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Jan 11

Jan 11

Dark Souls: Remastered Comes to PS4 May 25

Praise the sun! First details on the long-requested remaster, including PS4 Pro and multiplayer enhancements.

Kasumi Yogi's Avatar Posted by Associate Brand Manager, Bandai Namco

Hello everyone, this is Kasumi Yogi from Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc., and we are excited to light the bonfire once again with Dark Souls: Remastered.

What does Dark Souls: Remastered bring to the table for long-time fans of the critically-acclaimed action role-playing game series? You can return to Lordran to re-experience the original Dark Souls in 4K resolution and HDR lighting when playing on PS4 Pro.

Dark Souls Remastered Key Art

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Dark Souls series, or someone looking to take their first plunge into the series, you can experience an epic, dark fantasy universe stricken by the Curse in stunning, high-definition detail running at 60 FPS. Explore and build your character to create a unique gameplay experience with a wide variety of weapons, armor, and magic. Do you want to mercilessly slash away at your enemies, or devastate them with powerful spells? I say: Why not both?

Not only are the graphics getting an upgrade, but fans of the multiplayer experience in Dark Souls are also getting a treat in Dark Souls: Remastered. Instead of 1-4 players, six people can gather to either support or betray each other, finding a home among nine covenants online with dedicated servers. Which allegiance will you choose?

In this world, death is to be expected. From your first steps to complete mastery, refine your skills in battle. Learn to strategize freely and experience the rewarding taste of overcoming fearsome, daunting foes!

We can’t wait for you to roll and fight your way through powerful demons and tricky traps in Dark Souls: Remastered on May 25, 2018.

Just remember: You are never truly safe in the world of Lordran.

Update: Edited to remove the mention of HDR lighting at Bandai Namco’s request.

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wardenxx said:

January 11th, 6:49 am

Oh. My. God. Yeeeeehaaaaa!

Biggz124 said:

January 11th, 6:58 am

Will it superscale for 1080p display PRO users?

    mschulze00 said:

    January 11th, 9:00 am

    well it’s coming to xbox one x too, where that is mandatory. so there’s really no reason why it wouldn’t on ps4 pro.

    Biggz124 said:

    January 11th, 10:20 am

    supersampled* oof.

    HellBringer1975 said:

    January 11th, 9:01 pm

    its coming to every system it was announced on Nintendo Minne direct at 6 am this morning here so its PC, switch, xbox , ps4 all same day release . me switch is day one as i use it as my hand held and playing my fav souls game all day anywhere is epic then later i will grab it on ps4 or xbox .

khknight said:

January 11th, 7:00 am

Game director Hidetaka Myazaki admitted in an interview that the entire Lost Izalith portion of the game was left in an unfinished state due to time restraints. Will this area be redone to meet his original vision or will it be left as poorly designed as it was in the original?

sonofyama said:

January 11th, 7:01 am

Praise the Sun!

mixedkidbx said:

January 11th, 7:03 am

Praise the sun! ☉☀

Now when are we getring a Demons Soul Remaster and a Demons Soul 2?

    SamSu916 said:

    January 17th, 8:56 pm

    Probably never. Demon’s Souls belongs to Sony and the Dark Souls series does not. Since Dark Souls is a multiplatform, Bandai Namco could benefit quite a bit from it. Don’t think they’re willing to make just Demon’s Souls for Sony and I don’t think Sony will bother anyways let a long let them make it for other gaming platforms.

Negativitee said:

January 11th, 7:09 am

Any idea if there will be controller remapping in this version?

    MUSIC-HEAD said:

    January 11th, 12:31 pm

    ON PS4 you can remap controls for any game. google it.

    HellBringer1975 said:

    January 11th, 9:04 pm

    yup but you still cant do what xbox has done from day one is map the controller to be inverted as millions of gamers cant play with out right stick being inverted and ps4 still does not allow that only mapping to a different button or stick .

    hawktooey said:

    January 17th, 7:44 pm

    I always invert the right stick when i play. Ive never had that problem?

Mikutow said:

January 11th, 7:27 am

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nyghtwynd said:

January 11th, 7:46 am

I’d rather se saw a remaster of Demon’s Souls, or even better, the old King’s Field series! I would love to play the origin of the Souls series. Remake/remaster all 4, please!

    TomatoDragon said:

    January 11th, 9:18 am

    Kings Field would require an entire remake. Not just a remaster. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

juankvillegas said:

January 11th, 7:54 am

Praising the Sun finally worked!!!

