PS Plus: Free Games for October 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for October 2017

Open-world stealth action masterpiece Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain headlines this month's lineup.

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Greetings, PlayStation Nation. We’ve got some big news for October’s PlayStation Plus free games update.

First up, we have the blockbuster hit Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. The epic Metal Gear series picks up nine years after the events of MGSV: Ground Zeroes and the fall of Mother Base. An epic game for PS Plus members to replay again, or to check out for the very first time.

Next, we have Amnesia: Collection, which contains both The Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs. Start this one up at night with the lights off — if you’re feeling brave.

PlayStation Plus: October 2017

The PlayStation Plus games this month include:

  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds, PS3
  • Hustle Kings, PS3
  • Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3)

As a reminder, That’s You! is leaving PlayStation Plus on October 24. This crowd pleaser PlayLink game is guaranteed to liven up any party. Gather up your closest friends and download it today* for an amazing time!
*Compatible mobile device and Companion App required. For more information, visit

PlayStation Plus: October 2017

Also, we’re celebrating PlayStation VR’s one year anniversary in October. To commemorate, the PlayStation Store is offering a ton of games at great discounts. Check the PS Store October 10 for more details. Don’t forget that RIGS Mechanized Combat League is free for all PS Plus members until November 7, so download it now if you haven’t done so already.

Want to try the new turn-based-strategy collectible card game from the makers of SMITE and Paladins? As a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll get access to the Hand of the Gods Closed Beta, starting Oct. 17! Even better, you’ll get the Hand of the Gods Plus Pack, containing a Galactic Invader Leader Skin for Ah Puch, a card back and player icon, and five Core Packs to get your divine deck started. This is available to all members until November 14.

Lastly, we have two great PS Plus specials you can buy right now. Get 30% off on both Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age & Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition, now through October 3.


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  • I got a Limited Edition PS4 and PS4 Pro… and you give me this Crap for free??? I SHOULD BE BUYING GAMES I WANT TO PLAY AND NOT WAIT FOR SONY TO GIVE ME THEM FOR FREE LIKE A NORMAL PERSON WITH A JOB.

    On a side note. MGS!!! CAN’T WAIT TO PLAY IT :)) Thanks!!! Games have been great this last couple of months! Second Son is amazing in 4k HDR :D

    • DeathGear106

      then buy them and stop complaining since your soooo sooooo rich go buy them what you waiting for

    • The joke

      DeathGear106’s head

  • DuoMaxwell007

    Finally, now THIS is what I call a lineup (even though I already own MGS). Got MGSV, Amnesia, Hustle Kings, Sky force…. If you guys can deliver this kinda quality every month youd be back to where you were on the PS3 days.

    • mattblood221

      What are you talking about finally they been putting great free games out for months what are you on

  • I’m really glad that Sony decided to include at least 1 AAA game a month in their PS Plus lineups instead having nothing but indie game this and indie game that. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

  • Oh man, Xmas came early!!! Can’t wait to give myself night terrors with Amnesia!

  • Wow 2nd Son now MGV? Keep them rolling. This is how it should have always been.

  • Nice selection. Sky Force, MGSV, Hustle Kings. I am very excited.

  • Kept you waiting, huh?

    Very impresive!, I Did´nt expect that quality on PS PLUS games, I´m glad be a PS member, but i already have MSGV on ps3 and ps4 xD,but to all the other PS+ member, just enjoy! It´s a good time to give a chance to The Phantom Pain

    Amnesia is´nt bad either, It´s a very good month indeed.

  • ILL-KNOTS702

    Metal Gear Solid V YEEESSSSS!!!

  • I have MGSV and Amnesia Collection, but this is still a very nice month. Just wish MGSV was actually complete, but that’s all on Konami.

  • Justin__Harris

    Great offerings, although I do feel that Metal Gear Solid V despite being a great AAA title isn’t the best considering how well the game sold. I mean, who doesn’t have this game already, is all I’m saying.

  • AlmightyStarfire


    I actually grinned and out loud said “No F-ing way” when I saw the lineup.

