Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Launches September 3 on PS4

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Launches September 3 on PS4

The updated fan-favorite RPG comes to PS4 next month.

Ever since we announced Final Fantasy VIII Remastered at E3, fans have been wondering… when will it be out? The answer is… September 3, 2019. Yes, it’s that soon!
We’re delighted to see this classic title come to life like never before with enhanced visuals and a bevy of improvements to make your journey even more pleasant.

Be ready to jump in with Squall, Rinoa, and friends on day one. Pre-order Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on PlayStation 4 and get a Final Fantasy VIII Static Theme!

What is Final Fantasy VIII Remastered?

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered tells an epic and emotional story about war and love. The militarized nation of Galbadia has formed an alliance with the Sorceress Edea in a bid for world conquest. Amid the conflict, Squall Leonhart and a group of fellow students from Balamb Garden’s mercenary force, SeeD, head into the conflict.

Together with his friends, Squall joins Rinoa Heartilly, a member of a resistance group, on an adventure that holds the fate of their world in its balance.

This Remastered edition of the game enhances the original adventure with some cool new features:

  • Enhanced visuals: Several characters, enemies, GF, and objects have been refined to look better than ever before.
  • Battle Assist: Activate this booster to max out HP and ATB bars – and trigger Limit Breaks at any time. You will lose all HP when you get hit by a critical attack that gives more damage than your HP, or by lethal damage.
  • No encounters: Want to explore without fear of attack? Activate this option to turn off random encounters. Event battles must still be done in order to advance the story.
  • 3x speed boost: Accelerates time by a factor of three – perfect if you want to speed through easy battles or get somewhere in a hurry. This feature will not apply to certain scenes including movies.

For more information on Final Fantasy games, and the latest news on Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, stay tuned to PS Blog and Final Fantasy’s social media channels.

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  • DBZfanboy25

    Can I use the same Strategy Guide from the PS One on the Remastered Version as well?

    • Ralstonizer

      Why…wouldn’t you be able to?

    • River_Song25

      @Ralstonizer – they should make a NEW strategy guide for the game like they did with FFX/FFX-2. They should especially make a new one for people who DON’T have the OLD strategy guides.

    • trowsell007

      At last, hope so, still got original walkthrough

  • Will there be a physical edition of the game?

    • earth_inheritor

      They didn’t for any of the others so i highly doubt it.

    • This is not the 90s old man, no one carries CDs anymore :P

    • River_Song25

      They had BETTER. Whats the point of doing a remaster if its ONLY available for download? Why not release as a CD like they are doing for the new FF7 game?

  • I, for one, appreciate the MP less direction the game went for in this entry.

  • BlaqMagiq24

    This deserved a physical copy

  • rafael_martines

    Final Fantasy Tactics War of The Lions HD next plz

    • Pvp101insession

      I’d love a tactics hd remaster. I’d also love a single player version of xi.

    • earth_inheritor

      They really need to do that, 6 has never been treated well either. Just that terrible mobile port that everyone hated.
      Single player XI would be virtually impossible though.

    • War of the Lions with trophies. Yes please
      FF6 with trophies (and a bunch of glitches fixed). Yes please

  • Definitely very excited about this one!

  • Jisatsu_Kiddo

    So this game wasn’t mangled into a hack and slash but FF7 was?

    • OhShhItsNesqwik

      Dude….remaster not remake…

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo

      “Dude” , Doesn’t matter. You don’t crap on the King of the series.

    • He’s saying this is a remaster, not a remake like 7. 7 was already remastered.

    • earth_inheritor

      Mangled? FF7 remake isn’t a hack and slash. You can still use the effects of the ATB and stop time to perform skills, you just dont stand around and scratch your butt while you wait for a bar to fill anymore.

    • Finally, someone who agress that FFVII’s remake is a bad move.

    • Jisatsu_Kiddo

      You have no idea what they did to it do you?

  • princegroove

    PlayStation just keeps dropping banger after banger!

    • You mean the preorder bonus?

      Otherwise, all platforms are getting this game same day.

  • ToniChS2010

    Hola, cuando estará disponible en la play store? Lo he buscado pero no lo encuentro

  • OhShhItsNesqwik

    Do you have to preorder to get the theme?

  • GaMeR_bOi_83

    Great!!!! Now to wait til pay day.

  • WarriorOfLightRB

    Thank you and I will throw my wallet at you if Square Enix either Remasters/Remakes Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions.

  • Geordie-James

    Will this feature the chocobo mini game? It’s always been a gaping void in the UK version. You find the chocobo in the Forrest then you can’t play the mini game. You could download it as an add-on to the pc version

  • NERVergoproxy

    I waited all my life for this. Thank you.

  • Trophies?

  • Esse jogo pra mim é tudo de bom, curt muito no play one, vou curt mais aqui, gostaria que tivesse legenda em portugues , não é pedi muito nesse tempos de hoje valeu.

  • It’s happening!

  • This game has been a favorite of mine since forever, and I SINCERELY hope they won’t charge an arm and a leg for this remaster.

  • nice

  • No Vita version? That’s SAD

    • The other two Final Fantasy games didn’t have Vita releases either. You can play the original PS1 Classic version on it instead.

      Also, the Vita has been discontinued by Sony.

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