Days Gone Free DLC Kicks off in June

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Days Gone Free DLC Kicks off in June

Free post-launch content includes ‘Survival’ difficulty mode, plus weekly Bike, Horde, or Combat challenges.

Days Gone is almost here! The team at Bend Studio can’t wait for players to test their luck against three difficulty modes that ship with the game on April 26. Whether playing Easy, Normal, or Hard mode you can expect a game that challenges your survival skills across a 30+ hour golden path and many more hours of open world hordes, ambush camps, infestation zones, mysterious NERO checkpoints, and dynamic events in the post-apocalyptic Oregon setting.

Not only does this world come for you, but starting in June, a whole new difficulty mode and new challenges each week are coming for all Days Gone owners with an active internet connection — for free!

‘Survival’ difficulty mode tests players by daring them to beat the story with increased difficulty settings, no fast travel or Survival Vision, and an immersive HUD that removes maps and indicators from the gameplay screen. Every tweak and change made is designed to further immerse players and ratchet up the tension to make this the definitive survival experience.

Each week beginning in June, a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge will be deployed to test players even further. These challenges take key gameplay features of Days Gone, and twists them in unique ways to earn additional items and rewards. We’ll give you more information on the specific challenges down the road.

Beating the Survival Difficulty and challenges won’t be in vain — players can earn new trophies and unique bike skins to show off in photo mode to prove they’re bonafide Days Gone survivors. Are you?

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    Sounds great! Any chance of a NG+ to carry over some of the stuff from our first playthrough into survival mode or are we starting from scratch?

  • XxTigerheartxX

    This is how you do post-launch content. Free and varied. Thank you Bend Studios, cannot wait to play this game tomorrow.

  • Got my collectors edition pre-ordered online at best buy (available in pick up in store only) and cannot wait to see the game in action.

  • Nice! Can’t wait for Friday.

  • noice

  • Got to appreciate free content. Really glad you’re adding more trophies to the game with it too. Hope to see some story DLC down the line.

  • Got my collectors edition pre-ordered i pick mine up on the 25th at 9 pm lol got to love gamestop

  • CrusaderForever

    Can’t wait to play this! Another stellar PlayStation exclusive on the way. Thanks for the free content. Going to tackle this game on hard right from the start. Looking forward to the strategy this game is going to offer.

  • Sounds good, but a higher difficulty and challenges are hardly DLC that you would charge for. They’re more of an update than DLC.

  • Heavenly_king


  • Nice! Glad you’re adding new trophies because some games (looking at God of War recently) add such DLC/ update and don’t. Spider-Man did with Ultimate Difficulty which was good even though it was still easy. I hope this offers a decent challenge!

  • Excited for the extra challenges, don’t get me wrong, but is this really DLC? Sounds like a patch.

  • Already have it downloaded, just waiting for it to go live!

  • Martins_Ross

    There should be cars, in this type of games AT LEAST!

    • Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of the bike? That’s in there, at least.

  • Man I want to play it so bad, but I lend my PS4 pro to my brother for a month aaaah.

  • Looking forward to it.

  • xb__Levi__dx

    Being a trophy hunter, I would be a bit annoyed if I have to beat Survival mode to get one. Truthfully, I would be so happy if they did away with trophies entirely for PS5. I can’t be too upset though, given that the DLC is free. That trend can stay.

  • Porky-TheBeast

    Can’t wait for the survival-mode. But please let us do this in a NG+. THX for this wonderful game @BendStudios

  • hum… fix the bugs first and then try to create free DLC ?
    just saying…..

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