Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

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Sign Up for the Next PS4 System Software Update Beta

Learn how you can be added to future betas automatically and receive an exclusive PSN avatar in the process.

We’re getting ready for the next major system update for PS4, and can use some help from PS4 owners to test it out ahead of launch. Starting today, you can sign up for a chance to be a beta tester and get an advance look at some of the improvements and new features coming to PS4. And good news for Canadian folks – beginning this beta, PS4 owners in Canada are also able to register for the beta testing.

You can register to be a beta tester anytime between today and the start of the beta expected in February. Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, we’ll close registration.

Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 5.00, got a preview of features like Family on PSN, friend list management, message improvements and much more before launch.

If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 system with an internet connection and SEN account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

And starting this beta, you can choose to be added to future betas automatically without having to register again. If you choose to do so, you’ll receive an exclusive PSN avatar.

We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.
Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better.

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  • I would like to see technical info relating to connection, with real time numbers relating to speed, latency, line quality, NAT, port numbers for the PSN and the game that is loaded at that time.

    For 5 years I have had nothing but problems playing PvP and multi player games, always milliseconds behind everyone else, even in PvE my body count is significantly lower than others (no, I don’t need to “get gud scrub”) regular friends notice and are surprised when the count is shown, now it’s a running joke. Enemies die after I have finished shooting, the lag is real and I cannot find out why. And I want a PSN facility to analyse what is happening.

    I have had different UK ISP’s, different routers (Nighthawk with QoS, Bt home hub, Hub 5 etc) even connected just the modem(open NAT), I have a PS4 Pro, a 2 ms gaming monitor and new ASDL/ Ethernet cables, I don’t use wifi wifi, have tried different DNS, am port forwarded, UPnP, tried DNZ, manipulating MTU, static addresses, I Am with Virgin Cable and get what I pay for, 200 mbps down, 12 up, and quality tests say I have superb low latency quality connection.

  • Please let there be a name change option..pretty sure this is wanted among 95% of psn users. Would love to see this. Thanks

  • Hi, let me test this beta please!!

  • I,m playing playstation about 18 years, I want to be part of this, sing me in please!

  • Nice

  • FazeChan221

    I think this playstation update need to make more better improvements in processor,internet connection can get it if we stay a bit far from internet and make it no bug in games and playstation so that when we buy at playstation for game money and there are no bug or lag


  • Sign me up please and when does this happen

  • xVanillaShake

    Please let there be a name change!! That’s all WE ask for! ☹️

  • TylerGaming789

    Video chat like facetime would be a huge positive and a voice command with more options. Thanks Sony!

  • ericjoyce99

    I hope they can improve the voice comands in itself its a good idea but i just dosent work.

  • Farrelcraft281

    Hopefully They added CROSSPLAY because i really want to play some games with my xbox friends and maybe nintendo too

  • ale_godzilla

    Já tentei várias vezes me inscrever nisso, mas perdi a esperança… Nem os 30 reais nunca ganhei :(
    Logo eu um cara que fez platina no bloodborne e jogo todos exclusivos

  • WolfPack121403

    Where do I sign up? :)

  • Yes,a new software update! I would like a few additions to the system for example,Changing your username,Getting more themes(default..not downloadables) and so on.

    Really looking forward to it……

  • Let me in to

  • CalebbizzleKilla

    Please let us have our trophy game list alphabetically please let us change our psn username please let the ps3 and ps4 have backwards compatibility to play ps1 and ps2 games and the ability to burn cds if possible if not i understand

  • Saul_Lobo_16


  • i,v been a ps gamer since i was 4 im 19 my first console was a ps2 and i loved it and i want to be a beta tester and btw i don’t own a Xbox or Nintendo console nun of them ever ……

  • I would like to beta test for Sony PlayStation.

  • XcXchadderboxXbX

    Please fix the bug where you appear offline and can’t join parties or play online. I haven’t been able to do anything for days now on my ps4


    SONY please add Persian language to PS4
    سونی لطفا زبان پارسی را به
    اضافه کن

  • UnknowGamez731

    I Really want to be a beta tester for this new big System Update!

  • WackyMonster23

    I am having trouble with my ps3. My friend list says they are all offline. I spoke to customer service and they said wait for an update. Will this update include ps3 console?

  • IrksomeWar7

    Username changes, individual people volume control must be added for parties. Tired of trying to get volumes right for everyone and asking them to change their mic sensitivity. Different save data banks for one account.


    When will the Beta for 5.50 begin?


    Excited to see whats being added.

  • I’ll test anything Playstation until the day I die.

    Hook it up Sony, I just hit trophy #5000.

  • Brown_Mamba2014

    Plz ad me in the beta test

    • Brown_Mamba2014

      I’ve been palying PlayStation since ps2 I’ll be loyal to PlayStation till the day I die so I’ll be talking test anything for Sony

  • Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be part of the beta testers for the beta 5.50! I Downloaded the 5.50 update, where do I report any bugs I may run across?

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