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Jan 05

Jan 05

PlayStation Store: The Top Downloads of 2017

Recapping the most-downloaded titles, themes and add-ons of the year.

Justin Massongill's Avatar Posted by Social Media Manager, SIEA

Welcome to 2018! The future!

We all know 2017 was an incredible year for games, but now we can see exactly which ones players picked up. Read on to see PlayStation Store’s most-downloaded PS4 and PS VR games for the year of 2017. You’ll notice we’ve added a category for top PS4 Themes, as well.

A lot of the titles on these lists are to be expected, but there are some surprises tucked in there… Friday the 13th at #3 on the PS4 list? Whoa!

Oh, and just FYI: The charts here are based on the number of downloads from PlayStation Store — not total revenue.

As we head into the new year, which games (that have been announced so far) do you think will end up on this list in January 2019?

PS4 Games
1 Call of Duty: WWII
2 Destiny 2
3 Friday the 13th: The Game
4 Horizon Zero Dawn
5 Grand Theft Auto V
6 NBA 2K18
7 Rocket League
8 Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition
9 Madden NFL 18
10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
PS4 Add-ons
1 Call of Duty Black Ops III: Zombies Chronicles
2 Destiny 2 – Expansion Pass
3 Call of Duty: WWII – Season Pass
4 Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds
5 Battlefield 1 Premium Pass
6 Black Ops III – The Giant Zombies Map
7 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Year 2 Pass
8 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – DLC1 Sabotage
9 Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer
10 Call of Duty: MWR Variety Map Pack
PS4 Themes
1 Legacy Dashboard Theme
2 Friday the 13th: The Game Theme
3 For Honor Dynamic Theme
4 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Ops Theme
5 Assassin’s Creed Origins – Dynamic Theme
6 The Last of Us Part II Stop Sign Theme
7 The Last of Us Outbreak Day Theme
8 Blue-eyed Wolf Theme
9 Rasta Reggae Skull HiQ Dynamic Theme
10 Skeleton Dance HiQ Dynamic Theme
PS VR Games
1 Job Simulator
2 Superhot VR
3 PlayStation VR Worlds
4 I Expect You To Die
5 Batman: Arkham VR
6 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR
7 Fruit Ninja VR
8 Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
9 Until Dawn: Rush of Blood
10 Driveclub VR
PS Vita Games
1 God of War: Collection PS Vita
2 Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
3 Jak and Daxter Collection
4 Minecraft: PlayStation Vita Edition
5 Persona 4 Golden
6 Salt and Sanctuary
7 Need for Speed Most Wanted
8 Ratchet & Clank Collection
9 Star Wars: Battlefront II
10 PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
PS Classics
1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
2 Bully
3 Twisted Metal: Black
4 Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy
5 Destroy All Humans! 2
6 The Warriors
7 Destroy All Humans!
8 Psychonauts
9 Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
10 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

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EmersonZan said:

January 5th, 6:11 am

What about PS3?!

    Justin Massongill's Avatar

    Justin Massongill said:

    January 5th, 10:02 am

    No hidden meaning behind the lack of a PS3 chart here, I just decided not to include one since we haven’t been seeing many new PS3 games for some time.

    CrusaderForever said:

    January 5th, 6:47 am

    Get ready for the article which states “Sony will stop manufacturing the PS3 by September 2018.”

    gohan16ken said:

    January 5th, 8:17 am

    @CrusaderForever if Sony discontinue the PS3, then I hope they remove the 10% hard drive reserve for future OS update. Currently, my PS3 is reserving 150GB of my 1.5TB (1.3TB usable) HDD. So, I only have like 1.2TB for my games.

    NeoShockDark said:

    January 5th, 10:04 am

    You already cannot buy PS3 controllers on Amazon from Sony. :|

    Fuhr31 said:

    January 5th, 11:07 am

    PS3 shouldve been included. These lists give good ideas for some games you may have overlooked or forgot about. However, i’m still quite shocked by how high the prices are for PS3 games.
    I had a hard time finding DS3 here, had to ship one up from Mexico. Still out there, but overpriced and hard to find.

    NeoShockDark said:

    January 5th, 1:54 pm

    I feel embarrassed, I was wrong. Sony PS3 controllers are just not on the first page. :|

    LordShavron said:

    January 6th, 7:49 am

    @CrusaderForever, I’m just curious if this was a sarcastic comment. They stopped manufacturing PS3s over a year ago.

    KIDIZNYCE said:

    January 6th, 10:08 am

    My guess is Persona 5 for PS3.

    EmersonZan said:

    January 7th, 1:41 pm

    @Justin Massongill
    I see it, but aren’t the charts about “the top downloads of 2017”?
    PS3 is still a major entertainment system and I still a profitable source of income for Sony. Besides, many are still buying a PS3 today. I’m just saying it would be very helpful to include a PS3 chart not just for the ‘newbies’ but mainly for long date users.
    You have even included PS classics, why not PS3?
    Just sharing my opinion anyway…
    It’s hard to find PS3 titles

    nolesgamer-1 said:

    January 10th, 5:21 pm

    Once ps5 is out ps3 will be gone for good

Shawngreen1520 said:

January 5th, 6:14 am

I think the biggest surprise of this list is that PlayStation has still acknowledged the existence of the Vita.

    whereymyconary said:

    January 5th, 9:54 am

    As a person that keeps buying vita games pretty much every month I appreciate it.