CriticalBrit said:

January 11th, 8:19 am

Disable invasion option yet or do I keep closing app when invaded? Offline not an option because I like every online feature except forced PvP in a 99.9% of the time PvE game.

    Guardian_owl said:

    January 11th, 9:39 am

    Then play in hollow form where you can’t get invaded. Dark Souls 1 is the only game in the series in which there is literally zero downside to playing in hollow form.

    juankvillegas said:

    January 12th, 4:21 am

    When I’m not in the mood to PvP, I just let the invader kill me, or maybe I kill myself, and then I play as hollow… And as you know, you can’t be invaded in hollow form.

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:17 pm

    The downside is that your BEAUTIFUL character looks disgusting.

    Fashion souls is important, guys.

AlbieG- said:

January 11th, 8:24 am

The flame still burns! What a great day this is!!

djsaiyan said:

January 11th, 8:39 am

Just don’t get any funny ideas about trying to charge full price retail for it. I’m not expecting the $20 you can get the game for on PS3, but be reasonable here, remasters of nine year old games aren’t worth full retail and you know it.

Vashetti said:

January 11th, 8:42 am

Will the game downsample for 1080p displays on Pro?

    mschulze00 said:

    January 11th, 9:01 am

    well it’s coming to xbox one x too, where that is mandatory. so there’s really no reason why it wouldn’t on ps4 pro.

    FurryRomo said:

    January 11th, 7:52 pm

    You already said that..

    NyaDC85 said:

    January 14th, 3:03 pm

    Downsampling is not mandated on Xbox One X, it is automatically forced at a system level. For downsampling to be a reality on PlayStation 4 Pro for this game it would have to directly coded into the game by the developer which may or may not happen.

killbot-xD said:

January 11th, 9:07 am


ladyara said:

January 11th, 9:07 am

ooooh yeah Praise the Sun, I have missed the start but played DS2 and DS3. So glad it is coming back in its full glory

takaithepanda said:

January 11th, 9:15 am

Will this include the dlc expansion?

Hadi_290 said:

January 11th, 9:26 am

the 60fps chosen undead!!

Tidusfanboy said:

January 11th, 9:53 am

Any chance of the US getting the trilogy box set that Japan is getting? Would love to just grab all 3 at the same time.

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:19 pm

    If you play Dark souls 1 then you’ve basically played Dark souls 3, except they ripped the combat speed off of Bloodborne, and you will be mocked relentlessly for playing/liking Dark souls 2.

Alucard-XII said:

January 11th, 10:34 am

Please add locked 30 fps option for Dark Souls 3 on PS4 Pro

pablikenemy79 said:

January 11th, 12:08 pm

Darks Souls on the Go !!!!??

YESSSS !! It’s coming to the Switch too!!!!!

Thanks to the Nintendo Switch I will play this game any time and anywhere!!!!!

    N3W-JOSH said:

    January 11th, 6:02 pm

    Yeah. Switch version it is for me too. 4K 60 is tempting but I already have the 360 version on Xbox One (thanks backwards compatibility!) to play in the living room. Having it portable on the other hand will be a total game changer – just like it is with Skyrim and Doom. What a fantastic little console!!

    HellBringer1975 said:

    January 11th, 9:05 pm

    its coming to every system it was announced on Nintendo Minne direct at 6 am this morning here so its PC, switch, xbox , ps4 all same day release . me switch is day one as i use it as my hand held and playing my fav souls game all day anywhere is epic then later i will grab it on ps4 or xbox .

BlaqMagiq24 said:

January 11th, 1:04 pm

Will this have a physical copy?

Superatomic8 said:

January 11th, 2:03 pm

We want a demons souls remaster…
Why doesn’t FROM SOFTWARE get it?

    JediOniram said:

    January 12th, 1:46 pm

    Sony owns the IP for Demon’s Souls, not From Software. While From Software could remaster Demon’s Souls, they need to work with Sony to have permission to release it, which means that if it could be released it would be a PS4 exclusive. While that might still be a big enough hit to warrant it, it makes more sense for them to remaster Dark Souls and release it to 3 consoles and PC. I wouldn’t say we will never get a Demon’s Souls Remaster, but there’s more money on the table for Dark Souls Remastered.

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:21 pm

    They made Bloodborne alongside Sony recently, so chances are kinda good.. Maybe.. In a few years.

