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Aug 01

Aug 01

Matterfall Hits PS4 8/15: New Vid Details Housemarque’s Newest Explode-a-thon

Housemarque talks inspirations and the strive to make art serve gameplay in new behind the scenes video.

Gillen McAllister's Avatar Posted by Content Producer, SIEE

Matterfall, Housemarque’s dazzling new sci-fi shooter, is only a few weeks away from release. But before you plunge into the frantic fast-paced action on August 15, find out the thinking behind the title’s gameplay and story from its creator in this all-new video.

Go behind the scenes at Housemarque as key staff explain the terror that’s gripped a futuristic world and detail your role in saving it from destruction. Find out the inspirations that have forged the team’s creative thinking, and why, for the minds behind Resogun and Nex Machina, art is always in the service of gameplay.

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kremit-21 said:

August 1st, 12:00 pm

Looks awesome. Can’t wait to play it!!

Tomoprime said:

August 1st, 12:29 pm

The idea has been done to death. This game looks mediocre to be honest.

    drd7of14 said:

    August 1st, 1:30 pm

    Except “this game” is being done by Housemarque…They’re the best in the biz for this type of game. Between Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Resogun, Alienation, and Nex Machina, Matterfall looks to be another hit!

    They are quite the talented cookie of a Dev! Outland is a great title by them as well, though not as well known.

    OverTaker said:

    August 2nd, 9:21 am

    Hay i fell the same way I would give you a thumbs up if i could just for giving a honest opinion something i rarely see on this forum.

frightwolf2005 said:

August 1st, 1:19 pm

Can’t wait to finally play this.

MCP-511 said:

August 3rd, 8:25 am

He failed to mention the Atari ST had the same catalog of games as the amiga back in the day.

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