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Oct 31

Oct 31

PlayStation Plus: Free Games for November 2018

Yakuza Kiwami and Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition headline the newest Plus lineup.

James Hallahan's Avatar Posted by PlayStation Plus

Happy Halloween everyone! We wanted to share with you the full line up for November.

First up, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Get the definitive Bulletstorm experience, which includes all existing Bulletstorm add-ons plus brand-new exclusive content! Play as Grayson Hunt, who crash lands on an abandoned resort planet. You have two choices: survival or revenge. This game is over the top fun at its best.

Next up, Yakuza Kiwami. Get reintroduced to the Dragon of Dojima, Kazuma Kiryu. Become the up-and-coming yakuza who takes the fall for the murder of a crime boss, only to emerge from prison ten years later to a changed world. This game has been visually enhanced for 4K, and retains all of the great action role-playing.

This month’s PS Plus lineup also includes:

Also, a friendly reminder for fans of H1Z1, we have the PlayStation Plus Blueshift Pack. This pack is perfect for players of any skill level. It includes the Blue AR-15 schematic, Pro Gamer Hoodie, and Marine Blue Offroader – all free for PS Plus members. Get the pack now, this offer ends November 13.

And that’s it! See you next month!

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iansilvabr said:

November 5th, 7:04 am

Bulletstorm é legendado em portugues?

theadmiraljn said:

November 5th, 12:03 pm

I’m confused…I really want to play Yakuza but when I go on my PS4 it says the free games are Friday and 13th and Laser League. Weren’t those last month’s games? Am I missing something?

    o_Cassa_ said:

    November 5th, 12:14 pm

    they come out every Tuesday of every month

    theadmiraljn said:

    November 5th, 12:41 pm

    Thank you o_Cassa_! I didn’t know that. :)

    lindseyll78 said:

    November 6th, 5:18 am

    Same thing for me too

o_Cassa_ said:

November 5th, 12:13 pm

I’m actually happy with this month considering that I’ve never played either of these games so this is something new since a lot of the PlayStation Plus games I’ve gotten weren’t really as good I’m actually excited for tomorrow and going to share this experience with a friend and good thing I don’t have class tomorrow lol so free day!

watsupxdoc4200 said:

November 5th, 9:39 pm

When does the ps plus games come out for this month

D_SeriesVtec said:

November 6th, 4:06 am

These games are excellet additions to PS Plus. This year IMO has been one of the best years for free games. Especially if we’re comparing to XBOX who has been shelling out duds for the most part. Sony = Bangers

Ma_Jay_Yerrr said:

November 6th, 4:38 am

Yoo i dont see yakuza available!! Nov 6 & the free games is still Friday the 13th on the ps plus

lindseyll78 said:

November 6th, 5:16 am

This months games are still not posted? It’s November 6, 2018

lindseyll78 said:

November 6th, 5:17 am

When can I get the games?

lindseyll78 said:

November 6th, 5:19 am

It’s Tuesday and I dont see then yet.


November 6th, 11:33 am

The Game “Arkedo Series” for PS3 isn’t on the PS Plus. Something is wrong?

    SocietyOverlord said:

    November 9th, 2:12 am

    I’m having the same issue. No new ps3 games and still showing last months

CieloAzure said:

November 6th, 12:37 pm

Already own both games, but, still a very good month for people on a budget. Worth the $60 PlayStation plus.

Blackhearted01 said:

November 6th, 1:41 pm

I’m surprised you’d give out a japanese game considering the new anti-japanese stance you’ve taken these days with your new censorship policy.

Jonathan_Nunes_ said:

November 6th, 5:52 pm

e nada do bulletstorm? tao de sacanagem comigo?

joseaugustoll said:

November 7th, 12:13 pm

Bulletstorm não está disponível no meu PS4 !

joseaugustoll said:

November 7th, 12:15 pm

Bulletstorm não está disponível no meu PS4 !!

MTHRYN said:

November 8th, 12:17 am

Hello, why YAKUZA and Bulletstorm arent available in my PS PLUS freegame?
something wrong? or can i do something? I in region 3.. :(

    si_yudist said:

    November 14th, 9:14 pm

    Yap same here.. is it available on all region? or only on some region?

ReuZT2288 said:

November 8th, 6:15 am

juegos muy malos, esperaba algo mejor

Fieldingjnr said:

November 9th, 5:48 am

I agree the ps4 got the good games.

blondiebrneyed said:

November 9th, 7:37 pm

Why is Jackbox PS3 only? I was so excited to see it was included just for it to not be on PS4. Could it not be both like some previous games were?

Begunfurball7 said:

November 11th, 4:49 pm

Nice games

tranquilhavok said:

November 14th, 8:47 pm

Still no PS plus PS3 games? What’s going on?

si_yudist said:

November 14th, 9:15 pm

Yap same here.. is it available on all region? or only on some region?

CNM410 said:

November 24th, 9:19 pm

Cool, but can we get a new Split Second for PS 4? A new Need For Speed would be good also. Some thing like “The Run” and or something like Need For Speed Underground.

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