PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

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PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

An overhauled family management system, 1080p60 broadcasting with PS4 Pro, and various other enhancements headline the new update.

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The beta for the PlayStation 4 system’s next major system software update 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA) rolls out today for those of you that were selected for the beta program. If you signed up and were chosen, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

Whether you’re in the beta program or not, we wanted to give a first look at the features included in this update. We’re introducing family on PSN, making it easier to manage your friends, and adding a variety of new features for Broadcast, Notifications, Messages, and much more.

Family on PSN

We’re overhauling the current master/sub-account system, and introducing the new “Family on PlayStation Network.” This new system will offer a more flexible experience for families on PS4 by making it easier to setup PSN accounts for children and customize parental control settings. Below are the new features that will be introduced with family on PSN:

Family Manager, Parent/Guardian

Family on PSN will allow multiple adults to be part of a single family. The Family Manager can promote another adult inside the family to a Parent/Guardian, who can then customize parental control levels of children’s accounts.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Individualized Parental Controls

Before this update, the same parental controls were applied to all users on the same console, including adults. But with 5.00, all controls (including game age ratings) can be individually attuned for each child.

Friend List Management

In place of the current ‘Favorite Groups’ tab, we’re adding a new ‘Custom Lists’ tab within Friends, which allows you to create and edit custom lists of your friends. This makes it easier for you to manage your friends and access specific groups. For example, you can create a custom list of your Destiny teammates and easily send them raid invites.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Broadcast feature updates


If you own a community, you can now bind your community to your broadcast. When a broadcast is linked to a community, the community button appears on the Live from PlayStation spectator screen. Once a spectator clicks on the community button, they’ll be able to jump directly to your community page to check out the details.

PlayStation VR

We’ve added a new setting in PlayStation VR: Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments. Once this is enabled, spectator comments sent during a broadcast is displayed not only in cinematic mode, but also in VR mode. This makes it much easier for VR broadcasters to keep up on comments and communicate with their viewers.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Good news Twitch users: with this update, PS4 Pro will support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.

Messages Improvements

You’ve already been able to share your favorite music to Twitter and Facebook via PlayStation Music, but now you’ll also be able to share via messages using your PS4. If your friends are on PS4, they can listen to the track right inside the message by booting up Quick Menu, and if they’re on their mobile device, they can jump directly to the Spotify app from the PS Messages app to check out the song.

In addition, if you’re part of multiple message groups, you can now easily leave several groups at once. Just open up Options in the message list, select Leave, and choose the message groups you want to leave.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Notifications Updates

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to disable pop-up notifications while you’re watching a movie or TV show on your PS4. This setting is off by default, so go to Settings > Notifications to disable notifications and go uninterrupted during your videos.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Furthermore, you now have the option to turn off message previews on your pop-up notifications. If you turn this setting off, the pop-up notification will hide the message senders’ online ID and will display a generic user icon and message instead.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Lastly, you’ll have the option to change the color of your pop-up notifications to either white (default) or black.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Quick Menu Updates

If you want to keep an eye out on what’s happening under Notifications, like the progress of your game downloads/installations or new party invites, you can now access this directly from the Quick Menu so you don’t have to step away from your game every time you want to check your notifications.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Also, we’ve added a ‘Leave Party’ option in the Quick Menu, so you can easily exit a party and go right back to playing your game.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

In addition, now you’ll see the system clock in the upper-right corner of the screen when you pop open the Quick Menu.

Virtual Surround Sound on PS VR

PlayStation VR now supports 5.1ch and 7.1ch virtual surround sound on your headphones when watching Blu-rays and DVDs in Cinematic Mode, making for an even more immersive viewing experience

Improved Tournaments Bracket Viewer

We have a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament brackets for Single Elimination and Double Elimination tournaments on PS4. This makes it easier for you to see the current tournament standings.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

New System Language Additions

With this update, we’re adding the following system language options on PS4: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

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5 Author Replies

  • I don’t know how long it’ll take to realize but the notifications location can it be moved so that it can not hinder the game that you are playing like your radar for instance on any given game…
    Or so that it’s just in a less distracting position or more convenient location…

  • HeadShotzNHrmny

    Am I in?

