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May 31

May 31

PlayStation E3 Experience 2018: Live in Theaters June 11

Can't make it to E3 this year? Don’t sweat it – find a participating theater near you and watch the festivities on the big screen.

Tiane Bella's Avatar Posted by Senior Specialist Marketing Activations, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Update: Tickets are live! Click here to get yours, but note that they are limited. If you don’t snag one, see below for more information about how you may still be able to attend.

E3 is almost here and I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience is returning! Join us on Monday June 11th in theaters across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and – new this year – Chile!

This is the fifth year we’re broadcasting our E3 Showcase live to theaters. Experiencing the excitement of E3 alongside the PlayStation community brings a new dimension to the event, which is difficult to fully explain… this video might help.

Attendees this year will take home an exclusive poster and some other goodies. Want more than just physical swag? We’ve got you covered — everyone will also get a digital gift basket chock-full of treats. This year digital goods will be distributed via the Experience PlayStation app, so make sure to download it before you arrive at the theater if you want to redeem them immediately.

Sounds great, how do I attend?

Tickets are free and will be available at starting on Tuesday, June 5th at 11:00 AM PDT while supplies last. Check back here for the link. I highly recommend setting a reminder, because once the tickets are gone – they’re gone. This year tickets for all regions will be available at the same ticketing site.

Registering for a ticket will reserve your seat as long as you check in at the theater 30 minutes before show time. If you don’t check in by this time your seat will be released to non-ticketed fans (who have queued for a seat) on a first-come first-served basis.

Please note: Attendees must be 17 years of age or older to attend this event (18+ in Brazil). A valid form of ID providing age will be required to enter.

I didn’t get a ticket, what now?

Those without tickets can queue at the theater starting two hours before showtime. You will not be able to line up earlier than this. Open seats will be given out to those in the queue on a first-come first-served basis starting 30 minutes before the show starts.

Check below for the full list of theaters.

Century City 15 Los Angeles CA
LA Live 14 Los Angeles CA
Meadows 12 Lone Tree CO
Avenues 20 Jacksonville FL
Waterford Lakes 20 Orlando FL
Hollywood 24 – N I-85 Chamblee GA
Boise Stadium 22 Boise ID
River East 21 Chicago IL
Galaxy 14 Indianapolis IN
Fenway Stadium 13 Boston MA
Eagan 16 Eagan MN
Kansas City 18 Cinemas Kansas City MO
Brier Creek Stadium 14 Raleigh NC
Village Square 18 Las Vegas NV
Union Square 14 New York NY
E-Walk 42nd Street 13 New York NY
Transit Center 18 Plus Imax Williamsville NY
Georgesville Square 16 Columbus OH
Tinseltown USA Oklahoma City Oklahoma City OK
Lloyd Center 10 Cinema Portland OR
Riverview Plaza 17 Philadelphia PA
Opry Mills 20 Plus Imax Nashville TN
Houston Marq*E Stadium 23 Houston TX
Salt Lake City 16 Salt Lake City UT
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto Toronto Ontario
Scotiabank Theatre Chinook Calgary Alberta
Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis Burnaby British Columbia
Scotiabank Theatre Winnipeg Winnipeg Manitoba
Scotiabank Theatre Montréal Montreal Quebec
Cineplex Odeon Sainte-Foy Cinemas Ste-Foy Quebec
Cineplex Odeon Brossard & VIP Cinemas Brossard Quebec
Cinepolis Perisur Anillo Periferico Sur 4690 Loc 700, Col. Jardines Del Pedregal, Cp 04500
Cinepolis Universidad Av. Universidad 1000, Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac, Cp 03310
Cinepolis Forum Buenavista Eje 1 Norte Mosqueta 259, Int. Cine Col. Buenavista, Cp 06350
Eldorado Av Rebouças, 3970 Pinheiros
Market Place Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 920 – Vila Cordeiro
Village Cines Avellaneda Autopista Dr. Ricardo Balbín km 8,5, Parque Comercial Avellaneda, 1872 Avellaneda, Buenos Aires
Village Cines Pilar Au Panamericana Km. 50, Pilar, Buenos Aires
Village Cines Recoleta Vicente López 2050, C1113 CABA
Hoyts La Reina Av. Ossa 655, La Reina, Región Metropolitana
Hoyts Parque Arauco Las Condes, Santiago Metropolitan Region

