Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

Learn how you can be added to future betas automatically and receive an exclusive PSN avatar in the process.

We’re getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4. And good news for Canadian folks – beginning this beta, PS4 owners in Canada are also able to register for the beta testing.

You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta expected in February. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration.

Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 5.00, got a preview of features like Family on PSN, friend list management, message improvements and much more before launch.

If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 system with an internet connection and SEN account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

And starting this beta, you can choose to be added to future betas automatically without having to register again. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive an exclusive PSN avatar.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.
Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better.

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  • I’ll be glad too aswell

  • Highland_Rogue1

    I would like to participate.

  • I have a request to fix a minor but annoying pet peeve regarding turning on the PS4: It seems like damn PS button on the controller will turn on the console if you breath on it, or even glance in its general direction :-) But seriously, have a 2-second “long press” to turn on the console would be great. As it stands, if I pick up the controller to move it off the coffee table I have to make a conscious effort not to inadvertently brush up against the PS button for .001 nano seconds or I’ll turn on the console. For the love of Kratos please make it a 2-second long press like when bringing up the Quick Menu.

  • JayBizzle311

    test comment

  • zack_fair3223

    I want the option to delete notifications again


    Would love to be a tester :)

  • I would like to sign up how do I sign up

  • I WOULD love to take part in this every time I try and do a beta but never get picked would again love to take part this thanks

  • I would really love to be appart of the beta testers! Looking forward to the next update :)

  • Any chance video chat coming???? Had a PS camera on ps3, used to video chat with family regularly. Talked some family into buying a ps4 camera, and felt like a jerk when we discovered there wasn’t a feature for the ps4 to support video chat.

  • WackyMonster23

    I am wanting the Playstation Vita panel to show up on ps4, I am also wanting Playstation Tv panel, (ps3 selection). Awesome!

  • I would like to be a beta tester
    Keep it up with the good work.

  • mclovinit123

    PlayStation, it would be great to have a feature which allows you to change your PSN Id, even for a price, would be a win – win. You get the money we get fresh new names!!!
    Also sign me up as well for a beta testing!

  • Ksmooth2022

    I would like to be in this beta. J have been in the last few betas as well.

  • Ksmooth2022

    Where exactly do we sign up?

  • Never been accepted for a System Software Beta, though I’ve signed up plenty times before.

    Hopefully I get accepted into this one.

    • I’ve signed up! I’d like to delete the trophy list I mean fastest/speedrun platinum. If someone beat my speedrun platinum then I can delete trophy and then start for beat it again. :)

  • Mikromike94

    I have the ps4 pro and can t wait wat u guys at sony have in store for us

  • Mikromike94

    i really hope i can become a beta tester

  • party_panda10

    Hello i would like to become a beta tester because i havent been one yet and would love to give my feedback and opinions on the software :)

  • AlejoRamirz

    I would love to be part of this project!

  • G-U-I-N-G-O

    I hope to be lucky enough to try the beta, I love too much PlayStation and I still enjoy my PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. (trophy hunter)

  • am just seeing what will be new i this update?
    will be a lot of features that will be useful or harmful with other games , music or any apps that we use?
    will it conflict with the bug-fix that they did in the past updates?
    this is the question we have to ask and we or thum have to find out…

  • Seperate volume bar for each person in the chat party. Snap feature. ID changes.

  • Jorgegaming1602X

    I believe that I can be the beta tester because it would be something that would mark my life since I have tried to participate in other types of betas and I never win so I leave it to God and win the one that has to

  • Jorgegaming1602X

    I believe that I can be the beta tester because it would be something that would mark my life since I have tried to participate in other types of betas and I never win so I leave it to God and win the one that has to. Good luck everyone =y

  • TheGladiotor

    This will be my first time if i will have the chance to. Please let there be an option for editing PSN IDs incase some one save the ID incorrectly. Like i wanted my ID to be TheGladiator but i missed typed to TheGladiotor. I will appriciate if i could change this in the coming system update.

  • TheGladiotor

    This will be my first time if i will have the chance to. Please let there be an option for editing PSN IDs incase some one save the ID incorrectly. Like i wanted my ID to be TheGladiator but i missed typed to TheGladiotor. I will appriciate if i could change this in the coming system update.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I Love PlayStation! Keep up the good work nyan nyan =^-^=

  • lm_A_CHEESER-_-

    Just signed up it would be nice to test the beta. Please choose me to help thanks.

  • If I get in then great. If not, then there’s always next time. Keep up the improvements and maybe consider implementing what the psn community wants, within reason obviously. :)

  • DragonAvien

    Sign me up please!

  • Dolby Atmos support for games on PS4 Pro pls.

  • EnigmaNemesis

    Please have support to play the PSOne Classics we have purchased on PSN so I can finally retire my PS3Phat hairdryer.

    People have made well running open source EMU’s out there on a myriad of devices that run them mint, with performance/resolution upgrades, there is no reason Sony cannot have the same tech on the PS4 for games we already purchased on the network.

