PlayStation at E3 2018: The Journey Begins June 11 at 6:00pm Pacific

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PlayStation at E3 2018: The Journey Begins June 11 at 6:00pm Pacific

A special preview of what you can expect from PlayStation’s E3 2018 Showcase.

It’s been an exceptional year for games, thanks to genre-defining masterworks like A Way Out, Far Cry 5, God of War, Monster Hunter: World, and Moss.

But 2018 is just getting started. To ring in a new year of incredible new gaming experiences, the PlayStation team is planning a new E3 Showcase — and we’re inviting all of our closest friends. That means you!

Join us on Monday, June 11 starting at 6:00pm Pacific Time as we share a preview of what’s next for PlayStation. We’ll broadcast the show live from E3 2018 in Los Angeles, California via, Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

In a rare break from tradition, we wanted to give you an early glimpse at what to expect heading into the Showcase on June 11. PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios will be at E3 in full force to provide you with an exclusive look at four upcoming titles: Death Stranding from Kojima Productions, Ghost of Tsushima from Sucker Punch, Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games, and The Last of Us Part II from Naughty Dog.

Of course, we’ll have stellar announcements from third-party publishers and independent developers, who are all busy devising innovative new experiences that will make your heart race and your emotions soar — whether you’re playing on PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS VR.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog to learn a bit more about what’s in store as we count down to June 11, 2018 and another exciting E3 season.

Our journey begins Monday, June 11 starting at 6:00pm Pacific time. Will you join us?

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  • Is Mortal Kombat 11 going to be announced at this year’s E3? I’ve seen a lot of speculations on YouTube and it has gotten me very excited! Please let it be true that Netherrealm Studios has a new Mortal Kombat game in the works and it will be announced at this year’s E3!

    • I’m glad I am not the only one with the question of if they are going to allow us to view it in local theatres. My main question is how do you initially sign up for the invite. My friend usually gets me in but I was wondering how i could do it myself

  • Gonna watch it live!

  • @PlayStation
    The stream better be better this year cause last year the stream frozed at times and I had great internet connection too

  • Any news for Bloodborne 2?

  • Is that trailer shadow dies twice refer to Bloodborne 2?

  • No new s first-party ps4 games? – Bad… But, ok, Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider Man and TLoU 2, this is really good games and for this worth waiting for E3. Although I still want to hear about something new..

    But! No PS VR s first-party announces? Really? Sony F**** you kidding me????

  • I won’t ask you where’s this game, where’s that game question. I just want you to give me more surprises. Can’t wait for Ghost of Tsushima.

  • Bring back CREATE A PLAY in NHL19..PLEASE, it’s what separated nhl from the rest for years..

  • Where in LA is the Conference being held? How do you get tickets?

  • I think Sony is relying too much on it’s “Big 4”.

    I’d still like to see Sony make PS1 and PS2 games backwards compatible via local emulation on the PS4.
    And they’d better make this happen on the PS5. No excuses this time. PS1, PS2, PS4 Backwards Compatibility.

    They should even consider adding PS3 emulation to the PS5. I would think the AMD Navi APU, along with Sony’s knowledge of the PS3 Cel architecture, should be able to handle PS3 emulation.

    • Who wants to play those old games? If you want to play that junk, hook up your old system, problem solved.

    • Apparently Xbox player think backwards compatibility is good because so far is the only good thing they have as for games that thing has suffer a drought of epic proportions.

  • In other words: “Sony got nothing and Microsoft already won”

  • Apparently Xbox player think backwards compatibility is good because so far is the only good thing they have as for games that thing has suffer a drought of epic proportions.

  • cant wait bro

  • I’m going to watch this on my ps4 for a bigger view on my tv

  • I’m always looking forward to the E3 showcases! I’m so excited to see what you guys have in store. I’m really wanting to get psvr but I’m just wanting to see what all the announcements are first. Any chance we can strike a deal on some kind of discount? Or better yet, I’ll just trade my services for your product (Massage Therapist since 2012 btw). That would be pretty cool right?

  • Please do the movie screening again this year.

  • Still waiting with bated breath to hear if Sony will broadcast the E3 presser in theaters across the U.S. and Canada. *Fingers crossed*

  • Really hope they have the E3 presser in the theaters this year. Please make it happen Sony

  • We’ll probably know this week, I’m sure. That’s when they announced the theatrical experiences last year

  • PlayStation always impress during events.

  • Im also hoping for the theater experience this year.
    Fingers crossed

  • Can I bring my son, he is 14?

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