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Jul 26

Jul 26

T-Minus 30 Days Until the Call of Duty WWII Beta, Divisions Overview

Learn more about Divisions, the game’s new approach to COD’s signature create-a-class system.

MacKenzie Bates's Avatar Posted by Multiplayer Systems Designer, Sledgehammer Games

Call of Duty WWII’s PS4 beta is just one month away, which will represent the first time the massive Call of Duty community will experience Divisions, the game’s new approach to COD’s iconic create-a-class system.

Here’s an overview of the five Divisions, all of which will be included in the beta hitting next month.

Armored Division

This Division specializes in laying down a withering offense to buy their team breathing room. Their bipod-equipped light machinegun shreds lightly armored targets, while their armor protects them from enemy explosives, tactical equipment and flamethrowers. When extra punch is required, the Anti-Tank Grenade sticky bomb is the ideal choice.

Division Skill

LMG Bipod III: Protect territory by mounting your machinegun on ledges or while prone for less recoil

Division Training

Armored III: Immune to Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment. Take less fire damage. Take less explosives damage.


Mountain Division

Remaining undetected, this Division excels at covert operations and stealth gameplay. When armed with sniper rifles, the Mountain Division prefers to stay at a distance, waiting patiently for the perfect shot. If detected, smoke grenades and the S-Mine 44 “Bouncing Betty” provide opportunities to escape or retaliate.

Division Skill

Sniper Sharpshooter III: Block out your surroundings and in return acquire aim assist and enemy names while holding breath.

Division Training

Mountain III: Invisible to enemy Recon Aircraft while moving. Hidden to player-controlled Streaks. Quieter Movement.

Airborne Division

This maneuverable Division is usually the first to the fight, parachuting into the thick of the action. Armed with suppressed submachineguns, these frontline fighters excel at taking and holding enemy positions until more heavily armored reinforcements arrive.

Division Skill

SMG Suppressor III: Hides muzzle flash and prevents gunfire from appearing on enemy mini-maps, but reduces range of weapon.

Division Training

Airborne III: Sprint for longer distances. Climb over obstacles faster. Increased sprint speed.


Expeditionary Division

Armed with a hearty supply of explosives and tactical equipment, the fighters specialize in sabotage, infiltration, and close-quarters combat. Their special Division Skill loads devastating incendiary shells into their shotguns to set fires and terrorize their opponents.

Division Skill

Shotgun Incendiary Shells III: Shotgun shells that spark flames that burn enemies.

Division Training

Expeditionary III: Select a piece of Tactical and Lethal Equipment. Throw equipment faster, farther & while sprinting. Resupply equipment from killed enemies.

Infantry Division

As all-around combat specialists, the Infantry Division emphasizes marksmanship and rarely misses their shots. Special training on the use of the bayonet makes Infantry riflemen a threat at all ranges.

Division Skill

Rifle Bayonet III: Special training on the use of the bayonet makes Infantry riflemen a threat at all ranges.

Division Training

Infantry III: Additional attachment on Primary Weapon. Extra magazines. Move faster while aiming down sights.

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rOckNrOllsCar11 said:

July 26th, 10:18 am

How can i get the beta?

Impolutoxd said:

July 26th, 10:37 pm

But the beta is going to be free? Because is suppose to be like a Demo, were you can try the game out and see if you going to like it and pre-order after?

    ValhallaOutcast said:

    July 27th, 9:44 am

    No not like a Demo, its a Private Beta these are usually used as perks for people that preorder or sometimes developers will have sigmups and they send to codes to select few.

    There are open Betas sometimes I guess that can be though of as a Demo

    Betas unlike Demos are not really to see if you like the game its for the Devs to test things in the game before releasing it to the public.

ValhallaOutcast said:

July 27th, 9:47 am

I am a bit confused by these Divisions, are these just another way of saying Specialits or Combat Rigs?

Are we just picking a Soldier type or is this the new game modes?

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