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Oct 31

Oct 31

The Hero of Gallowmere Rises — Pay Witness to the First MediEvil Trailer

Happy Halloween! Watch the first trailer for MediEvil, rebuilt from the grave up for PS4.

Shawn Layden's Avatar Posted by Chairman, SIE Worldwide Studios

Friends, ghouls and yearning spirits, we have the frighteningly good fortune to unveil the first trailer for MediEvil for the PlayStation 4.

Sir Daniel Fortesque first shook off his premature burial 20 years ago and has had a dedicated fan base ever since. We believe those of you who come to this title anew will find the bones of the story remain strong.

MediEvil follows the story of Sir Dan, an unlikely champion who met an unfortunate end on the field of battle. He receives a chance at redemption when his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok, accidentally resurrects him 100 years after that fateful day. Lord Zarok seeks to conquer the Kingdom of Gallowmere, and only the skeletal Sir Dan stands between Zarok’s army of the undead and the kingdom he swore to protect.

MediEvil (PS4)

MediEvil (PS4)MediEvil (PS4)

Whether you picked up the original or never heard of the original, we know you’ll love the sword swinging, perilous puzzles and enchanting environments. Brought back to life by our International Software Development team in partnership with Other Ocean Interactive, this a full remake of the original PS1 classic – with all of the scarecrows, zombies, werewolves, and mace-wielding knights lurking in the kingdom with more detail and personality than ever before.

We’ll exhume more information about MediEvil in the upcoming months, so stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog.

From Sir Dan and all of us here at PlayStation: Happy Halloween!

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Sponge-worthy said:

October 31st, 7:19 am

Thanks Shawn. I suppose this is why the original doesn’t appear on the PS1 “Classic” console, eh?

omegazio said:

October 31st, 7:20 am

This is awesome keep the PlayStation classics coming remade from the ground up of course. Question will this be a full retail title like Ratchet & Clank remake was or it’ll be Digital Download only?

cusman said:

October 31st, 7:34 am

Medievil no longer looks medieval

jbumi said:

October 31st, 7:46 am

“Completely remade from the grave up”!! Love it!! Glad you showed some footage from the original – the remake looks exactly as my memory recalled the original!!

soundandvision77 said:

October 31st, 7:59 am

I love it. The original game was lots of fun. Looks great!

OnTheBus666 said:

October 31st, 8:18 am

Love these REMAKES not so crazy about the remastered games. Would love it if they brought back the Jedi lightsaber battle games from the ps1 those were awesome

cowmamba said:

October 31st, 8:33 am

Glad to see more recent footage of MediEvil! I was lucky enough to experience it the first time it came out! It was one of my favorites. I’d love to see a “Dead head Fred” remake :D And all of the Syphon Filter games!

Techni said:

October 31st, 8:39 am

Will it be a collection of multiple games or just the first?

anszbd1 said:

October 31st, 9:00 am

Day one buy for me, please remake ape escape, twisted metal, syphon filter and colony wars next :)

Blkant said:

October 31st, 9:39 am

My utmost favorite PS title across all gens. I’ve been waiting for it’s return for so long and it’s finally happening!

Heavenly_king said:

October 31st, 11:35 am

I hope they tweak the animations because they suck right now.

xKirbz- said:

October 31st, 12:17 pm

My childhood is being remastered. This was one of the games I beat till the very end and was mind blown by the ending videos grachics. Thank you so much, Sony and Other Ocean Interactive. This game is absolutely looking fantastic!

medium_jock said:

October 31st, 1:58 pm

I’m so looking forward to this. I just hope it’s closer to the start of 2019 than to the end of it

Drev987 said:

October 31st, 2:25 pm

Please remake MediEvil 2 too and make a collection

TurtMan said:

October 31st, 3:56 pm

Crash Team Racing please. Who seriously asked for this?

ZanFear said:

October 31st, 5:05 pm

I’m liking what I see, except there’s no MediEvil 2. Why is there no MediEvil 2 in a collection with this? Well, I hope a Syphon Filter trilogy remake is next.

ProKillerBeast said:

October 31st, 5:15 pm

Great! Now give me demon’s souls remake in glorious 4K @60FPS, bloodborne at least in 4K with a second DLC please, and bloodborne 2. It’s taking too long but I know the wait is worthy.

madmarsrocks said:

October 31st, 7:06 pm

What will be the framerate and resolution this game will run at?

D-Squad3 said:

October 31st, 7:18 pm

So is it going to run at 60fps or is this false advertisement like the Crash remake?

AlbertChessa said:

November 1st, 12:31 am

An absolute dream come true – thank you Other Ocean, Shawn Layden and PlayStation! I grew up playing MediEvil, and I’m looking forward to the hero of Gallowmere rising once again, and immersing into this fantastical, spooky, enchanting world once more, and thanks to modern tech, now more vividly and spellbindingly than ever before :D – Albert

Trispot said:

November 1st, 5:26 am

Game looks beautiful → You can almost grab the spooky atmosphere.

Thanks a lot guys!

Really curious about how the developers will tackle the controls.
(this 1 point, where the original has quite some room for improvement)

Guess we will see the end result around Halloween 2019 ;)

Alastor424 said:

November 1st, 5:43 am

Hope it plays well. Parappa played like trash and if I had to guess, would say it was just a port from the PSP version.

Please, I love seeing the love for some of these classics, but show it respect PLEASE. Loved this game as a kid and I know Sony could care less ($90 for 20 games on a piece of hardware that has no ac adaptor).

Alastor424 said:

November 1st, 5:44 am

Hope it plays well. Parappa played like trash and if I had to guess, would say it was just a port from the PSP version.

Please, I love seeing the love for some of these classics, but show it the love and respect it deserves. Loved this game as a kid and I know Sony could care less ($90 for 20 games on a piece of hardware that has no ac adaptor).

Pashta said:

November 1st, 11:49 pm

So awesome!! I LOVED this game and MediEvil 2! I hope they do it right and don’t change it, just update it.

AAIG1995 said:

November 5th, 12:59 pm

Just wait until it comes out in 2019 and if Sony ups the difficulty on MediEvil and alot of those new coming gamers are going to call it the Dark Souls knowing you were too young for Dark Souls (if it’s good).

Just like the way the Simpsons Hit&Run was the GTA knowing you were too young for GTA.

Also that has been the case to all the other Gamers who have played the 1998 version of MediEvil.

ManicJest said:

November 7th, 10:11 pm

The only remake I need: The Legend of Dragoon

Make it happen and I’ll buy 5 copies.

ManicJest said:

November 7th, 10:51 pm

I loved the original MediEvil, so this is pretty cool.

Lss912 said:

November 8th, 8:36 pm

How much? No bones about it, I miss this jawless hapless hero. I will get it, but at what cost. Seriously how many protagonists get pooed on, yet are the chosen last hope? Dan the former man, thats who.

AvgGuy42 said:

November 9th, 6:18 am

I loved that PS1 classic. The fact it will remastered for PS4…..SO COOL. Can’t wait.

remanutd5 said:

November 13th, 11:35 am

I cant wait to play this game, i hope you guys are thinking about bringing Motorstorm back.

Anedime said:

November 16th, 2:08 pm

As someone with a 4k tv, I’d still rather 1080-60 than 4k-30. Hopefully there’s an option.

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