Two New Colors Join the DualShock 4 Lineup in March

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Two New Colors Join the DualShock 4 Lineup in March

Get your hands on these slick new Midnight Blue and Steel Black DualShock 4 variants, hitting store shelves in just a few weeks.

We’re happy to announce that two new stylish colors are joining the DualShock 4 wireless controller lineup in March. Midnight Blue for those that play games deep into the night, and Steel Black to match your finely crafted in-game metallic arsenal. Pick one of these up and add some extra style to your play.

Midnight Blue and Steel Black will both be available across retailers in U.S. and Canada for $64.99 USD (MSRP) / $74.99 CAD (MSRP), while supplies last. Click here for pre-order details, or check your local retailers for availability.

Check out the looks of the new controllers below, and tell us which one you’re picking up in the comments!

Midnight Blue

DualShock 4: Midnight Blue

DualShock 4: Midnight BlueDualShock 4: Midnight Blue

Steel Black

DualShock 4: Steel Black

DualShock 4: Steel BlackDualShock 4: Steel Black

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  • DarkEnvision

    I need something with purple. That’ll be a day one purchase.

  • Finally you offer that gunmetal color that was on the Batman: Arkham Knight controller!! I will take 2 of em..

  • BlueBl1zzard

    Yesssssssssss. Keep bringing the additional colors! I’ll take the blue one for sure, and I might pick up that steel black too. But I also agree, more ‘colorful’ colors would be nice too (like that sexy orange one that released in the EU). Maybe one day Sony can do a poll/survey to see what color users want to see next?

  • What about one where I can design myself?

    • I’d love to be able to design one like Xbox owners can fully customize their controllers.

    • How about you go back to Xbox?

    • Twitch: I saw that. It was pretty cool. You could even do it at the Microsoft store. My son designed a one that looked like it belonged to Mario.

      Very cool.

      Berianco. Umm.. people play on more than one platform. Or is this false dichotomy all you cling to?

    • Totally agree! It would be awesome to be able to customize our own controller. That is one thing I’m a tiny bit jealous of the Xbox crowd for. But my heart belongs to PlayStation. It’d just be nice if we had a similar service.

    • Yes! I’d love to design one like they do on XBOX

    • TheLastLemming2

      They are being goofy like Nintendo and “announcing” new colors all the time like it’s a big feature, instead of letting us design our own.

    • @ berianco – Well said.

  • I want the steel black one. Looks fantastic.

  • Xcaligamer1

    Hasn’t steel black been out?

    • Unfortunately this blogpost didn’t clarify what the EU version did.

      The Metallic Black was available, but not for the Updated DS4 (Wired USB support, better thumbsticks, light that shines through the trackpad, etc)

    • Imagine if it was made of steel, I’d never sweat while gaming.

  • These are both pretty hot, but the Steel black definitely has my preferred vote.

    I much prefer these darker toned controllers as opposed to the bright Magma Red/Wave Blue (Those are nice too though, in their own way).

  • Still waiting for a green DualShock 4

  • lol its been out in the asiaan market long time now

  • Kaz Kaan, would be pleased with this.

  • BobbySteve83

    I would love a controller that doesn’t wear out as easily. I shouldn’t have to buy a new controller every 4-6 months. Make them more durable. Then figure out colors.

    • Do you not take care of them? I’ve had the same DS4’s for 4 years now.

    • Take care of them, they invite wear & tear like every other thing.
      Use it left and right and expect it to work…hmmm, only if you take care of it

    • you… might be doing something wrong.

  • Steel Black is so nice looking!

  • EnigmaNemesis

    Both these colors would look dope if they made the entire consoles (Slim/Pro) in them.

    The blue kind of reminds me of the old PS1 Debug Units.

    • Correct…the dark blue one was one was Japanese only (DTL-H1000 debugging station (NTSC/J), whereas we got the black ‘Net Yaroze’ console.

  • Dark purple please

  • Please bring the Hori Onyx over to the USA. :(

  • Can I get that sunset orange DS4 in the US!?

  • But I don’t neeeeeeed six controllers!

  • AdamEternal4

    Midnight Blue looks badass. Love it! I’m not too much into metallic colours though.

    Bring me a slick shade of purple and I’m all over it, just fyi.

  • Green, or emerald green, or clear green.
    Please, some form of green!!!

  • Still waiting for a US release of Sunset Orange controller…

  • lisatsunami

    Yay on the steel black one. Briefly considered importing from Japan, but now I won’t have to.

    Pro tip from a DS4 collector: I went on Amazon Spain to buy the Sunset Orange DS4. Spain was the only one of the Amazon sites that I could find that sold it. I had my best bud translate for me, but honestly, everything is the same as it would be in English.

