Shield console for awhile now

luism2008 said:

March 27th, 5:53 pm

I am in Chicago.. I tried to do an update but the version i have is 2.51 from 12/24/16 anyone in the US have the updated one?

IDsAreForWimps said:

March 27th, 7:54 pm

The media player is ****. It doesn’t support any of of the DTS Master or True Dolby Digital Bluray Ripped MKV files at all and doesn’t play many of my files even without the sound. Why bother with something if it’s garbage. Sorry Sony, love the PS4 Pro but you failed hard with a garbage player.

JacquelineHyde said:

March 27th, 8:02 pm

I just want native DTS support. Y’know, like the PS3 has.

luism2008 said:

March 27th, 8:21 pm

Will I be able to play iphone 4k movies on the ps4?

Socket7 said:

March 27th, 9:07 pm

Does this fix DLNA Media Server album sorting? I NEVER want to listen to albums with the tracks in alphabetical order!

    saiyanknight87 said:

    March 29th, 6:23 am

    Bruh that definitely needs to be fixed.

InfinityFringe said:

March 27th, 9:24 pm

Can we get some more audio codecs added as well?

amirpro2 said:

March 27th, 11:33 pm

Thanks but I’ll stick to my Samsung Smart TV for that

ionutprg said:

March 28th, 12:12 am

Fix the f. Wifi issues first and than add more content !!!!!

OfficialFBomb said:

March 28th, 12:12 am

Yea so what, not like i can take a file any bigger then 4 gb and load it to a flash drive or hdd to play via the media player, you still have to network that in, ps4 is bad for media..

IDsAreForWimps said:

March 28th, 6:43 am

Too bad the media player is worthless to those with HD audio formats in their media files.

    SCoopat said:

    March 28th, 9:53 am

    Works fine for me. I just tried it last night. I have 24bit/96khz flacs served up via DLNA server ( j river ) and it plays no problem with the new media player ( 3. 0 )

Skeetlejuice said:

March 28th, 9:09 am

Just so you all know;

Planet Earth 2, available in HD and 4k, HD through the store, is horribly compressed with garbage audio options.

Planet Earth on Blue Ray when I bought my 60gb PS3, connecting to my HD tv over hdmi in 2007 was a revelation.

The way it is supported through the store just like all your other collection fragmenting video options is abjectly not good enough from a “top of the line hifi company” like Sony.

You don’t support 4k UHD on the pro, and your support of premier content like this through streaming is a joke.

For movies you don’t support Proper uncompressed or let alone compressed audio formats for standard Home theatre or DTS Sound bars, even your own makes which I own.

Skeetlejuice said:

March 28th, 9:13 am

You don’t have a proper handshake between HD 1080 Bravia Tv’s and Higher end Sony Sound Bars, connected to PS4/PS3 on 100mb internet broadband connections.

You don’t offer UHD blu ray on your PS4 Pro, you don’t offer or support the quality I expect from your store, for anything other than 720-1080p games. Your video and music services are lacking, replaced by a inferior version of Spotify on PS4 than what is offered on PC or ios etc, filled with extra obnoxious “Sony Gaming Ads”

For those that claim People don’t care about 4k on your supposedly Pro checkerboard fake out 4k gaming machine with anemic hard drive, we do care.

We care about the horrible resolution in the PS VR and the pathetic game support. We care.

That is why going forward I will not be giving my loyalty to your hardware formats and will continue to game on your platform so long as your exclusive line up suits me.

Skeetlejuice said:

March 28th, 9:19 am

My friend recently bought an Xbox S 1tb for the 4Kuhd drive, he traded in his reg Xone in for it. He would have purchased the pro at launch but like me he is a cinephile and you managed to lose a sale in astounding fashion.



your playstation plus service offers horrendous value for money and I no longer subscribe to it.

I’ll be buying non Sony hardware going forward. Because it is better and cheaper.

The apps available in Canada are horrible. Only Netflix this is a joke.

It’s poor. Great that people can pirate off the internet to their thumb stick and watch the bad ty quality on their pros, but I could care less about this, your vr, your new TV’s and playstation plus. But most of all for your DOA fake “pro”

I will also be passing on pro. I’ll look at an off sony 4k tv and Scorpio. thanks for a few exclusives that’s about all that has my loyalty to sony these days.

Skeetlejuice said:

March 28th, 9:21 am

My friend recently bought an Xbox S 1tb for the 4Kuhd drive, he traded in his reg Xone in for it. He would have purchased the pro at launch but like me he is a cinephile and you managed to lose a sale in astounding fashion.



your playstation plus service offers horrendous value for money and I no longer subscribe to it.

I’ll be buying non Sony hardware going forward. Because it is better and cheaper.

The apps available in Canada are horrible. Only Netflix this is a joke.

It’s poor. Great that people can pirate off the internet to their thumb stick and watch the shi ty quality on their pros, but I could care less about this, your vr, your new TV’s and playstation plus. But most of all for your DOA fake “pro”

I will also be passing on pro. I’ll look at an off Sony 4k tv and Scorpio. thanks for a few exclusives that’s about all that has my loyalty to Sony these days.

    SCoopat said:

    March 28th, 9:57 am

    You make a good point here. I stopped buying video content from Sony because I thought the quality was horrible. What a pixelated mess!! Then I started using VUDU and I was much happier with the quality.

    Of course, I sill buy bluray’s for stuff i really want to have in the best quality available.

Skeetlejuice said:

March 28th, 9:32 am

Lastly my issues with 4k streaming and streaming in general has nothing to due with bandwidth. I have a 100mb Unlimited connection it has to do with the fact the quality is inferior both visual and audio.

Having purchased a Sony soundbar that advertised support for your supposed Store digital audio format. I came to find that despite having a 1080p Sony Bravia, High end Sony sound bar, and PS4/PS3 that the support for the audio format on the bar was buried in a 60 page booklet that it was for streaming audio over Bluetooth for a phone, not sure why 5.1 steaming on a phone was a feature. But streaming your only format for video on your Store since 07 was not.

So as it stands even renting videos are compromised. This is my grudge with Sony and why I no longer will buy their products. For a company that used to actually support relevant formats and offer high quality brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG, offer both superior quality but superior price, value for money. Supporting top formats. Reminds me of the Xbox 360 and Samsung HDtv I owned prior to PS3.

Nothing like losing lifetime video sales, well done. and with Pro you lost physical as well.

ReidGwn said:

March 30th, 8:15 am

So I have a DLNA server connected to mo the same network as my PS4 Pro (Via Ethernet). Could I stream from my media server the 4K content or do I have to use a USB drive? If yes… any particular settings I need to consider?

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