Free-to-Play Action RPG Dauntless Arrives Tomorrow on PS4

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Free-to-Play Action RPG Dauntless Arrives Tomorrow on PS4

The Behemoth-slaying co-op action RPG offers exclusive cosmetic gear for PS Plus members.

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Hello again, PlayStation.Blog readers! The last time I shared a post here, our team at Phoenix Labs had just announced that Dauntless was headed to PlayStation 4. Five months later, I’m happy to say that we’re now ready to welcome our PlayStation friends to the Shattered Isles. Starting tomorrow, May 21, you can download Dauntless on PS4, and it is completely free to play. We also have a special offer for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the form of six exclusive PlayStation-inspired Dauntless weapon skins. Check out the sword and axe skins below!

Since our announcement last December, we’ve been working hard to add as much new content as we can, including huge additions to progression, new Behemoths, quests, and the Mastery system. We’ve been polishing and fine-tuning the game along the way so PlayStation fans around the world have a great time when they first jump in.

Master The Hunt

One of the biggest additions to the core game you’ll see at launch is the Mastery system. Dauntless is all about teaming up with friends to take down larger-than-life Behemoths, crafting weapons and armor using their parts to take on harder and more complex Behemoths scattered across the Shattered Isles, and feeling like a total badass while doing so.

The Mastery system invites Slayers to hone and prove their skills across dozens of Behemoth and gear-related cards, earning experience, checking off achievements and unlocking new combat customization options. The system offers both new and seasoned Slayers fresh ways to engage with every weapon class and Behemoth encounter — all combined with long-term goals that net huge rewards. It’s a great way to further your experience in Dauntless while earning awesome loot.

We currently have dozens of Mastery levels for each weapon and Behemoth in the game, so there is plenty of content to work through!

The core progression experience in Dauntless has been completely overhauled for launch based on loads of feedback during our Open Beta. When you successfully defeat a Behemoth, you’ll be greeted with a revamped “End Of Hunt” screen, informing you of all the break parts you nabbed, experience you earned in various Mastery cards, gatherables collected, and much more. We want you to be able to see your Slayer progression every time you finish a hunt so when you get back to Ramsgate, the hub city of Dauntless, you can see what new Mastery cards have unlocked and what rewards you’ve earned.

Assassins In Ramsgate

We’re also launching a new Hunt Pass season starting on May 21, titled Hidden Blades. This season transforms Ramsgate for the Moon Blossom Festival and offers Slayers a huge variety of thematic gear to flaunt their inner assassin. Slayers can work through 50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way.

Welcome To The Shattered Isles

We can’t wait to welcome the PlayStation community into the world of Dauntless. As we say at Phoenix Labs: Clear Skies, Slayers!

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5 Author Replies

  • RiotJavelinDX

    Looks promising

  • So let’s say I log into this game on my Xbox, will I still have the skins?

  • Se va a poder jugar junto a los jugadores de pc?

    • Le_Docteur56

      los jugadores de xbox y pc puedan jugar juntos pero para los jugadores de PS4
      tendras que esperar un poco
      (lo siento para mi espanol)

  • Ill play.

  • Will this have full cross play at launch? Example: can PS4 players play with players on PC?

  • Might give this game a shot.

  • BobbyTheFlame

    DAUNTLESS!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jesse Houston
      Jesse Houston

      We can’t wait to welcome the PlayStation community to the Shattered Isles!

  • lThe_Schwartzl

    Will this be anything like an MMORPG?

    Please explain how your game will work.

    • Le_Docteur56

      he’s a coop action RPG h’es like a monster hunter you go fight a behemot for looting him and after craft his armour etc… (sorry I can not explain very well the game im bad in english xD)

    • Jesse Houston
      Jesse Houston

      Hi IThe_Schwartzl,

      Our game has elements of the MMO genre, but we consider ourselves closer to a co-op action RPG. The hub city of Ramsgate is where you’ll meet other players, take on quests, craft gear, etc. Each hunt in Dauntless is its own “instance” as well.

  • Can I transfer my pc account to ps4?

    • Jesse Houston
      Jesse Houston

      Hi DBDSaki,

      If you’ve been playing in our PC Open Beta, you’ll be given an option the first time you log in to import your data. Just make sure you link your Epic Games account at the start. Hope that helps!

  • Can’t wait but will we have to grind as much as the beta

  • TheeDaddyMav

    can i play on pc and ps4 on the same account or will it have to be two accounts?

  • Sounds abit like monster hunter world, and I like that game so hopefully I’ll get to like this too, could do with a break from mhw, so I’ll definately give this a tryout.


    Is this viable on a regular PS4? Any benefits from playing on a Pro? Just curious. I’m looking forward to the gameplay either way ;).

  • DeraesPieterjan

    Seems like a lot of fun!
    Will definitely download this when I get a PS4!

  • Darkwolf_VII

    When can we start to download it?

  • Say goodbye to Apex

  • Is it out or what been waiting for hours

  • Assassin-Wolf217

    Im still waiting and nothing yet

  • matadorazoxx2012

    what time? it’s already the day and it does not come out in the store

  • I cant be the only one still up waiting

  • Assassin-Wolf217

    We are all here still waiting

  • PsyKhO_ReDD

    7am im still up waiting the hype lives on>_<

  • Assassin-Wolf217

    So is not coming out today then

  • Lord-of-Shadow79

    Olá boa tarde. Fiz o download do jogo está tarde comecei a jogar mas logo apareceu um problema. Em alguns dos menu do jogo o botão bola não está funcionando não sei se é algum bug. Quando eu entro na loja por exemplo não consigo mais sair pois presiono o botão bola e não sai mais da loja do game. E como se o X e o bola fossem o msm botão. Obs: não estou usando nenhuma configuração de assecibilidade. Por favor ajudem-me

  • Yharlequiin

    Conseguiu arrumar, também estou com o bug?

  • Bionicalforce9

    Looks pretty good and maybe it may draw me away from SkyForge for a little bit!!

  • iChocolateChewie

    So is this gonna be playable on SEA or nah?

  • El server al parecer es muy chico porque me da tiempos de espera de 25 minutos y hasta 180+.

  • It won’tet me play it! Is there a reason.

    • Naggulpoofer

      I have the same issue, I am able to download the game from the store, but when I try to launch it, it has a lock symbol next to it, cannot figure out why. Sony???? any help on this?

  • LOrdASAPBrim59

    Sooooo………did it come out??

  • LOrdASAPBrim59

    Like can you play it yet

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