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Sep 18

Sep 18

Ace Combat 7: Pre-Order to Get Free Ace Combat 5, PS4 Theme and More

Strap into the cockpit January 18 on PS4 and PlayStation VR.

Pearl Lai's Avatar Posted by Digital Business Manager, Bandai Namco

Hello Ace Combat fans! It’s time to jump back into the cockpit and feel the rush of superior air power! You are invited to climb into the most advanced warplanes ever developed and fly headfirst into breathtaking cloud-filled skies and cityscapes and experience some of the most intense aerial battles ever presented in the 20 years of the Ace Combat series’ history.

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7

Here are just a few of the planes you’ll be able to fly:

  • F-22/A Raptor
  • F-35C Lightning II
  • Eurofighter Typhoon
  • Sukhoi-35 Flanker E
  • F-16C Fighting Falcon
  • F/A-18F Super Hornet
  • A-10A Thunderbolt II
  • Sukhoi-33 Flanker D
  • F-15C, F-15E, F-15K
  • Sukhoi-30SM
  • Mig-29A Fulcrum
  • F-14D Tomcat
  • F-2A

And on top of that, you will also be able to feel the thrill of flight in Virtual Reality, a mode exclusively available on PlayStation 4!

Lastly, we’re super jazzed to be able to offer a very special™ offer. Pre-purchasing Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown from PlayStation Store will include the following incentives:

  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown dynamic theme (delivered instantly)
  • A McDonnell Douglas F-4E plane and three aircraft skins (delivered at launch)
  • Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War (full game, delivered at launch)

However, we know some of you prefer to purchase games physically, so this same offer (minus the dynamic theme) will be available when pre-ordering at retail too!

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown will be available at retail and on the PlayStation Store for $59.99. A season pass that includes three additional planes, three additional stages, and a bonus in-game music player will also be available for $24.99. You will also be able to purchase a deluxe edition that includes the base game and season pass, as well as acquire the digital-only incentive Lockheed F-104 Starfighter plane.

What plane are you looking forward to jumping into most in Ace Combat 7?

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Wildarmsjecht said:

September 18th, 6:20 pm


How do I turn this from a Day 1 into a Day 0.
I need this now! Unsung War, Razgriz, and now…this.

Thank you.

Airiaen said:

September 18th, 6:31 pm

Ace Combat 5 is going to be available on the same day has the new game? Seems a bit weird. Why not before AC7 to hype the fans up?

    bhetz said:

    September 21st, 4:09 pm

    Super strange for ac5 to release with ac7. Who is going to play ac5 when they have ac7 to play. It makes a ton of sense to release ac5 ahead of ac7 to sell the game. Maybe it’s a typo.

XDragon2688 said:

September 18th, 6:32 pm

So the only way to get the plane is via digital deluxe? I assume physical versions from any retailer will have the AC5 code and painjobs for the planes. When will this go on the PSN store? I might have to cancel my physical and switch to the digital, i’d hate to not get a plane….

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:51 am

    To correct the PS Blog, the F-104 is available for everyone in the base game. Digital copies of the game receive a special skin for the F-104.

Reinerphoenix said:

September 18th, 6:39 pm

Why there won’t be a Su-57

    Reinerphoenix said:

    September 18th, 7:24 pm

    I hope Sukhoi Su-57 can be added to the game

    ZEROFREEZE said:

    September 18th, 8:01 pm

    Its not even a production plane, there is more hype around that Russian piece of garbage then it’s actually worth.

    PatsRunTheEast14 said:

    September 18th, 10:09 pm

    The Su-57 is going to appear and be playable

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:52 am

    The Su-57 is in Ace Combat 7 already. It just won’t be in VR.

OnTheBus666 said:

September 18th, 7:23 pm

Thank you FINALLY!!! I am so excited to play this game was addicted to AC6. This has been #1 on my most anticipated list since it was announced years ago. So glad I will finally get to play it. It comes out the day after my birthday and nothing could be more serendipitous. I will see you all in the skies…

…before you see me ;)

OnTheBus666 said:

September 18th, 7:37 pm

@reiner the sukhoi 30 is on there

    Reinerphoenix said:

    September 18th, 8:21 pm

    @onthebus666 but it appears on the trailer


September 18th, 8:46 pm

About time and I already pre-ordered it on PSN store wow I can’t wait for January 18 so bad

Avaholic46 said:

September 18th, 8:54 pm

Will there be a flight stick/VR bundle? I’ve been waiting for that. This looks like the perfect application for VR.

d_ominic said:

September 18th, 10:44 pm

Australia never got ace combat 5 on PSN. Will it also be available for Australian pre orders?

SidNightwalker said:

September 18th, 11:13 pm

That isn’t a bad preorder deal, actually, and the F4 Phantom was a plane I was really hoping would be in the game, but yeah, why not let us play AC 5 BEFORE 7 comes out? I mean seriously, come on. :/

Oh yeah, and that season pass is a total ripoff, so double :/ to that.

Champ78 said:

September 19th, 12:51 am

This is indeed cool. I was hoping they’d release Ace Combat 04, 5, and Zero as a remastered collection but getting AC5 free with pre-order of 7 will hold me for now. Just please PLEASE tell me 04 and Zero will be available on PS4 sometime.

    JDS12451 said:

    September 19th, 2:02 am

    I expect 4 and Zero will come along soon but I wonder if Ace Combat 5 is a remaster or just simply beung add onto the PS2 on PS4 list of games like GTA 3, VIce City, San Andreas trilogy. Honestly I still have a PS2 as well as a 60gb CECHA01 PS3 I can always go back and replay on actual PS2 disc. Still it would be cool to get a remaster to clean up image on HDTV.

