Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours

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Grand Theft Auto Online: After Hours

Own and operate your own Los Santos nightclub in the newest GTA Online update, out today on PS4.

The underground dance club scene in Los Santos gets a major upgrade today with After Hours.

Jump into GTA Online to partner up with Tony Prince, the well-known, well-connected and somewhat financially sound nightlife scene impresario and open up your very own Nightclub. You’ll own and operate the club from setup, design, staffing and promotion. The more popular the club, the faster your secure wall safe will fill up with cold hard cash.

Nightclubs include an underground Warehouse, a new epicenter for your network of seedier ventures. Assign technicians to accrue supplies for your existing Biker, Special Cargo, Smugglers and Gunrunning businesses and sell the goods for criminal profits.

Today’s update also includes seven all new vehicles such as the Ocelot Swinger sports car, the Dinka Jester Classic and highly customizable and powerful delivery vehicles for your new Warehouse supplies.

And now through August 6th, play Grand Theft Auto Online without a PlayStation Plus membership.

The party starts now, play Grand Theft Auto to experience After Hours.

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  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I remember a guy named tony from GTA IV :D

    • babybutcher96

      The game is called the balled of gay tony and he’s your boss in that game

  • n1luke_sky22

    Is it possible for ps3



  • jleggett24465

    Do u have to play after hours or during the day too

  • JudahBK-Israelya

    Gay Tony is awesome I remember him from Grand Theft Auto 4 I’m glad Rockstar brought him back into GTA V

    • How do i get To online after hours, it jus sends me to the regular online sessions

  • Lord__Nitram

    Hey, what about to fix that the non plus members can play free. Btw since none of them have been able to play GTA online yet. Extend the date. It’s 3 days ago this was realased. It says that it’s free for non plus members to play until the 6th Aug.

    Fix it….

    • Ya I’ve been saying the same thing. I still can’t access the free online.

  • CrazyWolf_1720


  • I remember Tony from GTA IV

  • Driverwilliams

    Do you half to have GTA 5 to play after hours

  • swagboyy555

    I wanna play after hours


  • texasswagg27

    To play after hours you have to look for clubs on the map at night. Which I have access them during the the as well. Also, you can buy a club through maze bank. They start out at million haven’t bought one yet.

  • This isn’t free.

  • branbran2k11

    What’s the code to play for free online to August 6th

    • Hi. There is no code for me. I play on PS4. All you do is choose to play online and you should be able to play. This option is not available after August 6th. You will have to buy the Playstation Plus Membership to continue playing online.

  • fix gta5 ps3 instead of putting out new stuff

  • ThaKILLER123366

    After hours is so fun

  • Andrew_k_Hinkle

    Grand Theft Auto is one of the Best Choice for Both for action and racing gamers. Rock Star is doing a great job by improving the gaming experience with new stuff every day. Now, They have come up with GTA Online:After Hours for PS4. This is really awesome treat for all gamers. Guys, Lets Rock!!!

  • BubbaGerald

    Can it be played without owning gta5 itself

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