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XDkakashiDX said:

May 31st, 8:04 am

This makes me sad. No where near me this year. Looks like im going to miss one…

    jayrockslife said:

    May 31st, 8:05 am

    Guess I’m not going this year. Shame it’s only in what looks like major cities. I really enjoyed going the past 3years.

    rickvargas said:

    May 31st, 8:07 am

    from the looks of it, they seem to have only gone with Regal cinemas to host it. I think they used AMC previous years. Maybe that’s the reason?

    Sanador62 said:

    May 31st, 8:53 am

    Yeah. No Michigan theaters at all. :( I guess the best seat is in my house, but my daughter and I had fun attending previous ones.

    thefoxymoron said:

    May 31st, 9:53 am

    @Sanador62: Sorry to hear your theater wasn’t picked this year. How old was your daughter when you took her? I know they say “Attendees must be 17 years old” but I feel like I’ve seen kids at my theater in the past. Really wanting to take my 14 year old son and hope they don’t turn us away.

    Seluhir said:

    May 31st, 12:09 pm

    @jayrockslife – I think it was more ‘cities with theatres they were able to make arrangements with’ – Winnipeg is not exactly a major city.

    soldierone said:

    May 31st, 12:18 pm

    Phoenix is the 4th largest city in the country, we have a regal cinema here, and 3 other chains, and we still didnt get one…..I know for a fact harkins would host it since you can rent an entire theater for a 100 bucks….

    freshprincepbg said:

    May 31st, 1:00 pm

    They had it in 2 South Florida locations past few years, this year 0?! Complete bs!!!

    derekkage said:

    May 31st, 5:51 pm

    Seriously, this is BS. I’ve gone the last several years at the same theater in South Florida. This year, it isn’t even on the list?!?

    PotOfLuck said:

    May 31st, 6:02 pm

    @thefoxymoron as a 15 year old I have attended the e3 event without s adult for the past 3 years playstation support says if u have adult you kid is good to go

    Kytona said:

    May 31st, 6:20 pm

    Sony Announced E3 Experience 2018. Check.
    Sony posted list of theaters. Check.
    Pittsburgh’s on th- WAIT! WHAT?!



    Newagedeath said:

    June 1st, 1:47 am

    shame to see it only in big citys love going to it guess ill have to just see the highlights.

    Tehldor said:

    June 1st, 9:27 am

    This makes me sad that the nearest one is 100 miles away. I’m really surprised there is no show in Cincinnati. As a lifelong fan of Sony I was really looking forward to this.

    Sanador62 said:

    June 1st, 1:14 pm

    My daughter was in her 20s when she came with me. Lol. I am a grandpa-gamer. :)

    WnxDafriz said:

    June 5th, 12:47 pm

    I just realized….. I think the reason we don’t have as many theaters this year is due to SOLO movie

    disney has enough pull and weight for the demands of the theaters for how many screens and how long it needs to be shown

    This came to mind to me today after I was debating about seeing a movie today (tuesdays here for me are like 4 dollars a movie)… then I realized… solo… that was probably why the largest cinemas nationwide weren’t used this year… mofo’s…. also i think they started the special studio ghibli summer thing earlier this year in my area that they have done for the last couple years (disney handles NA distro/dub of ghibli films)

    SKOT_FREE said:

    June 5th, 2:17 pm

    Funny thing is my fiancé asked me about the ps experience just earlier this morning and I thought there wasn’t even going to be one but I searched google to be sure and Psblog said registration was today. So at 2pm est(11am pst) I got on psblog got the link and reserved my tickets in Georgia. Had that done at 11:01 lol

