PC Building Simulator Launches on PS4 Today

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PC Building Simulator Launches on PS4 Today

Build and repair PCs on your PS4. Yes, really.

It’s time to start building and repairing PCs. On your PlayStation! If you’re new to PC Building Simulator, here’s the low-down. The hit PC repair and building title is a game of two sides. Story mode, where you run a PC repair workshop — fixing up customers’ machines, ordering parts and keeping the shop’s accounts in the black. And Free Build mode, where you can create your dream PC using thousands of official parts from manufacturers like Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, ASUS and NZXT.

Run your own PC repair shop in Career Mode

Uncle Tim’s skipped town, and he’s left you to run his PC repair business. Jump on the office computer, accept jobs by email and wait for customers to drop off their machines. Start simple, clearing out dust-clogged cases, removing viruses and upgrading memory. In no time you’ll be swapping out CPUs like a pro. Thermal paste? It practically runs through your veins.

Build your dream PC with realistic licensed parts

Get creative in Free Build mode with over a thousand real-world parts. Choose a case from manufacturers like NZXT, Cooler Master and Fractal Design. Use EKWB’s liquid cooling system to keep your thermals under control, and make the whole rig look amazing with programmable LEDs and color-coded cables. PC building is an art as well as a science.

Go deeper with realistic hardware and software simulation

Overclock your CPU in the BIOS to push your system’s performance to the limit. Discover that some seemingly identical CPUs can be faster than others with the game’s realistic parts-binning algorithm. Become an expert tweaker, using 3DMark Benchmarks to push your PC’s performance to the ragged edge, staying just the right side of the Blue Screen Of Death.

PC Building Simulator’s viral success has led to a worldwide fan community, and today we’re super excited to bring PS4 players into the fold. So roll up your sleeves, roll out your anti-static mat and start running your own PC shop today.

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  • I’ll never understand the appeal of simulator video games like this.

    • Neither have I but this is an inexpensive way to test/plan builds, great tool for learners too. As they aren’t breaking real items.
      I can see the irony in the fact its on console now tho


      I’ll never understand the appeal of people commenting on things they are not interested in.

  • ChaseHammerJ

    I love PlayStation but this seems oddly ironic.

  • I have this on PC, and it is really fun. Hopefully it will be even better here, since my laptop that I run this on is older.

  • Saw this on PC World live stream. Probably should have stayed there.

    The last step in the build is to add GamePass for PC and install DS4Windows…

  • Should be free considering it has a bunch of advertising of PC parts brands

    • Sure just like everything else that has advertising is totally free, right? Grow up.

  • This is the definition of irony.

  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    I watch 2 different YouTubers play these kinds of games its fun :) 1 YouTuber is GrayStillPlays :)

  • The most fun I ever had playing a sim game was playing “Sim City” on my SNES years ago.

  • littlestditto

    hi my name is sue miller i turned 11 years old today

  • Such a fun lil sim

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