Divinity: Original Sin 2 is Coming to PS4

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 is Coming to PS4

Embark on dangerous quests! Summon demonic allies! Meet new people! Talk to dogs!

Hello everybody! My name is Michael Douse, Director of Publishing at Larian Studios.

In 2017 we released a PC game called Divinity: Original Sin 2, a sandbox RPG with the singular goal of bringing interactivity and exploration to new (sometimes ridiculous) heights.

Since that release, we’ve been inundated by letters and comments asking us to bring Divinity: Original Sin 2 to PlayStation 4. We heard those requests loud and clear, and we’re very excited that it’s finally happening.

If you haven’t heard of Divinity: Original Sin 2, it’s a massive RPG in which you control a party of one to four, chosen from six origin characters with their own personal agendas and histories, or a custom avatar you can build from the ground up. You can play alone or with friends, in split screen couch co-op or online.

The game world consists of a fantastic realm built to react to players’ creativity. Combat rewards experimentation, and elemental spells can be layered for max impact. You can cast rain on burning allies, teleport them to safety, and electrify the battlefield to stop enemies in their tracks. If an opponent is too close, you can lash them with temporary tentacles, summon a demon to fight for you, and fly away on your own pair of wings.

While Original Sin 2 was highly reviewed we knew we still had room for improvement, and bringing the game to PS4 was the perfect opportunity to introduce a massive number of much-wanted tweaks and additions.

We’ll be talking more about the specifics of those changes in coming posts but suffice it to say we’ve been hard at work bringing the entire experience to a new level.

So stay tuned for more news on what’s coming to the PlayStation 4 version of Divinity: Original Sin 2, and come chat to us on the socials — we’re always here to say hello!

Thanks for reading!

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  • NickNacca611


  • Amazing news!

  • Sweet, now that September is starting to fill up with great games I was wondering when August was going to step up it’s game. Love split screen co-op.

  • I have been waiting for this announcement, another great RPG for the PS4!

  • My wife asked me if I could take the month of August off from work. We can’t wait to play this. The first one was by far our favorite co op experience

  • Duck_Turkin

    Thank you!

  • Been hoping for this for a while. Thanks for bringing it to PS4!

  • beatinthecity1

    great news! loved the first one

  • SilverWolf1268

    I look forward to this, thanks for bringing it over!

  • I have been waiting for this for literally years. I am so excited.


  • Einhander138

    So will there be save data carry over from the first game?

  • OldAndInTheWay85

    Thank you so much. I was hoping that this would happen. Fantastic news!

  • Sponge-worthy

    Congrats on the success you’ve already enjoyed for this title. Bringing a CRPG like this to console is a significant challenge. Good luck!

  • ThickGyrlRok

    Yesssssssss! I’ve been waiting 84 years for this news!

  • Super excited! Please make sure it’s possible to have a split-screen partner WHILE playing online co-op with another friend. Would be amazing if that’s how it works.

  • Yes! Finally!!! Thank you!

  • Yay Yay Yay! Now my wife and I can finally play through the campaign together! So stoked! Thank you guys!

  • honkayjeezus

    Will it play best on Xbox One X?

  • Whoo-hoo!!! I absolutely loved the first one. I’ve had my fingers crossed (typing’s much easier now!) that the second would get brought over. I realize this probably won’t be released until next year, but I’ll be preordering as soon as you set the release date!!

  • No way, I have been searching the forums and tweeter for this announcement for a while now, since it released and I knew that someday it would come to the ps4!! Great!!!

  • turdweasels

    Been waiting for this! Absolutely treasured the first Divinity on the PS4, I can’t wait!

  • I need this!!!!

    Could not buy it on PC cause my PC is a potato.

    Buy i sooo want this game

  • The hype is real! Good job! Larian!

  • Stealyolettuce

    Im so excited! Thanks for bring it to the ps4. Its great when more people can enjoy good games.

  • There is a god! I played the first on ps4 having never heard of the game before due to the fact i never owned a pc. I was instantly hooked, so much in fact i went out and purchased a pc with all the bells and whistles so i could enjoy the game to its fullest. Having already clocked in about 40+ hours in the pc version I can say without a doubt one of, if not the best rpgs, I have ever played and I’m using the many great titles I have played as comparison. I am very excited to see this project unfold and come to fruition. So thank you thank you thank you

  • when is it coming…finally!!!

  • Since this announcement my daily google search has gone from “Divinity Original Sin 2 PS4 release date” to “Divinity Original Sin PS4 preorder date”.

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