Warface Early Access Starts Today On PS4

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Warface Early Access Starts Today On PS4

Be among the first to try this free-to-play first-person shooter on PS4 before its official launch

Today we’ll take a deeper look at some of the features of Warface, which is coming to PS4 this fall. With Early Access starting today, PS4 players from around the globe now have the opportunity to become part of this community of over 50 million members.

First, let’s talk about the key features that make Warface unique in its genre. While most other shooters are either strictly PvP or PvE-oriented, Warface offers a mix of the two modes. Players can choose to sign up either for competitive action in random to ranked matches, or join forces with allies against the swarming AI-controlled Blackwood hordes.

Beware of Blackwood

What is Blackwood, you ask? Cunning yet practical, this villainous organization is constantly searching for ways to exploit the world for its own profit and infamy. It’s up to players to decide how their story plays out, but fully understanding this enemy is no easy task!

Enemies show up in a wide variety of units from basic to advanced infantry, as well as in the form of weaponized turrets and cyborgs. Speaking of cyborgs, players will encounter plenty of them in one of the special operations, Anubis.


The importance of teamwork and character classes

Mastering teamwork and party composition are essential in Warface. Classes also play a crucial role, and Warface has four of them available: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer and Sniper. Each of these classes have their own weapons of choice, pattern and style of gear.

It’s important to be a team player in Warface because as demands shift during PvP matches, each specialized class can be changed (and in fact should be changed!) depending on the needs of the team. The same holds true with PvE mode, where carefully pre-selecting your party’s class composition is crucial before entering the raid. You’ll need the best balance to take down Blackwood’s forces!

Early Access packs

Early Access is a wonderful opportunity for PS4 players to get in on Warface’s unique FPS action before the full release this fall. We’ve provided five Early Access packs to help you get started, each containing exclusive weapons and their respective premium golden versions with enhanced visuals and stats.

Four packs are tailored to the needs of each class, while the fifth one is the Collector’s Edition that includes the contents of all other packs and additionally provides a pistol, knife and premium in-game currency.


Warface maps

Well-balanced maps are the foundation of competitive online gaming, and Warface features eight diverse locations for players to explore. Players can choose from closed locations such as Bunker, Black Mamba or Shuttle, a stage which features a train station allowing for multiple tactical opportunities. Players that are accustomed to fighting in narrow city streets will not be disappointed with maps such as Downtown or Streetwars.

Additionally, there are two maps that are best suited for players craving strict competitive gameplay: Yard 2.0 and Bridges 2.0. These are the maps we use for the main official tournament PvP mode, Plant the Bomb. The maps feature renewed textures, improved gameplay and perfected balance. Both provide excellent battlegrounds for aspiring e-sports players as well as casual players to master their teamwork and refine their weapon proficiency.


Game modes

There are eight PvP modes developed to suit the needs of different players. Looking to annihilate the enemy? Team Deathmatch brings two diverse locations to fight in. More of a lone wolf? Put your skills to the test in Free for All — you shall find no allies or mercy here. Plant the Bomb and Storm add new twists to already familiar gameplay, and require tactical execution skills as well as a high level of strategic planning to survive.

There is still so much left to talk about beyond the features we covered today, such as slides, PvE tactics, and weapon choice. We will discuss those and more in future posts, but for now, we invite everyone to take part in the Early Access. Be among the first console players to explore the vast world of Warface!

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  • Will this have trophies??

  • Looks good

  • Amazing

  • WorldPlayerYT

    A que hora estará disponible para descargar warface?

  • JIZIM_go_HAM88

    When does it come out

  • This game will be free2play later this year, but is behind a paygate right now? (:

  • Death_Reaper951

    Where can I get access packs

  • Why is the only way to play this game is $74.99 ($59.99 for PS Plus subs)? Don’t you think there should be a lower cost of entry for a unfinished game? Or a least a trial/demo for the game for people to try before buying?

    Thank you for reading (:

  • Is it crosplay with pc?

  • Yeah they are extremely vague on how to set up and play this game? Why??? It is in my store but can’t DL anything free? Suppose to be Free To To Play???? Man why do devs just LOVE to mess up things all the time.

  • Kinda reminds me of Dirty Bomb.

  • iM-A-tRuMsTaH

    I hope this game finds an audience on PS4 similar to other PC titles. I’ll give it a go once it’s F2P.

  • I’m better at TPS than FPS, but I’m intrigued. I’ll wait for the drop date, then we’ll see.

  • Anyone but the collectors bundle? Do you get all four classes right away or only two at first? I only got two, but I was passing out when It was giving me the option to choose, so I dont remember. I just kept hitting x. Now I cant find an option to” equip” another class??? Anyone??

  • Never Miiind…you’ll get them after a couple missions.

  • LastPlace09

    After paying early for Paragon and Marvel Heroes, paying for early access isn’t something I’ll do anymore. Fool me twice…will never…never fool me again.

  • BigDawg_1281

    I hope this game gets better… MUCH better! The Co-op is ok, just very limited. The PvP is just dreadful to say the least. Tiny maps with limited lanes. It quickly becomes a meat grinder. Not sure why this game had any following. Wish I could get my money back on this one and that is something I never say about video games

  • Giveawayfree12

    Wow really nice

  • PointBlank1289

    I thought they said it was free. False advertisment.

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