COD: Modern Warfare 2v2 Mode Alpha Hits PS4 August 23

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COD: Modern Warfare 2v2 Mode Alpha Hits PS4 August 23

Test your skills with Gunfight Mode's rotating selection of weapon loadouts – no PS Plus required. Ends August 25.

No need to wait until Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches this fall to try the intense new Gunfight Mode. PlayStation 4 users can deploy into a free Alpha for the 2v2 mode from August 23 to 25. Anyone with a PS4 and an internet connection can access the Alpha and play (no PS Plus membership required). The Alpha includes five close-quarters maps, including two never-before-played locales: Docks and Speedball.

Prepare yourself with a Gunfight Mode overview and tips. We competed in several heated matches during a recent Modern Warfare hands-on event and walked away with helpful tactics.

Gunfight Mode Overview
Unlike Modern Warfare’s core Multiplayer experience – which is all about insanely deep weapon customization – Gunfight Mode is about adapting to unpredictable loadouts in intimate 2v2 maps. It’s a refreshing, intense contrast that enriches the overall package.

The goal is simple: First team to win five rounds secures victory. The catch is each team begins a given round with a “random” weapon loadout. Infinity Ward has curated a wide range of loadouts, from pistol and rocket launcher combos to scoped shotguns. You never know what you’re going to get, so quick thinking and fast reflexes are rewarded. The opposing team starts with the same loadout, which makes predicting enemy strategies crucial.

Experienced Call of Duty players will pick up the nuances of combat quickly. Even so, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Study Your Loadout – Your primary weapon is obvious, but look deeper to your sidearm, grenade, and gear. Sometimes your pistol will offer better range that the shotgun you spawned with. Don’t mistake your smoke grenade for a flash bang in the heat of the moment. Mind the details!
  • Listen Carefully – Modern Warfare’s multiplayer removes the mini–map by default. Keep your ears peeled for the crunch of enemy footsteps and other positional cues. Keep your head on a swivel. Headphones make a big difference, too.
  • Pulling Overtime – An Overtime Flag appears if opposing players are still standing after 40 seconds. First team to secure the central flag wins the round.
  • Be Unpredictable – Both teams start with sniper rifles and pistols? Take advantage of your enemies’ tunnel vision by storming the map, chucking a grenade, and brandishing that sidearm. Wildcard strategies make you harder to predict.
  • Move Together – Generally goes without saying, but teams that move together live longer. This forces your enemies to think a second longer before engaging. Also, if you die via a surprise attack, your surviving ally has a chance to avenge your death and with the round.
  • Embrace Discovery – Gunfight Mode is a brilliant way to get trigger time with a diverse set of weapons. Who knows – maybe the random loadouts will lead you to fall in love with a new approach to combat to take into Team Deathmatch and other Multiplayer modes.

Play the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight mode Alpha on PS4 from August 23 to 25, exclusively on PS4. The full game arrives October 25.

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  • Smikkelbeer610

    Were can when download this Alpha? Can not find something about it in the ps store

  • xOpTiCxReAPER

    This is Awesome and I Can’t wait !

  • Awesome!

  • ShamaloMC45

    Can’t find it on the PS store but you’re annoncing it on the PS Store GG! -_-

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo

      Hits PS4 August 23

    • CapnMoganFreeman

      How about you get some controller skills instead of using swipe and slap to get an unfair aimbot like advantage. This crossplayis actually gonna be detrimental to console play shooters for that reason.

  • keyboard and mouse support for the alpha?

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo

      this isn’t steam

    • ICoL-Lancer

      @Jisatsu_Kiddo PS4 and XBOX are gonna have keyboard support this time round, Jisatsu. Totally reasonable question to ask – no need to get testy.

    • ButterMonkeyFTW

      And on top of that Jisatu, people can read. The download wont be out ON the day the alpha starts because then so many people would have to wait to download it. Pretty ignorant of you to think that

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo

      Many games “support” it but it doesn’t mean it functions. If you are overly worried about it get it on pc. Well obviously people can’t read as made apparent by this blog.

  • Nice extra perk for PS4 players, Thanks

  • Omar-Assassin-96

    Yoo I don’t find on PS Store So Should we until 23 then we start download? No Pre Load?

    • ButterMonkeyFTW

      pre download is probably going to be the afternoon before. Just wait on it

    • DaViToSeGg_RoK

      It’s 9:30 and there’s still no pre-download or download option

  • How gigs will the Modern Warfare 2v2 Alpha download require?

  • I know others have already asked this but since there is no official announcement on this page, does anyone have an update for when the download becomes available? It is a day before the release and still no option to download. If they do a day-of-release download, that will be dumb.

  • It’s on the PSN store now. 36 GB

  • Does it work right now??

  • A custom sound profile would be great for the Platinum headset, make it happen please.

  • XenoShadow2005

    When I enter into the screen where I’m supposed to be able to download it, it shows me a blank screen with the options to sort games in the blank screen. Please help

  • B4tb0y_Plays

    it’s 23.08.2019 and there is nothing to download yet , German ps store ,anyone knows why ?

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