PS Plus: Free Games for August 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for August 2017

Just Cause 3 and Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry lead next month's lineup.

Greetings PlayStation Nation and welcome to another PlayStation Plus Free Games Update.

But first, have you tried That’s You! yet? All PlayStation Plus members can get this game as part of their membership. Set off on a journey of discovery with up to five of your friends and family, and find out what you really think about each other. Joining the fun is easy: just have your TV, PlayStation 4 and Android/iOS phone or tablet ready. That’s You! is the perfect summertime party game, so download it for free today before this exclusive download offer ends!

Now, on to our other games this month.

First up, we have the excellent and chaotic Just Cause 3. Take Rico Rodriguez on a truly wild ride to liberate Medici from military dictatorship. Your greatest weapon is your ingenuity. And explosions.

Next we have Assassin’s Creed Freedom Cry, a standalone adventure set after the events of Black Flag. Guide Adewale on an emotional story, using his skills as an assassin and his deep convictions to free oppressed people.

Full lineup:

  • Just Cause 3, PS4
  • Assassin’s Creed: Freedom Cry, PS4
  • Super Motherload, PS3
  • Snakeball, PS3
  • Downwell, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4)
  • Level 22, PS Vita

And those are your free games for August. But wait, there’s more for PS Plus members.

PS Plus Summer Movies are here! Enjoy six weeks of 99¢ rentals – selected for you from this summer’s hottest blockbusters. Starting us off with a bang, The Lego Batman Movie – handpicked for the whole family to enjoy. Check out the full schedule of movies below, then head over to PS Store each week to enjoy 99¢ rentals.
You can download the PlayStation Video app on Android or iOS devices and watch your movies on the go. Once rented, your unwatched movies stay in My Videos for up to 30 days. Hot right?

PS Plus Summer Movies

For Free-to-Play, Dreadnaught, launching in open beta on August 1st, will be offering a $20 PlayStation Plus pack starting August 15th. All PlayStation Plus members will also get the Ravenswood Plus Pack free.

There’s lot of great stuff to look forward to, but if you want something immediate, this weekend only, PlayStation Plus members can play Doom for free starting tomorrow, Thursday the 27th until the 30th. Play all weekend long, then save 50% on the full game purchase in the PlayStation Store with a PlayStation Plus exclusive discount, which is available through August 3rd.

And there you have it! See you next month.

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  • Sangue_Nusoio

    Sony… psn BRAZIL is NOT psn LATAM!

    There is NO DITACTOR here to JUSTIFY this!

    WAKE THE F UP!!!

  • crzyboylol5

    I love this months lineup! I already own a digital copy of Just Cause 3 and it is a stellar game I enjoyed it so much being able to cause a lot and I mean A LOT of destruction. Also Freedom Cry looks like an awesome game and I have been wanting to play it since it came out but never got the chance but now finally it is here. I have no complaints but I just wanted to say that Sony is doing an amazing job at FREE PlayStation Plus games this year and please don’t complain Sony doesn’t have to give us these games they just wanted the PlayStation community to have loads more fun.

  • bob-droid12

    Nice selection expect for the Vita games, they never put out nice ones. So going to get JC3

  • raymond11231

    Why just cause 3 wont be free on Brazil?

  • raymond11231

    I pay the same price but the game will be different

  • raymond11231

    It isnt just the game just case stay free on the other countries and on brazil wont

  • PedroPF1234

    Isnt the assassins creed freedom cry a dlc? If so do we get assassins creed IV too?

    • It gives you freedom cry the standalone game. It was a dlc but they made freedom cry it’s own game, also no it’s not coming with assassins creed 4.

  • ImTheeeus69

    Congratulations Sony, you have disrespected the Latin America. Why we can’t have Just Cause 3 these month? You must be kidding me. We pay like everyone in the world and can’t have the same games? I hope you know that everyone is angry about that…

  • When I look up Just Cause 3 on the Playstation Store, it comes up at 59.99$… How do I get it for free?

  • JUST CAUSE 3?!?!?!! Holy ****, this made my fucking day!! xDDE

  • Not gonna lie, disappointed that this is another month where I have a majority of the games. At least these ones I have on Xbox One and can earn separate trophies for them. I guess when you ask for AAA games, you’re bound to run into a few that you have already.

    However, the movie deals are great and starting today, you can buy Doom (with what looks like the DLC too) for $14.99! That is one hell of a deal for that game.

    If Sony is listening though, I would love to see a better offering of PS3 and Vita games. I don’t mind indies, would just like to see the better quality ones. And PS3 is far from a dead community and has tons of quality games. There was no reason to give a 9 year old game with no trophy support away for free honestly. That is just laziness.

