Witness Elaborate Rage 2 C-C-C-Combo Mastery in New Trailer

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Witness Elaborate Rage 2 C-C-C-Combo Mastery in New Trailer

Win the Wasteland by flinging, slamming, and splattering your foes with inventive weapon and ability combinations.

Think of all your weapons and superpowers in Rage 2 as ingredients in a zesty recipe. You’ve assembled all the fixings you need for a kickass cake (or pie, if you’re a pie person), and now it’s time to blend them together into some beautiful and devastating combos. These little combo cakes (or pies) will be your key to mastering combat and becoming a wasteland superhero when Rage 2 launches on PS4 on May 14.

First, feast your eyes on the carnage that your outlandish weapons and abilities can cause in Rage 2 in the new trailer above, then dig deeper into the gameplay details to discover how to pull off these stunts yourself.

Between all of the weapons, abilities, equipment, and upgrades, the list of potential lethal combos is huge and bloody. The combat team at Avalanche Studios offered up some of their favorites for beginners:

  • Want to send enemies and objects hurtling through the atmosphere? The Shatter ability, the Shotgun’s alt-fire mode, and the Grav-Dart Launcher are all great tools. Try launching enemies into walls for epic gibbing, or into other enemies to knock them over. For even more messy fun, try launching explosive objects into groups of enemies.
  • The Barrier is perfect for protection in heated moments, but it’s not solely a defensive tool. Add the Touch of Death upgrade, then use the Vortex as an easy tool to pull enemies into your lethal Barrier and watch them get turned into gnarly bits of mincemeat.
  • The Vortex can be used as a simple crowd control tool, but it’s also perfect for setting up combos. Let the Vortex launch you into the air to maximize the power of Slam, or cook and toss a grenade into a Vortex while it pulls enemies together, allowing you to catch all of them in one explosion.
  • Incorporate the Phoenix into your combos and really make an entrance. While traveling at top speed, eject from the Phoenix and Slam directly down on top of a group of enemies. The added height from the ejection will give your Slam a little extra oomph for a little extra eww when you wreck shop.

Once you’re familiar with the basics, the Avalanche team suggests trying this advanced, gravity-defying combo:

  • Launch yourself into the air by stepping into a Vortex
  • Grav-Jump from mid-air to get even higher
  • Take out a few enemies with your weapon while staying airborne with the Float upgrade for Grav-Jump
  • Do an aerial Dash to place yourself above a group of enemies
  • Perform a Slam from great height to send enemies flying (or just outright smush them)

Stringing together combos is the easiest way to fill your Overdrive meter and turn the tide of battle. Not only does Overdrive push all your weapons beyond their physical limits, it also restores your health, making it a crucial part of maintaining control in a fight. Master your weapons and abilities, get creative with combos, and become a wasteland superhero on May 14.

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  • gtr5yu545445433

    Que horas irá lança?

  • charlieperri

    Can I change my psn name if I don’t have ps plus?

  • xxevilgamer112

    O my it’s free

  • SoggyCheeks

    After carefully reviewing the trailer I can’t help it but to ask myself is this another form of Destiny layered over another GUI? Much of the game play from what I can see is built on it.

    • AngryMikeey1

      This is its own game and a sequel I might add an original concept NOT a destiny reskin as you are implying the gameplay doesn’t even look remotely similar to destiny neither do the weapons

  • jmcdonald1817

    I’m willing to try anything and write a review on it.

  • has nothing to do with the post, but we will have easter sale?

  • This game is going to be awesome! Can’t wait! I loved the first Rage and have been hoping for a sequel for years! My wish has finally come true! Woo hoo!

  • BlindSeraph

    This looks AWESOME!! I’m hyped for this one now!

  • Looks lovely like a mesh of Bioshock and Rage 1. And the Mortal Kombat announcer says “Outstanding!”

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