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May 19

May 19

Nex Machina Launches June 20 With Local Co-op

Prepare for pure arcade bliss with the latest twin-stick shooter from the creators of Resogun and Super Stardust HD.

Rudolf Westerholm's Avatar Posted by Media Designer, Housemarque

Hello everyone. It’s been a while since you’ve seen fresh footage from our new game Nex Machina. And with it, we bring good news. We’re glad to announce that Nex Machina will be arriving on PS4 June 20.

This is the day that Housemarque will go down in infamy for creating one of the simplest, purest action arcade games of our generation. A game that will remind you of the arcade classics of the 80’s, but with modern technology to complement that pure twin-stick joy.

Additionally we would also like to announce local co-op. This is something that we’ve been trying to keep secret for a long time, but many of our friends have already guessed it was coming.

Local co-op will allow two players to play side by side, just like in the old school arcades, competing or helping each other out. So please enjoy the above new trailer, which includes footage from the Winter Tide level with some two-player action!

Keep your eyes open for Nex Machina arriving June 20 on PS4.

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Dean_Naka said:

May 19th, 7:33 am

Looks great. Love all your games. Will there be online cooperative as well?

EmeraldIrish said:

May 19th, 7:35 am

What type of upscaling will be available for PS4 pro? Also any chance of a VR patch? This would be amazing in VR

    Sindred said:

    May 19th, 10:03 am

    I agree about VR. I know it’s not a first person game but being sucked into the workd and seeing all that light and explosions around your face would be blissful.

PrairieSky said:

May 19th, 9:19 am

Local co-op is a must — the fact that you’ve heard the needs of players and included it makes this an instant purchase for me.

Will you be doing pre-orders with a bonus theme or something similar?

Thank you for listening.

    Thillhouse said:

    May 19th, 9:03 pm

    They’ve had pre-orders up for a few months now with a 20% discount for PS+ people. Get on that before you forget.

Tomoprime said:

May 19th, 10:03 am

The game looks great. Reminds me of Alienation a little with a twist. I really hope you guys bring out online co-op as a patch later if it’s possible. Wishing you all the success.

KidCommando said:

May 19th, 10:22 am

One of the few developers where I will buy any game they make. Quality is always there.

GOODKyle said:

May 19th, 10:33 am

Online co-op too right?

MakoSOLIDER said:

May 19th, 5:36 pm

Will the local co-op result in a lower frame rate?

Hypergyaos said:

May 20th, 1:32 pm

Preordered. Housemarque has never disappointed me. Excited!

MachachA101 said:

May 21st, 2:50 pm

Local Co OP! Y E S !!!! , Gauntlet with 80s steroids! LOVE IT, hope its not too expensive :(

Welmosca said:

May 21st, 11:51 pm

Great news…not only a launch date but also local co-op which is mandatory for a game like Nex Machina.Can only say one thing…God bless Housemarque,best PSN game devs ever.You guys will always have ma support…I may not be able to play it on release but will buy it anyway.

Coddeera said:

May 22nd, 5:12 pm

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plaztiksyke said:

May 23rd, 11:59 am

My PC wasn’t powerful enough to play the alpha, so I’m excited to see it coming to PS4 so quickly!

While I was happy that Resogun got a PS4 Pro patch, I’d love to see Alienation and Dead Nation also get a Pro patch. The higher pixel count and HDR color would really reveal a lot of detail in those darker areas and make the explosions pop.

Any chance that Resogun will play in stereo 3D on 3D TVs/projectors on PS4 Pro like Super Stardust does? All these PS3 stereo 3D games that came to PS4 with 1080p60 are simply stunning.

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