Arcade-Influenced Xenon Racer Launches March 26 on PS4

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Arcade-Influenced Xenon Racer Launches March 26 on PS4

Featuring a massive amount of customization options and a satisfying drift mechanic, 3DClouds' new racer is an arcade tribute worth watching.

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Hi there! I’m Francesco Bruschi, CEO of development studio 3DClouds. We are bringing arcade racing back with the futuristic Xenon Racer! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on it when it releases later this month. But first, I would like to tell you the story of how my past as a go kart driver has inspired me to create a racing game, and how I translated my own experiences into features of the game.

Racing is in my blood, my grandfather was a race driver and his passion has been passed down from father to son. When I was ten years old, my father encouraged me to push myself to my limits in go kart races. I fell in love with the world of racing, the speed and adrenaline, the race lines, the sound of the roaring engines and the exquisite technique of the cars. I took part in the 100cc Championship, after which I participated in the LeMans Kart Race with the Beretta team and even raced Sebastian Vettel in Formula Renault.

I’ve always loved playing sim racing games as well. At some point I was playing the game Grand Prix 2, where I could simply modify liveries. From that moment on, I fell in love with the modding system and basically started to recreate every piece of my racing equipment within my favorite video games. I became infatuated with the idea of making a racing game from scratch, and a few years later my dream came true with the creation of Xenon Racer.

With Xenon Racer, the aim was to create an old school arcade racer, where players can have uncomplicated fun right from the start. We chose a futuristic theme, which fits the arcade vibe and allowed us to use our imagination and creativity when designing tracks, cars and buildings. We’ve spent a lot of time playing the classic arcade racers of the past 20 years and we’ve integrated their best qualities into Xenon Racer. We’ve also tried to take the physics of the karts I used to drive into the real cars in the game, by creating fast, futuristic cars that run at 400 km/h and that can drift just like a go kart.

The drifting system was the first thing we wanted to perfect, because to me drifting is a big part of what makes racing so much fun. We tuned the drift system until we had reached the perfect chemistry, a drift that challenges players to refine their driving style with every race. To add the true sense of competition that is key in racing, we have also included leaderboards, classic split screen for couch play and online lobbies in the game.

It was important to me to offer a massive amount of customization options as well, since that is something I’ve always valued in racing games. In Xenon Racer, you can personalize vehicles not only with extra liveries, but also with free palettes to change the looks and extra parts to change the statistics. For every racing track, there is a difference as to which car and which settings work best to put you in pole position.

I am very proud of how Xenon Racer turned out, and hope that you will have the same adrenaline rush that I experienced on the tracks as a child. Xenon Racer is already available for pre-order, and launches both physically and digitally on March 26, so speed to the stores and experience the drifts and boosts yourself. See you on the tracks!

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13 Author Replies

  • Blackheart10111

    I can’t wait to try this game. Reminds me some of the racers I loved on the PS1.

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Great to hear you like it! Would you prefer to get the physical or digital version?

  • sethisthegoat

    Will the game support racing wheels? (I know…not a necessity for arcade racing games…but I just got a wheel for the first time, so I’m using it a lot.)

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Yes, there is steering wheel support, which wheel do you have? Then I can check for you if that one is officially supported.

    • sethisthegoat

      I’ve got the Thrustmaster T150.

      Thanks for your response!

    • Francesco Bruschi

      We officially support the Thrustmaster T150 RS. Lots of fun to play Xenon with a steering wheel!

  • Well since Nicalis failed us with 90s Super GP (aka 90s Arcade Racer), this will have to do.

  • Alucard-XII

    I’ve been following this game since its reveal trailer and it seems it will satisfy my itche for Ridge Racer this generation.

    Looking forward for its release.

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thank you! Ridge Racer was actually one of our main sources of inspiration for Xenon Racer. :)

    • Felt the same vibe after checking out the article. Definitely reminds you of Ridge Racer!

  • Great! I’ve been following this one for a while now. Got my physical copy pre-ordered already… Can we expect PS4 Pro enhancements?

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Awesome! Thanks for pre-ordering, where did you pre-order?

      For the PS4 Pro, there are a Performance mode (steady 60 FPS) and a Quality mode (steady 30 FPS), both running in 4K. Quality mode has superior graphic settings, which makes it look a bit better.

    • Oh great!! That’s better than expected to be honest! I love having the choice between performance and quality. Good job guys!! I ordered from

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thanks for the support LeMatster, we appreciate it!

  • Duck_Turkin

    Looking good.

    I’m hoping you were at least inspired by Ridge Racer.

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thanks! Yes, Ridge Racer was definitely one of the classic arcade racers that inspired us for Xenon Racer.

    • Ridge Racer. That’s all I needed to hear. I’ve been going through the back catalog because we don’t see games like it anymore. Consider me on board.

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Happy to have you on board Kaze! :)

  • Francesco Bruschi

    Hi everyone, thank you all for your kind comments. We appreciate you all, and we’ill see you on the leaderboards on the 26th!

  • MajorSouthpaw

    The art direction already has me interested. I love racers like these!

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thanks for the compliment, happy to hear you like our art style!

  • LastChild37066

    This looks awesome, Love the inclusion of split screen. I’ve missed that on most of the more recent racing games, that remain unnamed, but they know who the are. Any idea the rough price point?

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thanks! :) The price will be $49.99, for both the physical and digital version.

  • kompton1984

    Any Plans to add VR? As there is not alot of racing games, it would sell really well! Ever since I went vr it is hard to go back, and your game looks like it would be a great fit!

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Hi, there are currently no plans to add VR, but never say never! ;)

  • Glad to see it has 60fps support. I personally would prioritize that over graphics in racing games as the sense of speed and control is lost for me when things aren’t buttery smooth.

    Hopefully this is a nice mix of Ridge Racer, Top Gear and San Francisco Rush. I would also say Rad Racer but that’s definitely skewed by nostalgia rather than game play…

  • KensaiLogos

    This game looks great. The art direction and style of the race cars really reminds me of the movie Speed Racer! I am really looking forward to this game, its visual style really hooked me. Go Xenon Racer Go!

    • Francesco Bruschi

      Thank you! Great that you’re looking forward to play Xenon Racer :)

  • guyminsberghe

    I still don’t know if I’ll choose the Ps4 or Switch version… Will there be a playable demo?

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