    • Thrill_Kill

      I could not agree more! PS1 and PS2 disc playback should be such a simple task for the PS4 Pro, Sony is just trying to milk us for us much as possible, having us buy the game back in the day, then buy them digitally last gen even though we have the disc already, and now we need to RENT IT via PSNow to play them? No, just…no. There is no more an excuse, if the XBone can do XB and 360BC, then Sony’s PS4 Pro can do it also, and now that PS3 is being emulated, I bet Sony can at LEAST get some of them working as well. We don’t need resolution upgrades with our PS3 games, most have been remastered anyway, but for the ones that are not, we should have a way to play them without resorting to breaking out the PS3.

  • Hades230197

    Please give us the chance to change our in game names.


    Please allow us to remove a large amount of people off our friends list at once please got 654 people on my friends list

  • Time to add game play hours to profiles! That year in review e-mail was the bomb! Loved seeing my top played games. Like trophies just add the ability to hide it for the privacy sensitive people. I feel most of the community would love this feature.

  • All id like is the ability to remote play with the DS4 connected to the PS4 without having to use some kind of 2 account method just to get it to work. When in remote play with the DS4 connected via USB the controller speaker does not make any sounds. since I only play via remote play and not on a normal TV this would be awesome if i could just use it without needing to plug a cable in.

  • Trophy Tracking ( the most must have feature )
    Trophy Automatically sync ( without having to go to it )
    Video chat support like skype etc..

    Profile games stats hub section on your overall gaming Hrs , trophies etc… ( add it on the Profile page )
    PSVR Hub section for PlayStation VR owners ( a place we’re others can meet up or check new games and all cool social PSVR stuff )
    MIxer streaming
    More Social Features

    Facelift lift on the UI and customization
    Being able to delete or hide Beta, demos, or apps etc…

    There are lots more features that need to be integrated

  • Blazing_Bolt784

    Please add a way to game share with your friends,I downloaded Dishonered 2 from my friends PSN account but the game is locked.

  • Sony your updates are trash that destroyed my ps4 to he point where i lost acess to my game library which is over 201 games strong becuse your shot wont update and tour response was to tell me to buy a new ps4 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you think after screwing me out of $500 at least in digital games that im gonna fork over another $400 that the reason im going got a switch and a pc #plannedobsolescence

  • Will we get ps1 games, or will we be able to use ps3 discs on ps4 i can’t wait.

  • Thrill_Kill

    I signed up for the Beta, and I hope I can test it out. I am hoping for the following updates:

    1.) Faster Boost Mode with more stability on frame rate for games that need a better 30fps lockdown, perhaps unlock all hardware if not done so already to gain full power, (I think I read that the Videocard is somehow not operating at full performance).

    2.) Bring us PS1 and PS2 BC with discs, possibly with an HD Upscale option. With the PS4 Pro it has enough power to do this EASILY Sony, please make this happen. PS Now sucks.

    3.) Limit the crap on the XMB more so that I don’t have a line of recently played games all across the screen. I do NOT want to see that when booting up. Perhaps 4 games tops! Otherwise I wanna go to my Games Library to find them.

    4.) I want compatibility for the outstanding PS3 Sharp Shooter!

    5.) I want to see Stereoscopic 3D pushed to my 3DTV when using the PSVR headset. This would allow people in my house to view the game in 3D as I play it in VR, OR allow me to just decide to play in VR OR in Stereoscopic 3D for each game.

    Thanks! ;)

  • sign me up

  • A little re-edit : I would like to see my upload and download speeds on my ps4 and
    on my ps4 1st gen console match the speeds I’m paying for , which keep in mind , work 100% flawlessly
    on all other devices on my network ..
    meaning, the upload and download speeds are 100% on everything other then the ps4 consoles …
    and yes , Nat type is always open
    on the ps4 pro and first gen console , and all ports are fowarded for the PSN ..

    I would also enjoy having the option to use ipv4 and ipv6 when and if needed on
    the Playstation network …
    Like in this case , my ISP has upgrade my service to IPv6 , which no longer allows me , nor my son,
    to use the google dns , nor the open dns 208. etc.. service to get
    our upload speeds above 2.0-3.0 mbs on a 100mbs down and 10mbs up package ..
    Please fix this known issue, in this up coming beta for US Northern “State of Maine” Gamers
    who live right under Canada , and still try to enjoy playing on their PS4 gaming consoles
    with these very low upload and down down fluxing speeds on IPV6 ..

    Till the next ..
    peace ..

  • Would like to be able to delete from library demos
    When choosing a game giving us an option to see single player time,multiplayer stats etc

    • If deleting is too much of a problem, at least the option to hide titles from library.

  • I would love to sign up. However, the page is basically blank for me except for having the words “Thank You. Please answer all the questions below.” For me, there is nothing displayed below except for a blank, white background.

  • LegendaryKidz2K

    I want the new beta and I want some new changes like changing my id name and stuff

  • InfinityGems

    There are so many people wanting to be in the Beta but none of you add to any testing as you just want first dibs on getting the new firmware hoping for a new feature A La boost mode.

  • BladeRunnerSam

    A button to toggle your dynamic backrounds to be displayed as full screen without anything blocking its veiw!
    Ive always wanted that feature to better enjoy art backrounds

  • SwaggaJerome

    I want to be able to play ps3 games on the ps3 without streaming because I bought add-ons as well

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