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Jun 14

Jun 14

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Help us decide the best trailer to come out of this year's E3, as well as your most-anticipated PS4 and PS VR games.

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Update: Polls are now closed! Thanks for voting — stay tuned for the winners.

Here’s a new one! We always love letting you all vote on every year’s best games around the end of the year, so we figured we’d extend the action to the new announcements from this year’s E3! Check the polls below to vote for this E3 2017’s best trailer, as well as your most-anticipated PS4 and PS VR titles. Remember — across the board, we’re only considering titles that were shown at E3, or had reveals, announcements, or trailers at the show.

Polls close Tuesday, June 20 at 12:00pm Pacific, so you’ve got some time to think on it… but don’t forget! Now, on to the polls:

Best Trailer

E3 is arguably all about the grand reveals, mind-blowing trailers and gameplay demos. So we ask you: Which game soared above all others?

Most Anticipated PS4 Game

Now it’s time to pick the E3 game you are most excited to play. We know it’s impossible to pick just one. So we’ve allowed you to select two picks for this category (phew!). Don’t see your pick listed here? Write it in!

Most Anticipated PS VR Game

PlayStation VR had a strong showing at E3 this year — which game caught your eye?

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lxi98 said:

June 14th, 2:18 pm

Days gone looked amazing should easily win =)

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    June 14th, 10:06 pm

    We’ll see!

    joyrul96 said:

    June 14th, 8:11 pm

    Monster Hunter. Easily.

    xKIKYFREAKYx said:

    June 14th, 9:11 pm

    Nope. Monster Hunter or Spiderman should easily win.

    CommandingTiger said:

    June 15th, 8:35 am

    Spiderman had by far the best video trailer.
    But most anticipated game for me is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

    bigwallys said:

    June 15th, 9:07 am

    LawBreakers trailer was very cool!

    CrusaderForever said:

    June 15th, 9:35 am

    Loved what I saw of Days Gone but Spider-Man is my pick for show winner. Also really enjoyed God of War of course!

    LEFT__4__DEAD__2 said:

    June 15th, 11:50 am

    I liked too many games that im going to buy but i say star wars battlefront 2 and destiny 2 are my choices :)

    iREVOLTER said:

    June 15th, 2:17 pm

    Rooting for it!

    p.s: Already voted ;P

    Ramiropro said:

    June 15th, 4:04 pm

    Gotta Say, Spider-Man, God of war, Uncharted: The lost legacy and Crash Bandicoot N.sane Trilogy. All of them were incredible.

    ahmedtelo97 said:

    June 16th, 10:16 am


    ja1p9a9n1 said:

    June 19th, 1:01 pm

    Days Gone hype!!!

    Prep_Constant856 said:

    June 19th, 1:02 pm

    I really can’t wait to fight that giant zombie bear, this game is gonna be AWESOME

    IllustratedDEO said:

    June 19th, 2:03 pm

    Monster Hunter World for sure, gameplay reveal tomorrow extremely hyped. Can’t believe I waited this long for a Monster Hunter game on current gen console, that i’d be waiting a lot longer that that since the series became a major hit on portable. Hunters/ Gamers support this upcoming masterpiece you certainly will not be disappointed about your purchase of MHW.

DennisKtGamerGR_ said:

June 14th, 2:20 pm

So hyped for Spider-Man! Insomniac created an amazing demo!

    CommandingTiger said:

    June 14th, 3:56 pm


    jesse12521 said:

    June 15th, 5:48 am

    I just want a release date!

    Codigo31 said:

    June 15th, 6:03 am

    Agreed. Spiderman should be the goty. It looks like they took the time and made the game right. Looks to have great mechanics and combat. It has a stealth system without over doing it cus when needed you can attack. Looks like it took from what made batman and uncharted good and combined with the true humor aspect of a spiderman to make a great story/gameplay. It could end up being equal to or better than UC4 imo

    CommandingTiger said:

    June 15th, 8:38 am

    They really nailed the gameplay mechanic for Spiderman.

    idk how the guy in prison knew that the other bad guy was in the helicopter on the rooftop… but overall it’s a must-buy.

Toxic_Images said:

June 14th, 2:24 pm

So excited for Destiny 2. But so so ready for Gran Turismo Sport. Missing a good car game and so cool having local track Willow Springs on it and by looks of it the Horse Thief Mile track from there. Have an awesome rest of week everyone.

    Toxic_Images said:

    June 14th, 2:25 pm

    ug and how can if Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds. so beautiful and such an amazing game.

Riptor112 said:

June 14th, 2:24 pm

I’m so HYPE for Crash Bandicoot !

YouFromTheFuture said:

June 14th, 2:24 pm

Where’s the link to the poll?

