Rocket League’s Radical Summer Event Goes Back in Time June 10

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Rocket League’s Radical Summer Event Goes Back in Time June 10

Get ready to celebrate all things '80s, all summer long!

You’re totally invited to Radical Summer’s summer-long celebration of all things 1980s. Grab your aviator shades and mixtapes, and prepare to go back in time to honor some of the most righteous movies, television, and culture from one of the most influential decades of all time!

Radical Summer is the largest in-game event in Rocket League’s four-year history and kicks off on June 10. The nine-week event will feature an assortment of free items, new Premium Licensed DLCs, limited-time game modes, and more (shhh, it’s a secret)!

Radical Summer is split into three different ’80s celebrations: Blockbusters, Culture, and Television. Each celebration lasts three weeks and features a collection of iconic, 1980s-inspired items and a unique game mode. Similar to previous Rocket League in-game events, you can play Online Matches to earn ‘Cassettes’ and then redeem them for ’80s-themed items in the Event Store all summer long. Radical Summer’s Event Store will change with each phase of Radical Summer, bringing in new items for your Battle-Car. But don’t worry if you missed an item: the event stores from all three phases will reopen for an additional “last chance” week following the end of Radical Summer in August.

Here are the start and end dates of Radical Summer’s three event phases:

  • ’80s Blockbusters: June 10 – July 1
  • ’80s Culture: July 1 – July 22
  • ’80s Television July 22 – August 12

We’re excited to share everything that we’ve packed into Radical Summer. Get ready to jump back in time with us on June 10. Until then, stay rad!

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  • Mercenary09

    This looks great. Any more plans for more trophies at some point?

  • Ghostbusters, Knightrider, WWE, Karate Kid..!?!?


  • I am down for that Knight Rider pack

  • The way they did that still frame while the credits were rolling made me snort-laugh. Everything about this event looks awesome!

  • I love that the limited time events aren’t just skins and new cars (though they do look pretty awesome!)

    I’m looking forward to trying out the “Ghost Ball” mode.

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