    MGS5? HELL YEAH! Without doubt the best game on plus since I bought my PS4. Brilliant game that I’ve spent a fair few hours with but never got round to buying for myself. Can’t wait to get into it.

    Amnesia I’ve never played but I know people rave about it and I’ve been told to play it on a number of occasions. Excited to give it a go!

    Thank you Sony gods! ^_^

  • mikotop1012

    Great game! I bought it on my PC and PS4 both before though. But I really hope the free game for PS+ be PS4 exclusive only.

  • SheSaidSheSaid

    Please don’t overlook Hue, guys. It’s an amazing game, really relaxing and beautiful puzzle platformer.

  • waleednagaty

    Where is PS4 Games this month?

  • I already own all these games and last month games, could I get a selection of games for free XD

    Just kidding, great lineup with MGS V and Amnesia.

    Hue is a great game as well, glad its free for members to enjoy

  • Much better. September has been garbotrash.

  • got them all already but i have to say it, great month
    hope you guys enjoy this selection, because it’s top notch

  • Albert_June

    Great !! But Playstation, You Have To Decrease The Prices, A Lot Of People Didn’t Have The Money To Pay The Currently Prices And I Think That Everybody Should Be Able To Have Once !!!

  • Straygaen91

    Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, of all games?? Yeeeeeee I love you Sony :D :3

  • MGSV The Phantom Pain? That must be a typo. They probably meant to say Ground Zeroes.

    • Nope, Ground Zeroes already had it’s Freebie Run with PS+ about… 2 years ago maybe more. And unless there was a time when PS3 and/or Vita has given a game a second chance as a Freebie with PS+, then there is zero chance of this being a typo.

  • Gilly-Galad

    THIS IS FU****G BS. An old game a game, and one i purchased for 15$ damn it sony, im gonna leave and never put food in you families mouths again.

  • SidNightwalker

    You satisfied many of the unthinking, mindless drones this month, so good job, I guess. Excellent work not caring in the slightest about anyone who did buy a Vita, BTW, it really shows what you have become. You make Microsoft just look better and better, which is a truly amazing accomplishment. Bravo.

  • Welp… looks like I can’t give myself an excuse to not get Phantom Pain next month.

    No really, for the longest time, I straight up refused to purchase Phantom Pain as much as I wanted to play it. Reason why, I didn’t want to give Konami my money. I think by saying that, many already have a good idea my reason why. But without giving a long speech, I’ll just say this. Konami lost my trust as a consumer. Trust I doubt they’ll ever get back. They would have to do something beyond extraordinary to even get me to actually buy one of their published games in the future. Because let me tell you, the wounds of 2015 have not healed. Again, many have an idea what I’m talking about and many are likely in the same boat as me. So with that said I’m excited that this will be free so I can experience Kojima’s last Metal Gear title.

    • mattblood221

      I totally agree its messed up what they did to Kojima I know I will be getting his game brand new so I can support him

  • Box9Missingo

    Hustle Kings is around the only one I’m really interested in. Got to try it out via PS Now and liked it ok. The rest are ok enough.

  • Thank you for amnesia. I’m glad I didn’t buy it.
    Please work harder on the ps3 titles, as they are not comparable to the ps4 titles.

  • kingfigher102

    Yeah,not bad.

  • SackO_oBoy-_-

    I guess I’m not renewing my membership since October’s lineup is full of obscure games no one wanted to play

  • OnTheBus666

    Nice I love mgsv and now I get a free digital upgrade! Thanks Sony!!!

  • emanuelfernan694

    nice, the only ps plus games i enjoyed so far was until dawn and infamous second son, but to think two weeks ago i was going to buy MGS V definitive edition but instead i bought MK X and now i am getting phantom pain for free is awesome, not buyning the definitive edition might have been a waste anyway, cause i saw a lot of videos saying ground zero and online is trash

  • emanuelfernan694

    NICE, the only games i’ve enjoyed so far from ps plus are second son and until dawn, to think i was going to buy MGS V definitive edition two weeks back but instead i bought MK X and now i am getting phantom pain for free is awesome, glad i did not buy the definitive edition, saw a lot of ppl saying the online and grond zero isnt worth it ,.. THANK YOU PS PLUS

    • Hmm Ground Zeroes may be super short but its a prequel to Phantom Pain so yeah its worth it.Plus gave it for free some time ago though so…

  • This is awesome I always wanted to play Phantom Pain but never got the chance to.