    Champ78 said:

    September 19th, 4:12 am

    Yeah I didn’t think about that.But even a PS2 on PS4 version with trophies and sharing would scratch that particular Ace Combat itch I’ve had. My old 60gb PS3 died on me some time ago and I don’t have a PS2. Thru some form of sad sentimentality I kept my PS2 copies of AC 04, 5, and Zero. I can play them on a PC emulator but the graphics get kind of garbled. Not sure if thats due to my PC not being up to snuff or just a bad render from the emulator. So if Sony can give me a clean version that plays well on PS4 I’ll be a happy camper.

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:53 am

    Ace Combat 5 is simply being added to the PS2-on-PS4 list of games. Not a remaster.

JogadorEspacialX said:

September 19th, 4:25 am

My favorite Aircraft is SU-47.

Mazi150 said:

September 19th, 4:43 am

A-10 <3

Nathrakh said:

September 19th, 5:14 am

Will all the solo missions will be playable with VR? it’s THE reason i’d want to play it!

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:53 am

    No. There are three exclusive missions for VR, as well as VR Free Flight, hangar viewing, and an air show mode. The main campaign and multiplayer are NOT VR-compatible.

eArLy__BiRd said:

September 19th, 6:49 am

Will there Be a Collector’s Edition?

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:53 am

    There is one, but it’s only for Japan.

the_deth_trap69 said:

September 19th, 8:36 am

I know for the XBox One pre-order, they have special aircraft skins that come with it: Su-37 Yellow 13, F-14D Razgriz, and F-15C Pixy. Why won’t PS4 be getting this with their pre-order?

    Alexiel-FR said:

    September 19th, 10:25 am

    and most of all Ace combat 6 …. :( apparently we will no get this beauty.

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:54 am

    Read the blog post more carefully, it says “three aircraft skins” right next to the F-4E. The Su-37 Yellow 13, F-14D Razgriz, and F-15C Pixy WILL be on PS4 with pre-orders too.

    Alexiel, AC6 is an Xbox game. The Xbox crowd isn’t getting AC5 since it’s a PlayStation game. One game for each seems fair enough.

Lloyd_Dunamis said:

September 19th, 9:19 am

I appreciate not leaving out the physical copy buyers, but did you really have to leave them lacking on something (dynamic theme) when compared to the digital preorder?…

Matrix_Lion said:

September 19th, 9:31 am

highway to the danger zone

Alexiel-FR said:

September 19th, 10:23 am

knowing it will be a PS3 classics for the Unsung War, and the quality that goes with it , despite the fact it’s one of the best AC with the 2, 4 and 6 for me .
is there a way for us to get to play the one who came on the 360 ace combat 6 ? cos i still remember this one clrealy it was beautiful , and assault horizon was a huge step back in terms of graphics and gameplay …
basically , is there even a little chance PS4 will get AC6 ? and even xbox getting AC5 ?
can’t wait too to be in january , love this saga so much.

Alexiel-FR said:

September 19th, 10:23 am

knowing it will be a PS2 classics for the Unsung War, and the quality that goes with it , despite the fact it’s one of the best AC with the 2, 4 and 6 for me .
is there a way for us to get to play the one who came on the 360 ace combat 6 ? cos i still remember this one clrealy it was beautiful , and assault horizon was a huge step back in terms of graphics and gameplay …
basically , is there even a little chance PS4 will get AC6 ? and even xbox getting AC5 ?
can’t wait too to be in january , love this saga so much.

KagatoAC said:

September 19th, 12:43 pm

Oh My God, this was almost already a Day 1 for me, Now it is like “Take my Money!” tho i do prefer Physical so I will probably be looking into retailers for that. :)


September 19th, 5:40 pm

How come we can’t get Ace combat 5 at same day. I don’t see the deal here, if I’m buying the 7 til January 2019 I don’t think I need the 5


    September 19th, 5:42 pm

    “If I’m pre-order “

NeoCipher790 said:

September 19th, 7:06 pm

So I preordered this on amazon, do I have to wait for the Ps4 Dynamic theme or can I get that on my ps4 like now

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:55 am

    The PS4 Dynamic Theme is only if you pre-order from the PlayStation Store. Nowhere else.

RivRuskendeRisan said:

September 20th, 2:56 am

I pre-ordered It (not deluxe), but on the norwegian ps-store it says nothing about Ace Combat 5, nor did I get the theme. Anybody know something?

    SlyCooperFan100 said:

    September 22nd, 8:56 am

    This is the North America PlayStation Blog. Contact PlayStation Europe for help on the Norwegian store.

VictorRJN said:

September 20th, 5:57 am

Let’s send e-mails to Bandai Namco, asking for the immediate release of Ace Combat 5. I think that’s the only thing we can do! The support e-mail is:

MidniteTornado said:

September 21st, 4:45 am

AC5 available at launch? Tbh, that is pretty dumb. It should be playable NOW after pre-ordering. That way, we have something to kill time with and get hyped until AC7 is released.

d17554 said:

September 22nd, 2:09 pm

I pre ordered the game at a retailer, so if I’m reading this article correctly, I have to pre order AC7 digitally in order to get the dynamic theme?

fair281 said:

September 25th, 11:30 am

Getting a copy of AC5 sealed the deal for me… just ordered it….. countdown is on….

Hossein0064 said:

September 30th, 7:41 am

Somebody know when can we download ace combat 5 on ps4 ???

    Primogenitor-II said:

    September 30th, 4:30 pm

    That’s what I’m wondering. Like the previous comments said, I sure hope it’s a typo and we do get to download it earlier before launch because that wouldn’t make any sense for both games to launch the same day.

MCV830428 said:

October 9th, 4:37 pm

My favorite ace of combat game is the “unsung war”. Can I purchase it with out buying the ac7?

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