Coma-420 said:

May 31st, 8:04 am

Most excellent. About time this was announced <3

rickvargas said:

May 31st, 8:05 am

Awesome! I had a great time at the Paris Games Week experience here in NYC, can’t wait for this one.

jrodfantastic said:

May 31st, 8:05 am

I’m a big fan of Fathom events and the idea of watching the Sony presser in a theater always sounds amazing every year. It a shame the cities are alway so limited.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    May 31st, 10:07 am

    The cities have not been limited the past few years, but THEY ARE THIS YEAR. I always go to the Hamilton theater in NJ, and it’s fine if they change locations, but they completely cut the overall number of theaters. There is no theater in NJ this year, that’s wild. It’s awesome that Sony is doing the Theater Experience again, but not so great that they cheaped out on it.

    ChaoVizua said:

    May 31st, 10:14 am

    Yup they botched that one. I went to Hamilton, NJ too, what a bummer… we convinced a friend to buy God of War and a PS4 from attending this show…

ChuxBuster said:

May 31st, 8:06 am

Went to the DC event the last three years, bummed to see it’s not anywhere near there this year.

    curlerlikeyou said:

    May 31st, 8:19 am

    Agree. Used to be Rockville and Georgetown, then just Georgetown. Now nowhere within…100 miles?! We always had a great turnout and there are tons of theatres around. Strange.

    curlerlikeyou said:

    May 31st, 8:30 am

    Make that Chinatown, not Georgetown.

HIS616infernal said:

May 31st, 8:07 am

I hope this dosent turn into a **** show for tickets like last year!

Hellsketch said:

May 31st, 8:08 am

The closest theater to my house is the only one that’s having it, so that’s awesome…but I still work those days so…yeah.

Nosajus said:

May 31st, 8:09 am

I’ve gone every year and it’s been so awesome. Sadly it looks like this year it won’t be coming to my city.

PikkonX said:

May 31st, 8:10 am

What’s up with the anemic list of theaters this year? Several theaters that hosted all 4 previous events are missing. Nothing at all in VA?

ultrakirby64 said:

May 31st, 8:11 am

Dang… for the first time in five years… It’s not coming to my city. This sucks.

    iamtylerdurden1 said:

    May 31st, 10:10 am

    No NJ theater either, looks like my 3 year streak is over..

Wild_Thumper said:

May 31st, 8:12 am

Is this the final list? I hope there are more theaters that are added. I really like going the past 3 years

NauseousPenguin said:

May 31st, 8:13 am

Man… I’ve gone to all of these so far and now it’s not coming to NM. Disappointing.

drd7of14 said:

May 31st, 8:14 am

Sweet…Glad to see it’s not gofobo or something like that…It was a problem last time. seems confident enough. :)

And to know days in advance, pretty sweet. Always appreciated so I’m not constantly hitting F5.

    drd7of14 said:

    June 1st, 11:50 am

    I’m starting to think we won’t be getting our tickets at “” :(

SaviourMK2 said:

May 31st, 8:14 am

No Connecticut? :(

I was looking forward to it again this year. It was so much fun.

krae_man said:

May 31st, 8:17 am

3 Theatres in Quebec, 1 in Ontario.

You really, really need to improve your Canadian support.

    Vincenth69CA said:

    May 31st, 1:40 pm

    Last year it was one in Quebec (Montreal) and one in Ontario (Toronto).
    At least it’s improving.
    The amount of developers in Montreal and Quebec City is probably why they begin to expand there first.

rufusmarch23 said:

May 31st, 8:18 am

Very sad seeing there’s not a theater in Arkansas this year. I had a great time going last year.

