Race The Sun Update Adds PS VR Support, Sunrise Mode & More April 18th

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Race The Sun Update Adds PS VR Support, Sunrise Mode & More April 18th

Sunrise mode is an extra-chill new mode in the already-quite-chill Race the Sun, and that's just one of its many updates landing April 18.

We’re happy to announce a free upcoming update for the PS4 version of Race The Sun, including PS VR support, a new game mode, and a few other extras!

Ever since our earliest days with Race The Sun on Kickstarter, some players have been asking for VR support. We’re happy to announce that this is finally happening on April 18th! All game modes will be playable in VR. To enable VR, just select the option from the menu. To exit VR mode, simply turn off the headset.
Additionally, we’ve added a free new game mode called Sunrise.
This mode doesn’t have highscores, and doesn’t get increasingly difficult like the other modes. It’s simply a way to chill out and relax!
New Portal Destinations
We’ve added a few new worlds to be discovered when you enter a portal. Now, instead of always going to Void when entering a portal, you will randomly be taken to one of five destinations.
The portal destination changes daily to keep things fresh.
First Person Mode
To go along with the VR update, we’ve also added an option to play in first person mode. You’ll be able to toggle this via the pause menu, or by using the square button at any time during play. We’ve found that some players find this mode to be more comfortable in VR, while some players prefer the standard behind view.

We hope you enjoy the update!

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  • Will any of this (obviously not PS VR support) make it into the PS Vita version?

  • Josh1billion

    Looks like I’m hooking my PSVR back up next week. This looks awesome.

  • Sangetsu-II

    Thank you very much for making this a free VR update. I will be sure to play it.

    Letting everybody know if you downloaded as a free PS+ title I while back to check it out its a blast.

  • sandkwithhp

    Fantastic update! I love to see more PSVR content! Will this update also include PS4 Pro support?

  • I’m stoked for this!!!

  • Thank you very much for the VR update. I’ll share the word.

  • One heck of a game this one, my son, my gf and me play this game quite a lot on ios, vita, ps3 and ps4. Totally ace game and this VR update ( and sunrise) just madkes me wanna scream halleluja!

    Thank you! Best news in a few days this for sure!

    See y’ll on the leaderboards:)

  • I second a Vita update too.

  • beli-de-l_aur

    Splendid news ! Thanks nice one guys!

  • Wonderful! I absolutely love this game and am now convinced I must get PSVR just for this maiden flight.

  • New Trophies please :)

  • Xcaligamer1


  • This is one of those games that I keep going back to over and over. Can’t wait to try it out in VR and check out the new game mode!

  • Very cool. It’s things like this that keep me from buyers remorse over my PSVR. I love it. Great job, great game. The Vita idea is good too.

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