  • Any chance you’ll ever fix the .mp4 audio sync issues in Media Player? Having to stop/restart a movie every 30 mins gets tiresome. Still works fine on the PS3.

  • How do we find out if we’re selected for beta or not ? Signed up for this forever ago .

  • loadstone007

    Very nice.

    Please add Hebrew as a supported language.

  • How about being able to view images from external drives so we can actually use custom wallpapers we want without having to use the web browser?

  • For Parental Controls, i would have love to have a feature to set the amount of time allowed to be spent on the PS4, and maybe a way for the user to ask for more extra time of need be and that request to be sent to the PlayStation app on mobile so the Adult can accept the request for more time. Microsoft Family safety has this feature and it is great.

  • LorcSephiroth

    What about username change? I hate this username.

  • God awful update, absolutely nothing of interest to mass majority of players.

    Playstation should hang their heads in shame at how bad they are at OS software updates, For the love of all that is holy tell your developers right now to start working on making username changing a reality, it’s almost 2018 and every platform now days lets you change your username and have been able to for a long time. Seriously get up right now whoever is reading this at Playstation HQ and go tell them, we are sick of waiting and being kept in the dark.

    Your media player is really bare bones too, I want audio track selection, I did what you told me and posted a suggestion thread on the forums which got upvoted a lot but you just ignore every player and good idea it seems.

    Add the ability to change audio track!

    Why did it seriously take you guys this long just to come up with these small updates? Not worthy of the big 5.00 update at all.
    Everyone was anticipating a big feature and boy did you ever disappoint.

    Really low-standards. I’m over it and frankly so are many other Playstation fans.

    It’s bad enough you charge a fortune even during your ” special sales”

    • Actually, for streamers, this update is significant, especially for PSVR usage. Being able to see the Twitch Chat from within VR is a welcome change.

  • Its a shame we still cant send videos through messages, I was hoping for that.

  • I really love these types of quality of life changes to PS4. I did really hate interrupting the game to check notifications for downloads. Also having a ‘leave party’ button on the quick menu is nice to have. It’s things like this you didn’t know you wanted until you have it, and they’re just so convenient. Just like having the time displayed in quick menu too. The quick menu is amazing, and tweaking and updating it is awesome.
    Great job Sony, and Thank you! Can’t wait for the new update. I should sign up for the betas.

  • Let us change our username already ffs

  • But still can’t delete the 2000-3000 old notifications. Mine date back to 2015.

    Please add a function to clear/delete notifications.

  • JacobJordin2001

    Backwards compatibility and User ID change.

  • DarkShadow10209

    Please add PS Classics and posibilty to change PSN ID name

  • OmegaLeader420

    PSN ID change would be nice. I was really hoping to see that they would improve the folders for games. A grid view would be fantastic as I am constantly scrolling from end to end

  • BlaqMagiq24

    PSone classics
    Ability to store music on PS4
    Change PSN ID

  • Please move the stupid new version of the “TV” Apps back to what it was before!!!!!
    or let us DETACH certain apps like Netflix or Youtube from it to have them on the main XMB directly instead of that new VERY BAD version…… EVERYONE i know HATES it

  • Sometimes I wonder if all of you at Sony actually use PlayStation in your day to day lives. As someone that only uses PlayStation there are so many things that would be nice to see.

    Web Browser Update
    -The browser is starting to get a little dated. A few tweaks to better support HTML5 would be nice, along with mouse support, and the ability to put bookmarks into folders. It would also be nice if we could save our bookmarks to PSN so that we can have a shared browsing expereince across all PlayStation devices.

    PlayStation Video
    -The current layoout for Movies is extreamly clutered. It would be nice to see the main movie screen only display titles, and NOT BONUS features. Bonus features should be displayed after clicking on the movie title they belong to.

