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Sep 27

Sep 27

PS Plus: Free Games for October 2017

Open-world stealth action masterpiece Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain headlines this month's lineup.

James Hallahan's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Plus

Greetings, PlayStation Nation. We’ve got some big news for October’s PlayStation Plus free games update.

First up, we have the blockbuster hit Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain. The epic Metal Gear series picks up nine years after the events of MGSV: Ground Zeroes and the fall of Mother Base. An epic game for PS Plus members to replay again, or to check out for the very first time.

Next, we have Amnesia: Collection, which contains both The Dark Descent and A Machine for Pigs. Start this one up at night with the lights off — if you’re feeling brave.

PlayStation Plus: October 2017

The PlayStation Plus games this month include:

  • Monster Jam Battlegrounds, PS3
  • Hustle Kings, PS3
  • Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
  • Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3)

As a reminder, That’s You! is leaving PlayStation Plus on October 24. This crowd pleaser PlayLink game is guaranteed to liven up any party. Gather up your closest friends and download it today* for an amazing time!
*Compatible mobile device and Companion App required. For more information, visit

PlayStation Plus: October 2017

Also, we’re celebrating PlayStation VR’s one year anniversary in October. To commemorate, the PlayStation Store is offering a ton of games at great discounts. Check the PS Store October 10 for more details. Don’t forget that RIGS Mechanized Combat League is free for all PS Plus members until November 7, so download it now if you haven’t done so already.

Want to try the new turn-based-strategy collectible card game from the makers of SMITE and Paladins? As a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll get access to the Hand of the Gods Closed Beta, starting Oct. 17! Even better, you’ll get the Hand of the Gods Plus Pack, containing a Galactic Invader Leader Skin for Ah Puch, a card back and player icon, and five Core Packs to get your divine deck started. This is available to all members until November 14.

Lastly, we have two great PS Plus specials you can buy right now. Get 30% off on both Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age & Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition, now through October 3.


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Surfin_Stalin said:

October 2nd, 3:11 pm

Great lineup this month, PlayStation! I’ve been looking for a new horror game to sink my teeth into.

CarotidIncision said:

October 2nd, 10:32 pm

I hate when I just bought all the free games like a month before they’re announced. I also didn’t have to buy Just Cause 3 or Infamous Second Son, but I’m happy for all the gamers who got them for free hahaha.

TheIllustriousDP said:

October 2nd, 10:55 pm

This Lineup is cool, I never played any of the games and I love stealth and horror genres, basically I love any kind of genre out there :) , thanks Sony

cybercrist said:

October 3rd, 12:26 am

I’m confused! It’s the first Tuesday of the month the 3rd of October so why still the free games from last month! When does it update.

    NextLevelAI said:

    October 3rd, 5:31 am

    PS Plus updates go live when the store updates at approximately 2 pm pacific. Hope this helps!

rdgamer2005 said:

October 3rd, 5:28 am

Dose mike from monster ink blink or wink?

ItzVexZzY said:

October 3rd, 6:18 am

Amnesia isn’t free right?

Ashter_Moon1985 said:

October 3rd, 7:42 am

As usual ps3 owners only get crap, I guess you only care for ps4 only, I only keep psplus for a very few good games only very few

bonecaller said:

October 3rd, 7:52 am

When does the phone app update? Still shows free games for September and is charging for the October games.


October 3rd, 10:22 am

It advertises amnesia as free but when I go into it, it says that I have to buy it. I have PS Plus, what’s the deal?

Rafael_Sono said:

October 3rd, 10:24 am

I’m having trouble downloading the free games of the month…my PS Store is charging me for them…anyone else facing this problem? How can I fix it?

    EFIG12 said:

    October 3rd, 10:49 am

    Same issue here. Checked the phone app and it’s the same on there. Only 2 of the games are showing up as “+FREE”.

Dee-Eh-Arr-Kay said:

October 3rd, 10:31 am

I got to say, what the heck Sony!? It’s all well and fine that MGS: The Phantom Pain is showing as Free as it should but what is up with the rest of the games? Did some lackie forget to change the rest of them on the list over to free like they were supposed to be?


October 3rd, 11:15 am

MGS and Amnesia are now free.

reset_failed said:

October 3rd, 11:45 am

I can’t wait for this. It’s going to be awesome. Keep em’ coming.

joerichmar said:

October 3rd, 11:46 am


Tokin_Green said:

October 3rd, 12:27 pm

It’s a shame that corporations get away with false advertisements. The picture on the Playstation dashboard CLEARLY shows Metal Gear Solid V: The Definitive Experience as one of the games we get free, but you are only giving us The Phantom Pain. I know 3 people personally, that subscribed to PS Plus SPECIFICALLY because of the Definitive Version… Needless to say, they are all pretty ****ed off. Someone should hold you people accountable.

    mattblood221 said:

    October 26th, 10:12 pm

    Tokin I think you really should look again because it doesnt say Metal Gear Solid V: Definitive Experience on here anywhere plus they already gave away Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 2 years ago for free

deutschZuid said:

October 3rd, 4:24 pm

Um.. why does New Zealand only have four of the six games? We have no Hustle King or Amnesia? WTF Sony?

Moltikon said:

October 8th, 2:36 pm

Fix your ReCaptcha on It keeps throwing an error:

{“error”:”invalid_client”,”error_description”:”Bad client credentials”,”error_code”:4102,”parameters”:[]}

n1n9apanda said:

October 11th, 1:18 pm

Interested in the hand of god thing

Dancebreaker007 said:

October 15th, 4:03 am

I didn’t receive mgs phantom pain instead some indie game for this month PS plus.. why Sony why

besantesteras said:

October 26th, 4:51 pm

I wanna to PS PLUS again make me very happy with two amazin tittle for PS4 like he does in october!!!
Give as Bloodborne, Dark Souls, The Last Guardian, Outlast bundle, Alien Isolation or The Witcher 3 or same as good games like you give us last month’s!!!
Thank you SONY!!!

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