YuujiTheHero said:

May 31st, 8:18 am

Will we be able to reserve two seats with one ticket, as was the case last year?

sockpuppetsami said:

May 31st, 8:22 am

No Pittsburgh location this year? Come on!

youngblood1919 said:

May 31st, 8:24 am

What happened to my theater in charlotte nc

    ekhatch said:

    June 1st, 1:27 am


FeedTheChicken said:

May 31st, 8:29 am

Please add a theater in Northern CA (preferably Bay Area)! Last year in Redwood City was great and I along with many others would attend again this year if it was a bit closer.

SpartanDuo said:

May 31st, 8:33 am

Are you adding more cities?? I don’t see my city (San Antonio) and we’ve had it here the past 4 years!

DanteMerfi said:

May 31st, 8:37 am

I attended the last two events in San Antonio and now there are no locations closer than Houston 3 hours away? Instead of growing the event you are shrinking it. Ugh.

    Spacerac said:

    May 31st, 9:14 pm

    From a Houstonian, I agree this sucks for y’all. I thought that was the whole point of this, so that everyone who can’t go to E3 get a chance to “go” in spirit!

Instant__Vintage said:

May 31st, 8:42 am

The fact that the DMV area went from 4 theaters down to none over 4 years is disparaging. I hope they are adding more cities; the idea of driving 2 hours to Philly is not one that is appeasing.

Blayde707 said:

May 31st, 8:43 am

Theater list sucks.

cruton13 said:

May 31st, 8:46 am

I attended this the last 3 years at AMC Mission Valley in San Diego, CA. I’m disappointed that they didn’t add it to the theater list this year. I was really looking forward to it! I hope that they can somehow add it to the list.

    Pericynthion said:

    May 31st, 12:33 pm

    Me too – sad to see San Diego drop off the list. Odd because it always seemed rammed with people queuing out the door , so it cant be because of lack of interest.

GameOverGreggy said:

May 31st, 8:47 am

Love all the Kinda Funny shirts in the video. I see you, Kyle! BEYOND!

    Mockzero said:

    May 31st, 6:33 pm

    I love how you guys support each other and I truly appreciate your shows Greg. Keep it up!

wig21 said:

May 31st, 8:47 am

Man I have gone to the Pittsburgh one since 2014!!! So sad this is being taken from Pittsburgh. It was always a packed house and great experience. Please consider bringing it back to my fine city.

Amans91 said:

May 31st, 8:49 am

5th year doing this and you get rid of Albuquerque NM?!?!?! What the hell Playstation?!?!?!

    Amans91 said:

    May 31st, 9:07 am

    Closest city is now a 6 hour drive to Denver in Colorado, not even Arizona got one :( Add more cities please, add Albuquerque back!


May 31st, 8:53 am

I’ll be attending once again this year! Long live PlayStation!

drepsx3 said:

May 31st, 8:55 am

Why isn’t DC listed?

drepsx3 said:

May 31st, 8:57 am

I support you guys heavily. And the nearest theater isn’t listed..

hybrid_birth7 said:

May 31st, 8:58 am

What happened to the playstation experience in San Antonio, TX? Ive been going the past 3 years. Im highly disappointed with playstation. Looks like ill be staying home =(.

Surely it wasn’t due to low turnout. The theater has been packed.

lxi98 said:

May 31st, 9:00 am

Is there a theme for this to buy in the Sony store? love it if there is one =)

thefoxymoron said:

May 31st, 9:00 am


Been desperately awaiting this news!

Thanks for continuing to do this for those of us who can’t make it to the show itself.

JMBlakk said:

May 31st, 9:02 am

The South Florida Area got cut, HOW?!?!

    mazaki12 said:

    May 31st, 9:55 am

    Are you serious I been wanting to attend this for the past 2 years. But I just couldn’t make it but this year I can finally attend but the closest one to me is 4-5 hr drive I lived south Florida.

Danny_Death said:

May 31st, 9:04 am

Why is Arizona cut? Phoenix is a big city too you know.
Even Tucson got cut wtf.

cowmamba said:

May 31st, 9:06 am

Awe heck yeah!!! Can’t wait! It’s always a blast to go see it in the theater with other PlayStation fans!

