The Drop: New PlayStation Games for April 2, 2019

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The Drop: New PlayStation Games for April 2, 2019

It's morphin' time! Or, more accurately, it will be on Tuesday.

Strap into the boots of Power Rangers from across the series’ 25-year history in Battle for the Grid, a new tag-team fighter launching on PS4 Tuesday. The nWay-developed brawler pits Rangers and villains from various generations against one another in a no-holds-barred melee with controls simple enough for a novice to pick up, but mechanics nuanced enough for skilled players to excel in the game’s online battle mode. It’s morphin’ time!

For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

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PS4 — Digital
AngerForce: Reloaded is an action-packed vertically scrolling shoot’em up that pays homage to 90s arcade classics. This high-octane experience is set in a 19th-century human world witnessing the outbreak of a robot rebellion.
Beat Blaster
PS VR — Digital (Out 4/5)
Beat Blaster is a high-speed VR game about shooting and running where everything happens to the beat of the music. An original mix of styles with each level offers new challenges.
PS4 — Digital
Traverse a dried-out seabed littered with the remains of a decaying civilization. Keep your vessel going, overcome obstacles, and withstand hazardous weather conditions. Where will this journey take you? Are you the last of your kind?
PS4 — Digital
Paris, 1900. During the World Expo, an unknown force kidnaps the brightest minds of the century. Step into the shoes of the daughter of one of the captured scientists, follow the captor’s trail, and thwart his evil plans.
PS4 — Digital
Boom! Bang! Crash! Cheeky monsters everywhere! Place your explosives strategically on stacks of crates, scaffolding and logs where the little critters are sitting. Light the fuse and bring them all down!
PS4 — Digital
A modern take on the 25-year franchise, showcasing stunning graphics and an original story. Pit current and classic Rangers and villains against one another like never before in 3 vs. 3 tag battles. Test your skills online against friends and players from around the world for endless replayability.
PS4 — Digital
Shendoah — a world protected by Sephiroth. However, with the power of the world tree beginning to wane, countless people have been transformed into monsters. With the world on the verge of destruction, an unlikely band sets out on an adventure…
PS4 — Digital (Out 4/4)
Skorecery is a fast-paced local multiplayer sports-like game set in a tournament of mystics. Gain control of the ball, shoot it at opponent Runes, and defend your own with smart maneuvering, tight controls, and powerful Spells.
PS4 — Digital
Sword & Fairy 6 is an RPG set in a stunning world of Chinese heroism and fantasy come to life. Embark on a journey to uncover ancient secrets and slumbering beasts in a world torn by warring factions and deception, while customizing your party and weapons to your heart’s desire!

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  • Mercenary09

    Bit of a slower week it looks like but FAR: Lone Sails and Beat Blaster have my attention.

  • You forgot the most important game Borderlands 1?and why isn’t it on the store to preorder yet its bullshit

  • Shadow_Kamui

    Why Borderlands Game of the year is not on this list ? is coming April 3 usually her they put even Friday releases

    • Mercenary09

      Since it was just announced yesterday they likely had this list written up already which is why it is missing. They should add it though.

  • deathdrive123

    Borderlands for me thankyouverymuch!

  • ManjoumeThunder

    I’m glad Battle for the Grid will be finally out. I hope release is smoother than PS4.

  • CallnMrMojoRisin

    Where’s Bow to Blood: Last Captain Standing? That’s supposed to come out on the 3rd as well.

  • McKinneyBoy04

    New game idea….would be a Predator game in a big city with a hunt

  • Lots of games for casuals.

    • Yep

    • If I casually destroyed your pompous elitist voiced opinion, in a game requiring extreme levels of pvp/competitive skill, would that make me casual?

  • Tá difícil adicionar comentário Brasileiro.

  • ChadDeathBringer

    What happened to The End is Nigh was listed for release on last weeks blog on the 29th but was never uploaded on the psn and I haven’t heard anything else about a release date either.

  • Tucklyjones

    Borderlands… .. not on here but that’s what I’ll be getting for the third time

    • 3rd time eh?…I hope you’re aware you’re part of the problem of the gaming industry.

  • How is a remaster of one of the best games out there a problem?

    • SuperShouden

      Yeah. That’s my question, too. It’s not like Gearbox is doing the Bethesda thing and charging 60 bucks for it. Remasters are fine. Especially during these quite months in between all the major releases.

    • Because remasters are just the companies way of eeking out a bit more cash from a previous game instead of having to actually create something new. Look at it this way, if there were more new games being created instead of doing “remasters”, there wouldn’t be nearly as much downtime between good games……?

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