BabySenketsu said:

June 14th, 2:26 pm

I’m excited for God of war and monster hunter

udontneed2know26 said:

June 14th, 2:26 pm

So much good stuff this year. Great showing from literally every game that was shown not on VR. So hard to show VR well in a video. Anyway.

Biggest Surprise – Next Gen Monster Hunter!!! THANK
Best Trailer – Has to be God of War, that entire thing was so epic as was Spider-Man
Best Gameplay – Days Gone. I actually enjoyed what I saw and see the potential behind this project
Most Epic Colossus – Shadow of the COLOSSUS remake deserves it’s own mention as omg. I still remember looking at screenshots and listening to the soundtrack prior to release on PS2 and always dreamed of a true next gen upgrade for SoTC. Results are phenomenal

anime_awesome_ said:

June 14th, 2:27 pm

Shadow of the colossus is the best can’t wait

    paulogy said:

    June 14th, 8:31 pm

    This guy gets it :-)

xXSwiftLimitxX said:

June 14th, 2:28 pm

God of War looks magnificent!! Day one Game of the Year for me!

Sorrow978 said:

June 14th, 2:32 pm

Days gone looked really cool.

NeoSkyte said:

June 14th, 2:35 pm

I’m pretty hyped to play Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza 6 and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim on the PS4. It’s been a while since we got a new Vanillaware game that’s not a port.

ThunderDragoon said:

June 14th, 2:38 pm

I put down The Legend of Dragoon 2 as Most Anticipated PS4 game. XD I will never stop asking Sony for another one. At least a port of the first game to PS4 with trophies for now. Come on, they make Knack 2 — which nobody asked for — yet ignore the numerous fans’ cries for LoD2. I don’t understand it.

Dethfuse said:

June 14th, 2:39 pm

Shadow of the Colossus for best trailer. I literally jumped out of my chair cheering when I say that

God of War for most anticipated PS4 game. I love the new direction they are going and I love Santa Kratos.

Skyrim VR for most anticipated PSVR game. Moss is a close second because the mouse was so cute but fighting dragons in VR is a dream come true.

XerBlade said:

June 14th, 2:41 pm

.hack//G.U. Last Recode for my most anticipated PS4 game, easy. I lost my **** when that one was announced. It didn’t even need to be an HD Remaster, a simple PS2 classics port for PS4 would’ve been plenty, because it’s way too hard for people to go back and play it these days (and I get people despairing about this on my old YouTube Let’s Plays of it all the time). I didn’t even need to hit a second entry as was allowed (granted, there is also no option to select 2 write-ins simultaneously, which gives even more bias against write-ins than normal).

Of course, it definitely won’t show up anywhere near the top, because write-ins never do.

saab01 said:

June 14th, 2:44 pm

The inpatient looks good. Wasn’t that happy with this e3. Looking forward to detroit when it’s finally out.

G-RoMeO said:

June 14th, 2:44 pm

Every game Sony announced for ps4/ps4 pro exclusive is a MUST buy thank you sony

yasirdragon2 said:

June 14th, 2:57 pm

Skyrim VR for most anticipated PSVR and cod ww2

cusman said:

June 14th, 3:06 pm

Best Trailer: Shadow of the Colossus
Most Anticipated PS4 Game: Detroit – Become Human
Most Anticipated PSVR Game: The Inpatient

TLSBill said:

June 14th, 3:11 pm

How is GT Sport not in the VR game list? That game is the reason I might actually buy a PSVR!

M_4_U_R_1 said:

June 14th, 3:17 pm

What happen with The Last of Us Part II?

    raigat_athena said:

    June 14th, 8:30 pm

    Let’s hope that your question will be answered in PSX.

WhuesleyPCCraft said:

June 14th, 3:25 pm

god of war e homem aranha
esse eu que eu to mais empilhando para jogar
skyrim tbm
e uns tals

ProNoob77 said:

June 14th, 3:42 pm

Shadow of the Colossus easily best and most hyped game for ‘true’ PS veteran fans. Most people can’t appreciate and will probably never feel the sort of hype and appreciation that some of us did when we first played SotC back on PS2. That game was one of a kind back in the day.

leadoffusa1 said:

June 14th, 3:44 pm

Day’s Gone!!

BenzoFromDaBoot said:

June 14th, 3:46 pm

Days Gone looks like an exciting survival game.
Monster Hunter is /PHENOMENAL/.
Need For Speed looks great, going to be an exciting racing game.
Everything for Sony’s press conference was exciting, and very interactive.

Kishnabe said:

June 14th, 4:19 pm

Most hyped E3 PSVITA game: Undertale!