    • BlueBl1zzard

      I literally bought a Sunset Orange DS4 this morning, through my Amazon app (though from a 3rd party seller and for a higher price). But thanks for the tip!

  • Can you guys give us jewel tones, please? I want emerald, ruby, amethyst (purple or magenta), and sapphire. Pls Sony

  • JackNapierHAHA

    I love you sony but please give me something other than some cool colors. Can we get some cool themed ones? Like one that is more than just one color change or something just more.

  • Loving all the controller options this generation. Some absolutely gorgeous choices on offer.

    I really wish PlayStation Hardware and Accessories were available on the PlayStation Store. It would also be nice to have the ability to buy PlayStation Gear right from the PS Store. Ultimately it would be great if the PS Store was a one stop shop for all things PlayStation, and Sony.

  • PlatinumKitty

    Make a pink one!


    That priced new dual shock 4 controllers are to pricy for my tastes seriously why does a video game controller have to be so expensive $69! whatever happened to $39-49.99!?9

  • I need both. I custom painted my own but these are too awesome to pass up. I also picked up the crystal blue one on black Thursday, still in the box.

  • Please bring Sunset Orange to North America!!!

    • HeathenFriar

      YES! I’m with you there! The Steel Black one is great, but I REALLY want that Sunset Orange controller.

  • Can Sony please make DS4s with better battery life? The battery life is absolutely abysmal compared to the DS3. I used to charge my DS3 after a week with heavy use, now I’m charging my DS4 every 2-3 days.

    • You must not play enough…I need to charge ma DS4s every 2 hours.DS4 is a joke compared to DS3.

  • OMG that Steel Black! yes! I think I’m due for another PS4 Controller >.<

  • Brandonmgs12

    I love the colors but I wish I could choose what color I want customized. Like an Orange.

    I love Orange <3

  • The day Sony will release a PINK dualshock 4, it will be SOLD OUT, and it will keep being SOLD OUT everywhere, cause of the very high demand.

  • moirailedZahakk

    imagine if they hade one made out of the reflective material, to make it look like chrome?

  • HeathenFriar

    Wow, there seems to be a LOT of demand for a pink Dualshock 4! Quite a few girls play PS4, I guess. Nice.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors! I’m soooooo over the “best buy blue” color.. These are SEXY!

    Two requests for future console controllers.

    1) PLEASE make the output for headphones from the controller better. I plug my $500 headphones into the controller and it’s ridiculously quiet. The controllers aren’t powerful enough to output the volume enough. At least give us an attachment for people who value quality sound.

    2) PLEASE MAKE A BUBBLEGUM PINK CONTROLLER! Or a Cotton Candy Pink/Blue combo :)

    • have you tried turning the volume up in the setting? Headphones are always plenty loud for me.

  • I would like one that’s either lightning blue or blood red but I’m getting that steel black one

  • The colours are really cool and I think that I would pick steel black but I don’t need it now cause I have already

  • Nice very nice colors specially the Steel Black.I’d say keep bringing more colors but it doesn’t matter if y’all don’t actually fix the joke of a battery that the DS4 has.Jesus Sony step up your hardware…PS3 hardware puts the PS4 hardware to shame and of course I’m not talking power wise but quality wise.

  • travthezombie

    Why won’t they real see a elite style controller. I’m aware they have 2 licensed controllers, but I’m waiting on play station to do what Microsoft has almost prefected. Some one at Sony please read this and make my video game dreams come true

  • NuclearGamer95

    You guys should make country controllers. So the touchpad will have the country’s flag on it, and then the rest of the Controller will have the country’s colors on it/

  • that blue is so nice, might have to pick this controller up! <3

  • Kid_Fleetfoot

    I would like a baseball controller like the PS3 has. And if not that, a football shaped controller which I could throw at the screen when things are not going right.

  • phantomhero5043

    Can’t wait for that black metal! I kinda what the midnight blue because it’s very similar to the Uncharted themed controller from 2014. Either way they’re both welcoming.

  • I would really like a permanently wired PS4 Pro controller, I know I can plug the micro USB cable in and switch the controller to wired mode, but that works loose and I have had problems with non responsiveness while in games, I see some other non Sony Controllers have a screw lock cable connector, but I don’t like the X-box style lay-out, if there is an official PS4 Pro controller that fits my request I would really like to hear about it as I go through several per year and am looking to purchase one ATM.


    Yes they look stylish but what about other colors like yes Purple or Military Colors like a Cameo Orange?! Or just a plain Dark Green controller? That’d be cool!

  • SpookyDaScary21

    Already pre ordered the steel black controller about a week ago super pumped for it to release!! been a playstation loyal gamer since i was 4 years old in 2002! No better gaming system on the market and best controllers too!

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