    PlayStation Music
    -The Quick menu needs full access to the library. We need to be able to quickly grab an album or playlist from the quick menu, hence the term quick menu. As for the Full App, we need full blown Spotify. Please add Podcasts, the ability to create playlists, search our library buy, artist, year, genere, ect.

    • PlayStation Vue
      -It would be a huge boon to the service if we could use it on more than 1 PS4 at a time. It would also be nice to give other players in the home network the ability to use Vue if an Adult or Mast account has a subscription. This should be easy to accomplish on the PS4, and should be a major selling point for the system and the service.

      -It would also be really nice to have the ability to use Vue in a sub window while gaming. There are times when I want to game, and watch a sporting event, or a family memeber wants to watch TV. Having the ability to split sceen games and TV would be a huge addition to the system and the service.

      PS1 on PS4
      -How awesome would it be to get calssic PS1 games at 4K, with Trophy support, and all of the other cool PSN features on PS4. The desire is there in the community. PPlease make it happen. #LegendOfLegaia #MetalGearSolid #LegendOfDragoon

      Trophy Tracking/Game Stats
      -This one is huge, as it is a For The Gamer feature. Gamers love setting scores, they love statistics, and they love PlayStation. Help us track our gameplay and trophy progress.

    • There is so much potential in the PlayStation brand. I want to see Sony use PlayStation to catapult itself into the same conversation as Microsoft, Apple, and Google. Please continue to add features, and build this into an industry leading OS.

      I would love to see the PS4 OS expand to a Laptop form factor, and eventually a Phone. I see huge potential for broader range of PlayStation devices right now, and in the future. The boost that PSN would see from more portable PS4 offerings would be massive, and all games and services would rise with the tide.

      To me it would be incredible if I could take a Picture with my PlayStation Phone, and post it in my PSN feed. PSN is my Social media platform of choice, and it would be a breath of fresh air if we had a device built around the PlayStation OS, PlayStation Network, and PlayStation Store.

      All of the tools are in place, now we just need to make it happen. Lets build something great together. PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Laptop, PlayStation Phone, PlayStation OS, PlayStation Network, PlayStation Store. One Sony, Kondo. Make.Believe

  • PS1, PS2 & PS3 backwards compatible please. While you’re at it give us a new handheld. Thanks

  • Not impressed at all, clearly sony doesnt care about its users. We want backwards compatibility, we want to be able to delete notifications again, and we want to be able to swap hdds without having to have a new system in order to transfer all our content.

  • Was I not selected for this?

  • Okay regarding Family Accounts some questions: I currently have to buy separate PSN Plus accounts for my kids in order for them to all get to play at the same time on destiny, COD, etc. When will PSN offer a family membership that allows sign-on on multiple systems (my kids saved for their ps4s)? If they are children on a psn plus parent account can they only play on that one authorized system for online play or can they play on another system and still get the parent PSN benefits? Can we have a base membership then you pay x dollars to add additional users?

  • To be honest, the one thing that still bugs me the most is this: when I play a Blu-ray disk it asks me every time if I want to connect to the internet. Every. Time.

    If I say yes, it never asks me again, but for some reason it insists on making sure i mean it when I choose no.

    Every. Time.

    It’s honestly the most annoying thing.

  • Vincinerater

    I’m happy to see the addition of proper parental controls! Creating a subaccount for my kid to lock down resulted in locking down my primary account which made no sense. Looking forward to being able to proper enjoy my account without having to change security settings everytime!

  • Im in the beta and loving it so far

  • nathanbc070743

    So uh……… change PlayStation where is it?

  • brbtypesetting

    FeelsBadMan Didn’t get invited to this one, been in like the past 5 betas FeelsBadMan

    • I know man, I was picked off this time and I was in the past 2 betas on my end..

