Job Simulator: Infinite Overtime Free Update Out Today

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Job Simulator: Infinite Overtime Free Update Out Today

Clock in for the never-ending night shift!

Prepare to job… forever! The whole team at Owlchemy Labs is pleased to announce that Job Simulator is receiving a free content update today: Infinite Overtime. Players can work the endless night shift to their heart’s content with endless, randomized tasks. Along with the update, Job Simulator will also see a permanent price reduction to $19.99 USD.

The new “Infinite Overtime” mode allows players to work the never-ending night shift with randomized, endless tasks for each job in the game. Play endlessly in each of the newly-minted nighttime environments, following instructions from your robot boss, TempBot — JobBot’s slightly less-motivated nighttime replacement.

In addition to the endless mode, we’ve added a couple of new bits of gameplay within each of the jobs in Infinite Overtime. Try to find all the hidden Easter Eggs throughout the new mode! Keep at the nightly grind to earn promotions and desk flair to declare your dedication to endless jobbing. Also fidget spinners, because why not?

We hope that all players, new and old, will enjoy Infinite Overtime and the infinite joy of jobbing!

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  • Awesome, thanks for the support!

    So, how about that Rick and Morty?

  • jgrizzle358

    Nice! More Job Simulator is always good.

    A couple of questions. Will this new mode include trophies? And any chance we might eventually see the official Rick and Morty VR game on PSVR?

  • Very nice! Is there any new trophies being added with this update?

  • BitSpaceMIKE

    Super cool – looking forward to giving it a go.

    Any update on a possible Rick and Morty for the PSVR?

  • Awesome, can’t wait to check it out! I would also love to see Rick and Morty VR!!!

  • I need to go back and knock out this platinum trophy. This is a good excuse to do that. :)

  • Woo! Thank you so much for this update. I’m always ready to job.

  • Awesome! I love job simulator and it’s always a hit when I show it to other people. Even just watching people play is a lot of fun!

    If you ever add new jobs via DLC, I’ll be the first to buy it!

  • alexfpowers

    love that Job Simulator

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