Ace-Kinq said:

January 11th, 3:15 pm

SOCOM 2 Remastered PLEASE

    meta1militia_ said:

    January 12th, 9:06 am

    This is an amazing idea. Millions would buy this. Please do this.

sLeEpYrAgEr13 said:

January 11th, 3:55 pm

60 FPS BlightTown!!!!! Please tell me you’ll be able to set passwords for multiplayer

krlayne said:

January 11th, 6:02 pm

What will it cost though? That will determine how early I purchase this game.

Orpheus_Aeons said:

January 11th, 7:52 pm

So…it’s a Pro-exclusive title then? =/

What will be the benefit of playing the remaster on a regular PS4? None? Just the “privilege” of being able to play DS outside of a PS3?

Great… SMH *rolleyes*

    HellBringer1975 said:

    January 11th, 9:05 pm

    its coming to every system it was announced on Nintendo Minne direct at 6 am this morning here so its PC, switch, xbox , ps4 all same day release . me switch is day one as i use it as my hand held and playing my fav souls game all day anywhere is epic then later i will grab it on ps4 or xbox .

    TheTrainJob said:

    January 18th, 9:13 am

    Uh, what? This is a remaster, it’s going to look better and run smoother, support 6 player(from 4 on the PS3) and likely have new lighting effects over the PS3 version. It’s also going to support 4K and whatnot on the Pro… just like every single other game that has PS4 Pro support. Playing this on a regular PS4 is still going to blow the PS3 version away. I don’t get what you’re going on about…

Zumoariku said:

January 11th, 9:10 pm

Will the game get mirrored effect like what happened ed on Dark Souls 2 on the PS4?


January 12th, 1:43 pm

Well I need to buy about 30 controllers cause this is going to be a long long road ahead R.I.P ps3 controllers

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:23 pm

    Just stop throwing them at the wall. Count to 10 if you have to.

Anmb91 said:

January 12th, 8:20 pm

When can we expect to see it available on the PS Store to pre-order ?

Welmosca said:

January 12th, 9:15 pm

Title should be rewritten like this:Yet Another Shameful Recycled Game Comes Forth…Dark Souls:Recycled Comes to PS4 May 25.

Let’s go people..its the same game that was already on PS3 in HD and that many of you already own but now it cooks and does your laundry in “glorious” 4K.

Alphawolf094 said:

January 12th, 10:41 pm

“Instead of 1-4 players, six people can gather to either support or betray each other”

Interesting. So what’s the maximum number of people who can enter your game as dark spirits or white/yellow phantoms?

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:25 pm

    I imagine it’s the same as DS3, I.E; 2 white phantoms, 3 red.

phinnv8 said:

January 13th, 1:29 pm

It’s a shame they’re not moving it to the BB/DK3 engine with better lighting etc. It better at least be 1080p/60fps.

How about Demon’s Souls next? :D

Raven6897 said:

January 13th, 3:55 pm

Super excited about this announcement! Can’t wait to see how well it plays’ on current gen consoles. Dark Souls 2 for PlayStation 4 was unplayable after a certain point in the game for me. The lag was terrible and absolutely unacceptable.

    mischieviousgod2 said:

    January 15th, 7:20 am

    Thats weird i played through DS2 multiple times on the reg ps4 and didnt have a single lag issue. Platinumed it. Had some lag on invasions but that was because i was getting invaded by people from the other side ofbthe world.

Hooflip27 said:

January 16th, 6:58 am

Anyone know if there will be a digital release as well

XxRikuShimizuxX said:

January 17th, 5:59 pm

What about the base ps4 is it 60 fps too?

    phinnv8 said:

    February 1st, 5:39 am

    It should be, after all DkS2 SOTFS was 60fps on regular PS4.

Catchthevapor909 said:

January 17th, 6:10 pm

Will this include all the DLC bosses from the prepare to die edition?? if so that would be awesome.

Catchthevapor909 said:

January 17th, 6:11 pm

If any one knows please reply thank you.

Rubymosh said:

January 18th, 5:50 am

Have they made it any easier?? ha, ha.

InSec1RD said:

January 18th, 2:19 pm

My whalet is ready

    AlphaDeltaMango said:

    January 29th, 8:26 pm


    It’s Wallet.

    Not whalet,

    Not wellat,

    Not Challaylay.

    It’s WALLET

TheQuadFather45 said:

January 18th, 2:45 pm

This is funny because having watched Craig from game attack play dark souls for the first time with bolen I have wanted to, and been thinking of buying it to play it for the first time ever. But my ps3 has been really crappy for a while now and I need a new one so I’m so glad this is happening.

phinnv8 said:

February 1st, 5:38 am

Now how about Demon’s Souls Remastered?

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