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Sep 10

Sep 10

Free Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Coming to PS VR This Holiday

Experience the magical world of Kingdom Hearts like never before.

Emily Shoji's Avatar Posted by Senior PR Manager, Square Enix

What’s your favorite memory from Kingdom Hearts? Mine takes me back to my childhood, when I first saw a Kingdom Hearts commercial on TV. I was entranced by the beautiful music playing in the background!

Fast forward to 2018 — we have some great news to share: Square Enix and Disney have announced Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PlayStation VR! Kingdom Hearts fans can relive some of their favorite memories from the storied franchise with this special, immersive experience. This holiday, gather your friends and family to enjoy a free 10-minute interactive video featuring the series’ iconic, breathtaking music. While we won’t spoil exactly what you’ll experience, we can confirm that you will also be able to unlock new content as you keep playing!

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VR

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VRKingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VR

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience will be available this holiday as a free download from PlayStation Store.

We’ll have more details to share in the future, but for now here are some screenshots as a sneak preview. Let us know what you think!

Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VRKingdom Hearts: VR Experience for PS VR

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Soruichi_Kitty said:

September 10th, 4:14 am

I was worried, for a second I thought I saw Roxas.

    jgrizzle358 said:

    September 10th, 6:25 am

    Expect him to be back. In fact, expect everyone to be back. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the great culmination of every game in the franchise so far. It’s especially going to wrap up plot threads from Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance. Pretty much everything is going to be resolved and I think that includes rocks as being his own person.

    jgrizzle358 said:

    September 10th, 6:26 am


lichtenstrange said:

September 10th, 4:16 am

I’m not crying YOU’RE crying ;-;

SirRealDeal said:

September 10th, 4:20 am


Alastor424 said:

September 10th, 5:15 am

This looks amazing ;’)

countgrammar said:

September 10th, 6:54 am

Nice, can’t wait for this!!!!

Rallerj said:

September 10th, 9:00 am

This looks awesome

Omni937 said:

September 10th, 9:29 am

Awesome can’t wait to play this on my PSVR.
This will also get a lot of people to buy into PSVR meaning more content, and support for VR in the future. Awesome!

KBG29 said:

September 11th, 3:29 am

Thanks to everyone involved. VR is the best thing to happen in games since PS1 and N64 brought 3D graphics and Joysticks to the masses. I wish I could pay you for the work you have done.

Also, nice to finally be able to comment again. Havn’t been able to log into the site in weeks.


September 11th, 4:01 am

Free as in free beer? O_O

AndyFromFL said:

September 11th, 6:48 am

Holiday? Which one? Holiday season?

Deejmodin said:

September 11th, 1:04 pm

I’m hoping that SE makes a VR Gummi Ship related game, similar to FF15 Monster of the Deep. If there’s anything in the KH franchise that could translate well to VR gameplay, I feel it would be that.

t0t0_runnin_0z said:

September 16th, 8:56 pm

I am really excited Kingdom Hearts is going VR. Square Enix made a solid move doing this.

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