PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup for June 2018

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PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup for June 2018

XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion headline June's lineup for PlayStation Plus members. Enjoy!

June is just a few days away, so let’s take a look at your next PS Plus lineup.

PlayStation Plus June 2018

First up, we have XCOM 2. This tactical, turn-based strategy game is sure to keep you engaged. Twenty years have passed since humanity lost the war against the alien invaders and a new world order now exists on Earth. Join and lead the XCOM forces as they rise up to eliminate the alien occupation of Earth.

PlayStation Plus June 2018

Next is the ultimate platform-racing game, Trials Fusion. Using your skills, strive to set track records against the best Trials players from around the globe. Whether you’re racing alone, with friends, or in a global tournament, competition is always around you.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

And there you have it. See you next time PlayStation Nation!

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  • With al due respect… what a piece of GARBAGE!

  • fileunderaction

    Lol. They could give away God of War and you guys would be mad that its not the deluxe addition with a statue.

    I’m just upset that it’s June 2nd and I still cant DL XCOM.

  • Having trouble finding a release date/time. I’ve only had PS+ for a few months I haven’t figured out the pattern yet.

    • First Tuesday of the month in North America. The following day in Europe/etc.

  • A bit disappointed because I already bought XCom a while back. Oh well, maybe next month lol

  • Obrigado por dois jogos que eu não vou jogar.Espero que em julho tenham jogos melhores.Vocês poderiam disponibilizar o Blaz Blue ou Guilty Gear ness mês.Espero que no mês de julho.Vocês liberem um jogos de RPG,aventura outro tipos de gêneros de jogos.

  • xFerrari599x

    so this is all a lie then? it’s now the 3rd of June and I still can’t get XCOM. or am I crazy?

  • duo_maxwell02

    PSN Plus is improving but I think that could come AAA games for PS3 and PS Vita as these will soon be out of line next year.

  • Pulverized00

    Why havent they made trials fusion and xcom free yet? Its june 4th now. I wanna play these games!

  • It’s only offering me mays games, iv gone to download xcom and it’s saying its, 44.99 not free anyone know why, I normally pay ps. Plus quarterly but this month I had to just one month would that be why, thanks

  • jagomontana

    It’s now the 4th of June why am I still in may with. The free games????

  • Big_Evil319

    Heard that Shadow of Mordor was suppose to be one of the games this month. Another month where I don’t get the free games. Time to see what Xbox has to offer.

  • tonyhutch67-tony

    I thought these free ps+ games for June 2018 were available from today?? Still unable to download??

  • besantesteras

    Another good month for PS+…
    Thanks Sony!!!

  • TheKolbe1010

    XCOM is not a bad game but honestly I would have preferred something different. I’m still clinging to the hope that one day they will put the first red dead redemption on there… trails fusion isn’t bad either not my taste though.

  • freespiritxx

    xcom yeah bad motorbike game nope

  • (scoffs) What a joke.

  • Congrats sony, can`t wait till you give tetris for free, all because I got ps plus, xbox game pass is so much worth.

  • Linked the wrong version of Ghost Recon. It’s the regular version, not the Ultimate edition that comes free this month.

  • GOBRangerDave

    Free games are great, but where the hell do you all find the time to play all these games? I have time for 1 maybe 2 games and thats it.

  • So couldnt help but notice that the ps plus free game of the month Trials Fusion is just a demo which was always free because its just a demo. Who is at fault for this Playstation or Ubisoft?

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