  • How can anyone trust a company that decides to give some of its clients lower quality in the products or services without a “just cause”? We pay the same price in Latin-America that you guys and we dont get just cause 3

    • I think this is a crappy deal too, but I bet it is because of regional licensing or something honestly. I cannot imagine that copyright laws, intellectual property laws, or even import/export laws are the same for every country – not to mention any other federal regulations there might be.

      Regardless though, I say if you can’t give your subscribers all the same thing, they probably shouldn’t do it. You are not alone though, the UK once in a blue moon gets something different than here in the US. Japan almost always does and it is usually better. So I guess if spread the pain equally it’s not so bad?

  • Put black ops 3 back on sale

  • R-Scarpinelli

    Please someone can explain to me why us in Brazil receive Strike Vector EX instead Just Cause 3?

    • barrosarthur08

      dude sony just dont care about brazil like other enterprises. but what they did is stupid.

  • I Like Just Cause 3

  • barrosarthur08

    I’m not Brazilian, but what the hell, Sony? For the United States and Europe is just cause 3. And for Brazil is another game that probably nobody knows. Please next time, set a better game for September.

    • caio_vinicius80

      Next time? Sony have to change that NOW! We and the rest of the world pay for PS+ every month! Our money are exactly the same money as you pay to Sony! We deserve it too! And Sony answer us with “From time to time there may be differences in the catalogs of regions”? That’s is not acceptable!

  • caio_vinicius80

    #Respectbrazil Give us Just Cause 3 too! Our money are exactly the same money of the North Americans’s money, we pay for PS+ too! Every month we and the rest of the world receive the same indie games, but when you decide to give a “triple A” game, we don’t receive that game too? Why? We deserve it too! We pay too! We give to you a lot of money per year exactly like the rest of the world! Respect us! #Respectbrazil !

  • Legal , pena que a Sony Br fez muita putaria com os brasileiros que pagam um absurdo pra ter um jogo de 10 reais que é pequeno , muita Sacanagem nem vou renovar melhor vender o PS4 e comprar o Xbox e a Live que estão muito melhores

    • Meu caro, eu acho que você tá viajando. Essa estória de “vou pra xbox” além de passada, é chata pra caramba! Só por causa de um jogo, vocês estão aí reclamando. Se você visse os jogos que eles já deram em Singapura, enquanto nós aqui recebemos só caca, você iria ficar muito mais irritadinho. Sai fora dessa meu. Eles não nos ouvem e trocar seis por meia dúzia também não vira! acorda!

  • Super Motherload is also crossbuy with PS4/PS3…So that’s cool too! 4 games on PS4!

  • #RespectLATAM like our Brazilian brother say, I’m from Dominican Republic and it’s not fair to be excluded from a free AAA game and have it replaced with some indie game (i know it’s not an indie, but feels just like it). I don’t care about JC3 as i already own it, but what laws or copyright will not allow this game to be distributed (for free) in LATAM??

    We work as hard as anyone else and pay the same amount to have something in return and 10 out if 12 months we get practically CRAP! Not to mention the we also buy a game monthly AT LEAST. Not to mention the SONY REWARDS program that totally doesn’t work for anyone out of the US. You need to re-evaluate your strategies SONY. LATAM equals to millions of people so be mindful of that.

    • EDIT: Brazil is South America, I was so mad i wrote this fast. I still consider them our brothers. Sorry

  • Sweet lineup, these are few and far between.

  • charles_stone32

    Niiicee great games I wanted to buy the AC but its gonna be free tnx sony :D

  • I have both of these.

  • WTF is going on here Playstation!!!???!!!?? Why Brazil couldn’t have Just Cause 3 Like America will???
    If I had a decent excuse we brazilians wouldn’t be so angry, we pay for a lot for your terrible service with the PS Plus and with doing that show that you don’t have the minimum respect with us, we are players just like americans and we buy a lot too, if i had the chance i defenitily would buy a PC and stop playing on my PS4, due to the fact that i don’t need to pay a extra money for playing online on PC!!!
    I wonder if this mensage will get to the CEO’s office, but i know it won’t…
    Americans please fight with brazilians, we all deserve the same respect when we put our money into a service that doesn’t do what it was needed to do!!

    • Hey! Calm down good fella! Just because brazilian store wont have those freebies doesnt mean the world is lost! Well, i have to admit their service sucks sometimes and it’s not your exclusivity, but many other lands suffer as well. That, i can tell you for sure! (E conheço muito bem o Brasil como você) – “And i know Brazil as well as you”…Cheers!

  • I have to admit! Sony has been doing a good job on the past months improving their freebies and this month is no different. I’ve posted here i wasnt inclined to renew my + sub, but now i’m almost changed my mind. My sub will expire in the next days from today and i’ll give them a little credit by renewing my sub for one more year. But beware dear Sony: As the “Iluminati”, i’m always watching.

