Nioh 2: New Key Art Unleashes the Fiend Within

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Nioh 2: New Key Art Unleashes the Fiend Within

Plus, a batch of new screens that show off beastly transformations and battles with mythical monsters.

Hey folks! It’s Tom from Team Ninja to give you a quick update on Nioh 2. To kick things off, I’d like to share with you the latest key visual showcasing our new protagonist. As you may have been able to detect from the visual, our central character is a half-breed. He is part human as well as possessing the extraordinary power of the Yokai. As a samurai warrior, his journey takes us through the treacherous Sengoku period of Japan. And his transformation from human to fiend will take him deep into the Dark Realm of the Yokai. I promise you that this metamorphosis will be spectacular and result in some truly intense action.

I also wanted to thank you and briefly let you know that we had a really productive alpha demo session back in May/June of this year. Over 50,000 players took part in this closed demo worldwide and nearly 18,000 participants responded to our survey afterwards! The overwhelming majority of opinions were very positive and supportive of the demo as we received tons of comments and constructive feedback for us to analyze. And since then, we have been hard at work to process all of that data and make the necessary adjustments to create an even more exceptional experience. Thanks again to everyone who participated in the alpha demo survey. We can’t wait to share the progress with you guys!

Speaking of which, we will be showing off a brand new consumer demo at the Tokyo Game Show 2019 in September. I can’t really disclose the specifics at this point, but more details will definitely be coming down the pipe soon. So stay tuned Yokai hunters! And prepare to unleash your darkness as Nioh 2 is on the horizon!

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  • Hype! Thanks for the Update! :D

  • Honestly can’t wait for this game. I am just hoping it comes out this year or early next year!

  • Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the upcoming beta.

  • yesss, nice to hear news about the sequel of the best game ever made, thanks for sharing this information

  • As a huge fan of Nioh, getting these updates makes me very hyped. I’m guessing a late 2020- early 2021 release window

  • BlaqMagiq24

    Cannot wait for this game! Really enjoyed the beta and the first game!

  • KidGreengene

    Hmmm… Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones?

  • Honestly, this is the only game I really really WANT to play right now.
    I’ll be here… waiting.

  • RenThanatos

    The first game was amazing! Please add some rewards for playing the demo just like the first Nioh demos!

  • I wonder where we can sign up for Beta/Demo/Whatever Events?

  • Aurora-Paloma

    I am looking forward too, and I really hope that they have toned down the particle effects a bit. I played the demo and enjoyed it, but couldn’t hardly see my character during intense battles.

  • uberwaffenSS

    New protagonist? Oof!
    Instantly less interested.

    • Yeah no William in this one. Instead it has a very nice character creator and you get to make your hero which was very fun. I did like William but i also enjoy getting to make my character too.

  • So hyped for this game. The first one was amazing and very much one of my all time favorite games. And the beta demo they had was even more amazing. I so can’t wait.

  • S4PH1R3_DR4G0N

    I say we all binge play the hell out of Nioh 1 the week before 2 comes out. I’m sure as hell gonna do that, but I don’t know about the rest of you.
    It’ll be pretty interesting to see how many people actually take part in this tho.

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