  • Shin_Andrew666

    So far the new firmware is running pretty smooth. I would love to see them bring back the ability to set 2 primary devices. I know it’s the minority that want this but it would be nice to not have to worry about the internet cutting out and my original PS4 being useless.

    More likely to happen, bring back ps1 classics and the ability to play digital PS3 games.

  • Please for the love of whatever you believe in, let us disable the notification for “events you might enjoy ” I have events disabled, but out always shows when I log in that there are events I might enjoy and there will NEVER be events that I will enjoy or watch… So please, let is turn it off completely!!!!

  • No email yet, guess I didn’t get accepted this time

  • Will this allow for family sharing? In a household with 4 members and 3 ps4s, it would be Nice if everyone could play downloaded games on their own profile on any one of the consoles.

  • Definitely need Activity Log for PS4 for every game. Xbone has it, why not PS4??? (heck, even steam on pc has it)

    I want to know How many estimated hours I’ve been playing a game for whether it be afk or not and whether or not it could be shown publicly or privately to friends or everyone.

  • just got my update.

  • Ok time for a rant. Sony clearly isn’t listening to its core audience. I’ve seen this echoed in many other comments already besides my own. For starters, Microsoft’s Xbox One allows both username changes AND almost full backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles including connectivity with Xbox 360 servers. In addition they’ve now added Spotify support. With the Xbox One X on the horizon, what more is Sony really offering at this point beyond their own game exclusives? Furthermore, Sony touts the PS4 Pro as being such a powerful console, but it can’t handle PS3 emulation beyond their overpriced and limited PlayStation Now streaming service? Hell even some PCs are beginning to be able to handle PS3 emulation. However, if it is true that native PS3 emulation would be difficult on the existing hardware, then Sony should at least allow PS3 titles to be purchased digitally on the PlayStation Network store like on PS3 consoles. (Cont)

    • (Cont) Don’t get me wrong, PlayStation Now’s pseudo-rental service does have a place in Sony’s repertoire. If not mainly for folks who no longer own or have never owned a PS3, but that doesn’t mean those of us who still have our old consoles and games should be punished and forced to use this service to play those games on our new console. Especially since the PS3 is no longer in production. Finally, refusing to allow native Bluetooth support for older officially licensed and third party headsets and accessories is just greedy considering the PS3 supported all of these. It’s apparent that Sony needs to step up their game to keep their loyal consumers satisfied and remain competitive in the console gaming market.

    • Also, why remove native Android support for PlayStation Remote Play? That was a really cool feature. Sadly, it’s now limited to just Sony devices like Xperia.

    • Yeah…PS3 emulation on PC requires a top of the line rig, so not any decent PC can emulate PS3 games easily. And then secondly, every single game that runs, which I believe is 278 right now, is “playable”. You could never sell these in the condition they are, cause they run like crap really, are buggy, glitchy, and crash. But they can load…So sure?

      The PS3 cell processor is not something that can be easily emulated. Games that were optimized for that have to be heavily reworked, so while The Last of Us or the Uncharted Collection can be reworked for the PS4, it wasn’t as easy as flipping a light switch. It took several months, so no DEV/PUB would be interested in spending the time for games that would not benefit them in the long run. That’s why when they do work on them, they brand them as remasters, rather than ports, cause ports have issues.


    • ….


      If PS4 has problems emulating PS2, as does PC btw, there’s no way it’s going to emulate PS3 titles without serious problems. PS NOW is the solution, even though it’s not ideal. Maybe for the PS5 they’ll start to do select PS3 titles, but it’s not going to be an over-encompassing launch of them, if it can even manage that.

      The reality is, the only way to have true emulation, is to do what the original PS3 model did for PS2 games, by including the Chip in the system. If they included a Cell system on top of the main processor for PS5, then sure…It could probs do it, but that’s not going to happen. They learned their pricing mistake with the PS3. It’s just not worth it. This is the solution.

