Sling Spells in Wizard of Legend, Out Early 2018 on PS4

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Sling Spells in Wizard of Legend, Out Early 2018 on PS4

Co-op action-magic dungeon crawler first playable at PlayStation Experience 2017.

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No wands, long beards, nor drawn out incantations needed here. Wizard of Legend is a no-nonsense, action-packed take on wizardry that emphasizes precise movements and smart comboing of spells in a randomly generated dungeon crawler you can go at alone or with a friend.

The dev team of Contingent99 is two high school friends who decided to tackle gamedev co-op style. The two are big fans of action and fighting games, so they’ve made fluid combat the main focus of the game. Think of Wizard of Legend as a pixelated hybrid of Devil May Cry or Bayonetta style hack-and-slash with Street Fighter combos and super moves.

Combat in Wizard of Legend revolves around using magical spell cards known as arcana. Each arcana is unleashed with a simple button press. Unleashing them in quick succession to create a combo will become second nature, as you navigate through the challenges of the Chaos Trials. While you begin the game with just a handful of your favorite arcana, you’ll quickly discover more as you progress, boosting your hand and allowing you to pull off longer, more devastating spell combos.

With over 100 different arcana to find and master, there are countless combinations of starting hands to suit your playstyle. In addition, you can equip magical outfits and relics that have a wide variety of effects, ranging from summoning helpful familiars, to raining down lightning on all enemies in the area. Each run through the trials will allow you to permanently unlock additional tools that will help you achieve victory, and shopkeepers will help you even further with the different currencies you collect.

You can also grab a friend and tackle the Chaos Trials together in Wizard of Legend’s couch co-op mode. While jumping headfirst into the Chaos Trials as a duo will increase the difficulty of the run, it also allows you to come up with strategic synergies only possible when teaming up with another wizard. Also, the fun isn’t over when your friend goes down in battle, as defeating multiple enemies in a show of skill will grant your partner a new lease on life!

We can’t wait for you to enjoy Wizard of Legend’s fast-paced spell-slinging, single-player or co-op style, early next year. You can be the first to play the PS4 version at PlayStation Experience this December at booth 101. See you there at the Presented by Humble Bundle booth!

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2 Author Replies

  • lightweaponx

    This looks fantastic, I will definitely be picking this up!

  • onslaughtree

    OMG, this looks amazing. Hope pricing is on point. Love the art style, looks like a nice cell shade cartoon look. Nice.
    Any news of a Vita version ?

    • John Polson
      John Polson

      There are no Vita plans at this time. I hope you’ll consider the PS4 version, though! Great for solo or couch co-op!

    • This game needs to be on Vita and not PS4. Looks like the Switch will be the leading platform in terms of sales since Sony can’t get their act together and release a competent next gen handheld.

  • Looks awesome!

  • This looks amazing! Super excited, and I never heard of this. Local COOP games are the best! Not enough of them…Thanks team and congrats!

  • Couch co-ops are one of my all-time favorite types of games. Sadly, they have been almost completely phased out of this generation of gaming systems. Really looking forward to this title.

  • Auto_UltraMagnus

    Do you have a hard launch date? I’ll buy this hard copy or PSN this looks fantastic!

  • InphiniteWun

    Couch co-op is great and I’m glad it’s making an appearance here. Is there going to be online co-op also?

  • Did this game in any way take inspiration from enter the gungeon. Cause it looks and feels very similar. If so it will be a blast

  • Shawskywalker

    This game looks amazing! I’m definitely interested in getting this game!

  • what the control layouit?

  • how is there a switch version and no vita version??? lol. i’ll be getting this on the switch. wish it supported online play.

    • I love the VITA, and while the game may not visually look complicated, it could very well be.

      The PSV and Switch are not comparable as far as performance power goes. The VITA would be a lot more work than porting to the Switch. Also…To be frank, the Switch is more marketable than the PSV, where most titles are starting to get drowned.

      You want promotion, you release on Switch.

  • Dante-TheDark

    looks amazing! Can’t wait, definitely will get this

  • Looks stunning!

  • This looks brilliant, and I LOVE the commitment to local co-op! :-)

  • Game looks awesome, will buy for sure.

  • How did I not hear about this game before this post? The animations and particles look amazing

  • DaddyPampers

    Looks great! Will be keeping this one on my radar.
    A nice start for the new year to come.

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