    Mrmag-0-0- said:

    January 5th, 10:32 am

    I have the one older and one of the newer vita console generation.I too want the console to continue and be supported by the ps plus.

    CMTATE1984 said:

    January 9th, 10:02 am

    I have a vita 1001 and a vita tv which I still use and buy games for till this day. cant wait for secret of mana, persona dancing moon night, persona dancing star night, bloodstained: ritual of the night, and 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim on my vita.

damascus1804 said:

January 5th, 6:27 am

WW2 downloaded myself 5-6 times, uninstalled and reinstalling, because so many problems in game, spectating lost servers/host lost connection, no headquarters, terrible game worse ever can I get a refund???

    Jisatsu_Kiddo said:

    January 5th, 7:52 am

    people get cod for mp still?

CrusaderForever said:

January 5th, 6:46 am

Need to buy Super Hot VR!

    Slydevil13 said:

    January 5th, 10:59 am

    It’s so great too! Had I tried that first thing it would have instantly sold me on the VR lol.

visighost said:

January 5th, 8:11 am

Wait, Battlefront II on Vita??

Potter13579 said:

January 5th, 8:41 am

I’m actually really surprised not to see Uncharted: The Lost Legacy in the top downloads for PS4 considering even though it was sold physically as well, it was still somewhat a “DLC” expansion to Uncharted 4.

BlueBl1zzard said:

January 5th, 8:47 am

Whoa, glad to see Superhot VR so high in the VR list. And PS All Stars making #10 in the Vita list? niiiiiiiiceeee

FoeHammered said:

January 5th, 9:29 am

Hello Justin, could you also please post Top Downloads for just the month of December 2017? I’m used to seeing this info on a monthly basis and would greatly appreciate your help.

Mrmag-0-0- said:

January 5th, 9:51 am

There is no Starwars battlefront 2 in the ps store for the ps vita console.

    paulogy said:

    January 5th, 10:31 am

    They sold out after so many people bought it last year ;-)

    Spider-Ch-man29 said:

    January 5th, 10:46 am

    I’m wondering if it’s the older PSP version of SW Battlefront 2 that can be purchased and played on the Vita.

    djsaiyan said:

    January 5th, 11:04 am

    Yes there is. The PSP version.

YoungBlaise said:

January 5th, 10:52 am

There’s so many Vita games to play!
Just bought myself my second one
Is there a list of most downloaded games that release in 2017?

Tatanka2007 said:

January 5th, 11:09 am

Shame on the masses for making COD WWII the number one download for PS4. HZD or Persona 5 should have been first, not another tired entry in a tired franchise. The PS Vita list is way more respectable. Love seeing P4G still high on the list!

    Fuhr31 said:

    January 5th, 11:14 am

    These are digital only. Most people still buy the physical discs.

    Retropyro said:

    January 6th, 11:31 pm

    @Fuhr31 Most might buy physical still, but this still represents the overall purchase trend of what was popular.

Fuhr31 said:

January 5th, 11:12 am

Looking at all the lists, the only one i own is Rocket League. i guess i really dont follow the crowd LOL

delukze said:

January 5th, 6:26 pm

That Gran V Auto game I’ll give it a try.

EverythingOnFire said:

January 5th, 10:04 pm

Twisted Metal Black! So many good times with that series. Twisted Metal 2, Jet Moto 2, and Tekken 3 were my go-to games back in the late 90’s.

Also, nice to see Horizon at #4. It deserves it. My GOTY for sure.

Kishnabe said:

January 6th, 8:53 am

Was expecting Persona 5 to be in top 5…..loads missing out on the best PS4 JRPG.


January 6th, 1:24 pm




asdfghhjkhjkl said:

January 11th, 10:41 pm

Star war battlefront ps4 free full game 2018

HeksevillesKat said:

January 15th, 6:30 am

It’s one thing seeing Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy as a top 10 digital download (I had hoped Jak X: Combat Racing would make that list), but also seeing the Jak and Daxter Collection (Vita) as top 10 PSV downloads is impressive and weird. The Vita version still received no patches whatsoever for any of the games. It is regarded as the worse versions of the trilogy, and so bad to the point where it’s super rarely (usually never) recommended in general. So i’m not sure why that version made top 10 (must be the on the go gimmick).

Kathleen522 said:

January 18th, 6:11 am

I still have the ps3 and the best game out there is the battlefield bad company 2 it’s like being on the battle field.in real life . why can’t you ad some more feathers, like new weapons. i’m 75 years old and enjoy playing the war game.can’t afford the ps4. besides you don’t have battlefield bad company 2 for the ps4. thank you

Whopcap said:

January 31st, 6:45 am

Suuuuch bs!

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