    • “However, if it is true that native PS3 emulation would be difficult on the existing hardware, then Sony should at least allow PS3 titles to be purchased digitally on the PlayStation Network store like on PS3 consoles.”

      P.S. – Whether it’s a download or Disc, unless they heavily modify the game, it’s still running native. It’s not the Disc reader that’s the problem, it’s the system it’s running on. These games are optimized for the system they launch on, lazy ports cause serious issues in most cases.

      The main reason we’ve gotten so many remasters this generation is because SONY was pushing it’s devs to do it, and the PS4 is for PC-based, so 3rd party publishers could too easily port/remaster games to the unit (especially since the X1 is so similar in regards to internal specs, thus being less work than the X360/PS3 generation)

  • xxmannyxxfreshxx

    The best thing to happen in this update is the ability to leave party from the quick menu. Other than that, this update is pretty weak

  • I mentioned username changes and saw an earlier comment about the same thing saying that Sony would have to rebuild their database and could theoretically lose accounts in the process. Microsoft somehow manages to do this without a problem, but that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind making a new account if it weren’t for the fact that I would have to repurchase everything I already owned and bought on my primary account. I wouldn’t even mind losing my saved game data. If username modifications or account transfers are not possible, then Sony should at least have an option to link accounts and maybe disable whichever one you’re not using at the time. That way you could still sign into your PlayStation store and access the content that you purchased.

  • DeadpoolGuy999

    So excited for the pop up colors

  • Kman-Outlaw

    PSN Needs:
    1 – How many hours you put in a game
    2 – Return the notification section back to the way it was
    3 – Custom Themes
    4 – Allow me to use the PS keyboard to search for a games in the PS store
    5 – Digital Refunds
    6 – More 3D audio support
    7 – More Platinum themes
    8 – Combine Game Chat with Party Chat. PS4 lacks in communication in games since it launch I miss it so much.
    9 – Wishlist in the store on the PS4 console
    10 – Increase cap of the PS4 Games can download because it bottleneck at a current amount.
    11 – Set a time to when my PS4 can turn on to check for updates like the PS3

  • ThatBatMatt

    What a waste of an update….Sony is slacking yet again.

  • venomwraith

    i was really hoping there would be at least PS 1 classics compatibility in this update. starting to wonder if it will even happen regardless . there’s some nice changes

  • Whiteshadow7474

    Some of this maybe interesting to some people (1080p streaming and such). Frankly I always welcome new innovative ideas that make my PS4 experience better but we all know that there are more pressing matters that need Sony’s attention most of which we used to have back on PS3, such as being able to set your own wallpapers/ themes or being able to copy media files to the hard drive. It really is the small details that are of importance.

  • What about if you pre order a game and you don’t want pre order you should be able to cancel pre order I hope they change the interface of the PS4 have Facebook on PS4 how about tango or skype to talk to friends PlayStation needs to have more apps on know my other console I downloaded a lot apps I wish developers could create apps on PS4 Sony needs to have its own Siri but not Siri because apple something step your game up PlayStation how about way to contact support thro PlayStation Sony don’t have to call

  • Backwards completely on ps4


    How about unlocking PS4 Pro’s full potential with that new AMD Rapid Packed Math technology to double its teraflops? There’s a beast lying dormant inside just screaming to get out.

  • Party chat function seems to be a problem now. Can open the menu at all, and has caused a lock up.

  • How do I return my beta invite as this isn’t nothing but s big let down. When is Sony going to actually listen to what the fans want like the features already asked for in this very blog post’s comments?

  • BlueGh0stMC

    This is good and all but its not worth the .0 update “big name”
    I really want to see backwards compat, i dont know if psone is possible but ps2 has to work!
    Also I really want to see more customisation options on the ps4 Like with the custom wallpaper you can add your own bg music or change more colors, ANYTHING!!!

  • ChrisGame44

    No CD Playback ?

  • BIG_BOSS_305

    Will the update make the UI run smoother/ faster? It’s been pretty slow and laggy at times.

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