Can’t wait for Spiderman, Undertale, Ni No Kuni 2 and Monster Hunter.

    gerneric123 said:

    June 14th, 4:39 pm

    Vita fans had so much to look at this E3. There was Undertale and … uh …

DeathGazer said:

June 14th, 4:25 pm

God of War looks incredible. Franchises that need reboots really should take notes, that’s how it’s done.

OceanaJames72 said:

June 14th, 4:29 pm

God of War !!! When I played the new trailer today at work (on the 65 inch Sony OLED TV display no less), EVERYBODY. STOPPED. AND.WATCHED. I had customers asking ,”when is this coming out?!” So God of War and Spiderman are my top picks ! I was leaving before the new Call of duty and Star Wars Battlefront 2 videos loaded, so I’m sure people will just stand in our department nd watch. And preorder !

ZERO--GAMER--X said:

June 14th, 4:46 pm

Awesome games

sirdreisme said:

June 14th, 4:49 pm

ps4 pro awesome e3 can’t wait til 2018 god of war looks great luving everything playstation got it ps4 pro & i own vr u guys all awesome

Superstone said:

June 14th, 5:07 pm

New handheld please!!!

What is up the the ps store on ps4? Why does it take soooooooo long to load. This should be fixed already.

Moha_DB7 said:

June 14th, 5:39 pm

God of war & The evil within 2

Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

June 14th, 5:52 pm

Yes, I finally get Monster Hunter back on Playstation after all these years. I honestly lost my reason for a switch when that was announced.

aedoolen said:

June 14th, 6:17 pm

Mind Blown! So very far beyond ecstatic!

khamis000 said:

June 14th, 6:42 pm

i cant wait for god of war and days gone

nickao_rocha said:

June 14th, 7:44 pm

Days Gone wil be the GOTY!!!

undeadian said:

June 14th, 8:05 pm

Spider-man trailer

joyrul96 said:

June 14th, 8:10 pm

Best trailer:

Monster Hunter.

Most Anticipated game:

Final Fantasy Dissidia NT.

Most anticipated VR game:

No Heroes Allowed.

Beton_Boyz_Emrah said:

June 14th, 8:15 pm

Spider-Man looks fantastic,the web shooter options are sick

Sarges24 said:

June 14th, 8:15 pm

need some spiderman avatars. All this Spidey has me wanting to sport a new avatar

raigat_athena said:

June 14th, 8:18 pm

Although I consider god of war to be over, its first announcement

    raigat_athena said:

    June 14th, 8:22 pm

    Its first announcement left me in awe. Spiderman too.

oakleysupremo said:

June 14th, 8:27 pm


gygk said:

June 14th, 8:44 pm

Looking forward to Call of Duty WW2, Destiny 2, Star Wars Battlefront 2.

BlueBl1zzard said:

June 14th, 9:16 pm

Monster Hunter easily takes biggest surprise and most anticipated for me. Though Spider Man is looking really good too.

For me, most anticipated VR title goes to Superhot VR. Something about that game screams style to me and it looks like it’d be such a blast to play.

Noelia_E said:

June 14th, 9:18 pm

Monster Hunter, Ni No Kuni, Detroit, Spider-Man so many games to choose from I can’t just pick one!!!!!!!!!!

CrovorsAudio said:

June 14th, 9:47 pm

“Yay!” All great games and all, but I’m still mad that they didn’t show Ni no Kuni II E3 trailer at the SONY conference.
In my opinion, it was the best trailer at E3.

aaron_bush_96 said:

June 14th, 10:07 pm

Spider-man Easily would win both Trailer and Anticipated, with Days Gone and Monster Hunter close behind it.. Moss has a good chance against Superhot for VR

Kemikalz said:

June 14th, 10:11 pm

My PS4 is going to turn into a Monster Hunter machine exclusively. I literally have 0 reason to own a 3DS now, because the only reason I bought one was to play Monster Hunter titles on it. I am so happy Monster Hunter has return to Playstation, I literally was on the verge of tears. So excited and happy, I seriously cannot wait. Thank you Sony and thank you Capcom. This was a LONG TIME coming, ever since the cancellation of the PS3 Monster Hunter I have ached and pained for the series to come back to Playstation. It’s finally a reality, and World itself looks AMAZING. I just hope it has as much content or more content than the other mainline games in the series. All I want to do is drown myself in 500+ hours on this.

don_p75 said:

June 14th, 10:15 pm

I am really excited for uncharted the lost legacy! The trailer looked awesome!

Chiilispray said:

June 14th, 10:19 pm

Spiderman or Monster Hunter will surely win. They stood out from rest of the trailers

shalmalSRK said:

June 14th, 11:02 pm

No one is expecting this but Detroit Become Human will be the real winner I guess… But Spiderman, GOW, Lost Legacy,Days Gone and WW2 will be amazing too!
Now waiting for PSX to announce Death Stranding and Last of Us 2

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