  • nharrison2010

    First decent games i have seen i nearly a year.

  • You guys are lucky, we brasilians won’t be able to play JUST CAUSE 3, because they replaced here for Strike Vector EX

  • fns-trxplxrd


  • I have both Just Cause 3 and Freedom Cry. I could’ve sworn Freedom Cry was a free ps+ game, but I guess it must’ve been a ps+ sale.

  • i have to say this is by far the best lineup i seen in… well i ever seen really ,i love assassins creed and well freedom cry was on the list since i wanted it cheaper, i guess i got my wish! as far as just cause goes it’s been a title that had me in doubt for a while so let’s see if i have a new series to buy

  • I will cancel my plus cause Sony doesn’t give a sh** to Latin America. WE WANT JUST CAUSE 3 TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The free games are out on the first Tuesday of every month

  • But the games will be playeble forever or will be to septmber ?

  • DraculeMihawkPRO

    Why are brazilians angry about Just Cause 3 not available for them? They will get a better game that I consider better than Just Cause 3.

  • yousufnadeem123

    Great lineup… I think sony should arrange a voting system by which every ps plus member will be allowed to choose a game between 6 or 7 games given by sony…. Then add the two most voted games in the lineup.. That would be awesome if they do so.. Agree?

  • Nos Brasileiros estamos aqui com impostos altíssimos sofrendo, e vocês excluem nos como se fossemos lixos..obrigado SONY.

  • Major_Glitch_

    awesome! great lineup. i’ve wanted tp play just cuase for a while now

  • waleednagaty

    Now 1st Augest and still not come :P

  • TwilightGundam01

    And here I was thinking of buying JC3 again, to see if that bs CE Crash Error will take a hike and let me play it…….I mean it was in a few other games I have and by now they stopped crashing, so hopefully I’ll ACTUALLY get to play this now….


    Been a Plus member only 6 mo now n have been lucky not to already own any of the free games. I prefer aaa titles as I almost never play indie games. Either way the games are a bonus to plus..They should give heavy discount on ps now to members tho..$20 is ridiculous w ps4 internet slow even on wired n Xbox offering bc free.

  • CrazyCrobat155

    What time on august the first are they coming out because it’s nine o clock and it doesn’t let me download them it still has all of last months games there

  • eleven12343

    O Nice

  • ScroobehDoobeh

    it’s almost 11:30 am 1st august in london and the games aren’t out to download yet?

  • MrAndersonRC

    Hi… I only have one question.

    Why I can’t see those games in PLUS section yet?… do you know when do they start to appear there?

    Thanks a lot!

  • Highlander992k

    A question for the PS Plus team and Community Managers.

    The last 3 months featured M rated titles for the PS Plus game line up on PS4. Now, I’m quite happy for those who play M rated titles, but is that all you have? You only have M rated games now? Whatever happened to the broad appeal that PlayStation supposedly offers? PS Plus = M-rated garbage is the message you’re sending me right now.

    So that’s a complete quarter year of my PS Plus subscription that wasted for me in terms of the ‘free’ game collection. Do you honestly imagine that PS Plus subscribers consist of 18-30 guys with itchy trigger fingers and an interest in blood and violence and M rated games? Because that is essentially all you’ve served up in the last 3 months.

    It’s not much better before that, I can’t remember the last decent non M rated game you offered. I see you’re putting up PS Plus prices in other markets, well, be assured that unless you can offer more than M rated bilge for the increased price, this is one PS Plus subscriber that will not be renewing.

  • dansgamebox

    What time is the games gonna drop in the store

  • LeWarlock85

    why the latin gamers of PS PLUS dident get just cause 3??? we pay the same money an we are getting less than the rest , thats bs.

    we deserve the same games than the rest of the ps plus users!!

  • ScoldingComa7

    Hi PlayStation :) First time commenting on the blog here :) I’m just curious why the list here differs from what was made available in the Store?

    Level 22 for Vita wasn’t available for free when I grabbed the titles.

    Super Motherload which was listed as a free PS3 only game actually gave me PS3 and PS4 free.
    Downwell was just listed for Vita and cross-buy with PS4 however it also gave me the PS3 version as well.

    I’m not complaining free is free and very happy with free games :) Just curious as to why the 2nd Vita title for the month wasn’t available and instead essentially got an extra PS3 & PS4 title?

  • Two problems:

    1) Level 22 isn’t available.

    2) When trying to purchase JC3 in the store, I get an error “You are not eligible to purchase or download this content.”

    All the other games downloaded fine.

  • ChrisGrossman28

    Why won’t it let me download Just Cause 3 and now it disappeared

    • siberianlord

      Same issue here, at first I was getting the “You are not eligible to purchase or download this content.” error message, but then the whole Just Cause 3 disappeared from the PS Plus web store.

      No idea what’s going on…

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