UghRochester said:

May 31st, 9:07 am

Very bummed there’s not one one Pittsburgh. The first few years was at the one in Robinson, then last year was in Pittsburgh. Now it’s gone from the list. Very sad to see this.

Israel1948 said:

May 31st, 9:16 am

Not doing it in Sawgrass Movie Theater in Sunrise, FL? You did it there every year before.

SonikkuAensland said:

May 31st, 9:21 am

Thanks for adding Chile to the party! Very nice of you.

VeritableHero said:

May 31st, 9:22 am

Maybe a nominal fee would enable the event to be available in more cities? Even if a ticket was a few bucks, I imagine many would be interested as it’s a fun experience to watch the conference with so many other fans. I really enjoyed it in past years.

I’d definitely pay money to be in almost any theater in Columbus OTHER than the one selected; it’s really not a good theater (unless it’s been remodeled recently). Though with the list being much smaller this year, I guess I can’t be picky. :-\

ccanfield1 said:

May 31st, 9:24 am

I’ve loved going every year to this but I’m so sad to see there are no theaters near me this year. Not only is there no showing in Tucson, like there has been every previous year, but there isn’t a single theater in the entire state of Arizona. I’m so sad. This was the only way I got to talk with other excited Playstation fans about what is shown.

I’m glad more countries seem to be included but did they have to pull so many of the theaters they’ve shown at in the past? Our theater was always packed

Mak3itaphattyyy said:

May 31st, 9:25 am

Please add more theatres for the sake of your fans. We thought you were growing…

TheAvengerGuy said:

May 31st, 9:32 am

This sucks. Been going to the Miami one for years and it was always a packed house. Hard to see how cutting all of South Florida in favor of having two less populated North Florida cities was a good idea.

    mazaki12 said:

    May 31st, 9:59 am

    I know right I heard about this event for the past 2 years but i never get a chance to attend.But this year I wanted to attend they cut of south Florida and now the closest to me is 4-5 drive.

mrbaltan said:

May 31st, 9:34 am

Sad, no Michigan viewings?!

cheychey41 said:

May 31st, 9:34 am

Will you all be adding anymore shows? Really upset there will be no showings in Arizona when there were last year :( I enjoyed going!

iamhodges said:

May 31st, 9:37 am

Why is it on a Monday?!

    Spacerac said:

    May 31st, 9:13 pm

    It’s on Monday every year. Sony (and a certain inferior competitor) always have their E3 Conferences on Monday.

Renew_13 said:

May 31st, 9:54 am

No D.C? No VA? No MD? I’m shocked by this. Looks like I wont be able to make it this year after going the past 3 to the Rockville, MD one. Closest one to me now is 3 1/2 hours away. Smh, disappointed to say the least

BrendanCBear said:

May 31st, 9:59 am

Doubtful anybody important enough to do something about this is reading these but thanks for scaling back the number of theaters again this year. I’ve gone the last 3 years now, the first time in Grand Rapids, MI and the last 2 in Lansing, MI – a combined drive longer than the show itself. Sorry, I’m not going to Chicago. Thanks PlayStation!

FPFALL said:

May 31st, 10:01 am

Really guys? I’m a not confused as to how not a single theater in the entire state of WA is on the list? Seattle is only one of the largest nerd populations around.

But you have Chamblee, GA?

    yentair said:

    June 1st, 5:10 pm

    Yeah, it makes no sense. WA state is only the home of Microsoft, Valve, Amazon, Starbucks, Boeing, and a ton of other giant companies known across the entire US. But whatever, I guess we didn’t make the cut. Boooooooo!

    Kreed-1 said:

    June 5th, 10:57 am

    LOL…don’t be salty man……Chamblee is ATLANTA. The city where pretty much every major film and tv show is now filmed. Infinity War scenes were shot right outside my work office. So man…don’t hate that the ATL got it. This will be my 5th year straight at the theater in Chamblee….lol. Sorry your city didn’t make the cut bro.

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