  • I thought we were going to get Child Of Light this month, since Japan got it in July and Europe got it last month. I was definitely not expecting Phantom Pain…

    Way to over-deliver, Sony! Hats off to you!

  • Monster Jam is trash but damn this may be the best lineup of 2017,can’t believe y’all are giving Phantom Pain.Whiners can’t say s*** with these lineups ha nice job shutting their traps Sony.

    I for one am happy about Amnesia…perfect choice for a Plus offer,really glad with Hue too game looks great and also Hustle Kings I always wanted to try it.Nice that we’re getting the games that were supposed to be on september’s lineup.

  • AmAzInG_M0NK3YS

    Great titles, can’t wait to play MGS5. Could the PlayStation team possibly have the first Watch dogs for November? That would be awesome to play for the first time for me. Ps plus is a good investment I’ll be sure to tell my friends. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks!!!

    • mattblood221

      I will tell you now I played both of them & the Second is by far the better of the two

  • Look like its time for me to return to PS+

  • I just brought metal gear solid 5 on psn full price I’m shock that it’s free now

  • I’m pretty sure we got Sky Force a couple months ago

    • There was a mix-up where they announce this line-up as last month’s line-up. I’ve downloaded every free psplus game for the last year and a half and I can confidently say this one is new to psplus free games.

  • More Power! PS+

    great line up! ^_^

  • MGS5 fails on story and does not respect your time. Most game time wasted exploring an empty base, exploring a barren empty open world, riding a helicopter to your mission, driving a vehicle to your mission and then finally arriving at the mission 15 minutes after you selected to play the mission. Granted once you arrive, the gameplay is exquisite, but even the superlative play is hampered by repetition of playing the same missions over and over ad nauseam.

    half baked.

  • Now I see why the fuzz up happened last month. Someone accidentally was a month off on their information. Or was this lineup decided because people cried out about not getting those games? Either way, looking forward to it, this past month was a total bust with me spending roughly an hour between all the available games.

  • nevets_sdoow

    I already have both MGSV and The Amnesia Collection so these freebies don’t really help me out much personally. But, dang, this is a shockingly cool lineup nevertheless. Here I was already sorta amazed that we got Infamous Second Son this month. I didn’t think that would’ve been topped so soon. That’s awesome. Still, though… tragic for me on a personal level. But I’m happy for everyone else. lol

  • The_Davidi4

    PS plus is on fire. Only since last month I ended regretting that Im paying for PS plus. When we got Infamous Second Son I was really surprised, it is a great game. But this month just killing it. Amnesia and Metal Gear Solid is something we never had. Now Im not only happy Im having PS plus But also I am proud of myself I have it. Hell yes

  • Be free to correct me if I’m wrong but is there not many games with a good campaign on ps plus

  • Sweet, continuing good line-ups. 4 or 5 great months in a row. Thanks Sony :)

  • I have to say, I’m excited. I played Ground Zeroes and was a little disappointed by the short length of it, but from what I’ve seen and heard of MGSV, I’ve been really eager to play it. However, given how many other titles I’ve been looking forward to more, this game has always been a bit lower on the list of games to get. Definitely happy about this. And, while I HATE horror games, I might just get Amnesia just to get it. Good title choices. :)

  • The-BillyBell

    When sony makes the games i own, free for plus, it makes me proud. But please, don’t stalk my account anymore… Give me sth fresh;)

  • The Amnesia collection says only two Dark descent and Machine for Pigs, what about the third one Justine?! Will it void the platinum as such.

  • emmanuel8323

    They are pretty good games. But I’ve already beat and traded most of these games back in. Lol

  • That’s a solid line up. Well done Sony!

  • Can’t wait to try out MGS4 :)

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