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Jun 13

Jun 13

Gran Turismo Sport Launches on PS4 Fall 2017

The latest on the the most ambitious entry in the legendary Gran Turismo series.

Kazunori Yamauchi's Avatar Posted by President of Polyphony Digital, Creator of Gran Turismo

From the start, GT Sport has been Polyphony Digital’s most ambitious undertaking as we recognized the need for change in the racing games category. In racing, human emotion is what drives the need for competition — to be the best of the best. GT Sport is set to deliver a true-to-life racing experience where each driver will face real risks, rewards, and consequences through competition, and not just a single race to 1st place. Regardless of your experience in racing, each driver is able to develop and compete against others with similar achievements and driving behavior, ensuring that every race is as fair and competitive as possible.


Unveiled earlier tonight during PlayStation Live From E3, the GT Sport Theme Music Trailer trailer showed off the variety of its lighting conditions, including night circuits in Tokyo Expressway and Nurburgring. The sense of adrenaline and harsh racing conditions are immediate as the team has been hard at work in delivering its most visually compelling and realistic racing game to date, showcasing dynamic 4K*, targeting 60FPS, and true HDR* effects.

*Compatible 4K HDR display required.

The entire team at Polyphony Digital has been extremely busy for the past few months with the GT Sport Closed Beta. We are excited and also humbled by PlayStation players who took the time to participate, and provide both support and feedback which will be instrumental in helping us deliver the most competitive and true-to-life racing experience possible this fall.

Stay tuned for more information for GT Sport at E3 this week.


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TeamGreen615 said:

June 13th, 8:00 am

Most excited I’ve been for Gran Turismo in a long time. I will be surprised if it comes out this year though.

KoldStrejke said:

June 13th, 8:27 am

Here come the Hype Train. Nows the time for an open beta lasting until release for those who pre ordered the game. 2 tracks (not full) 1 track (full). 1 car from each manufacturer.

paulogy said:

June 13th, 8:50 am

And it looks stunning! Wouldn’t normally jump in on a game like this, but with those graphics… *heavy breathing*

KBG29 said:

June 13th, 10:42 am

I remember this post from last year.

Anyways, the game looks absolutely stunning. I am really looking forward to the PSVR related content. After playing Driveclub VR and Dirt Ralley VR, I can honestly say that is the way I want to play all serious racers going forward.

Hope we get an open beta soon!

Looking forward to stuff like the Track List, Cars list (Please tell me I can drive the Viper in VR), and Music from the game.

Gran Turismo has always been my favorite series in gaming. Can’t wait to finally expereince it on PS4 and PSVR this fall!

rawd76 said:

June 13th, 10:52 am

Any word of a Collector Edition?

bam37 said:

June 13th, 12:32 pm

how about letting more people in your closed beta lol

YODA798907 said:

June 13th, 6:18 pm

Please update the PlayStation Vue app on Roku!!!

CMTATE1984 said:

June 13th, 11:19 pm

The racing series that really got me into racing. This is definitely a day one buy for me. I hope it has a lot more customization for driving suits, cars and the like. I am also very interested in the psvr mode and feel of the game.

Sarges24 said:

June 14th, 12:20 am

I really wish this would have come sooner. Or perhaps even later. With Destiny 2 coming this Fall I don’t think I’ll be finding time for other games till Winter-Spring. Still, really excited for this game and now that the CE is sold out at Amazon I wish I’d have just kept my pre-order.

keneb73 said:

June 14th, 9:01 am

I’m not that excited because driving a car gets really boring after a little bit like I would not play that game just for fun it doesn’t have that sorta game play excitement y’know?

WoofmanJack said:

June 21st, 6:57 pm

I play the Closed Beta and it is a very good game. It makes want to get a Playstation Plus subscription.

sanjayraman26 said:

June 21st, 11:38 pm

Really waiting for this game

Thrill_Kill said:

June 22nd, 5:09 am

Well, I have several HDTV sets, one 2016 65″ Sony set that is 4K with HDR, one 2015 65″ Sony set that is 4K with HDR and Stereoscopic 3D (XBR65X850C), and 2 that are near top of the line Plasma Panasonic 3DTV sets that are 1080p with stereoscopic 3D (TC-P65VT30), and to be 100% honest I have been spoiled with the last two Gran Turismo games, (5 and 6), which have the amazing use of 3D (with the options of changing the depth etc), and looks simply beautiful on my Sony 2015 4K set with 3D and even on the 2011 Panasonic Plasma TC-P65VT30 sets!

I showed the games to my friends in 2D on the newest model 4K HDR set and they agree that the 3D on the Plasma, and the Sony set blew away the 2D gaming. The same goes for Horizon: Zero Dawn in 2D 4K, they prefer games in 3D, even if they are only in 720p on the PS3, the 3D depth is so immersive that it puts you IN THE GAME!

I HOPE that Gran Turismo Sport is also in 3D, or I will not be impressed with it at all, and just continue to play GT 5 and 6 instead.

    Mansi78 said:

    June 22nd, 7:32 am

    Que Pedazo de Pelotudo que sos Chabon.
    Como vas a decir que un juego de esta clase es bueno o no según como se vea en la TV que te compro papi.
    Nene, empieza a ver otras cosas en los juegos porque tu vida va ser muy chata.
    GT es GT, en un tv smart o un tv 420×420 1994!!!
    Pintante un mechon Bb!!

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