Discover The Creators: 6 Games Ted Price Thinks You Should Play

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Discover The Creators: 6 Games Ted Price Thinks You Should Play

The Insomniac founder lists his top PS4 picks.

is a PlayStation Store curation program in which we’ve asked some of the biggest names in the biz to pick their favorite PS4 games in order to help your find your next game to play.

Choosing a game to play is a major decision, at least for me. I’m a completionist so I pick my games very carefully, knowing I’ll spend many hours exploring a world, getting to know its rules, characters and lore. It’s exciting but daunting at the same time. So, I do a lot of research. I read reviews. I talk to my teammates and I try to pay attention to what’s breaking through the noise out there. When I finally do make the choice to jump in, there’s no feeling quite like being fully absorbed in a completely new reality, experiencing a creative team’s unique vision.

The Last of Us Remastered

Even though this game first released on PS3, this remastered version brings something extra to the PS4 that every PlayStation fan should play. Naughty Dog has created a gritty, yet personal masterpiece that is more immersive than anything I have experienced on any platform. While the gameplay is incredibly absorbing, the emotional journey of both of the protagonists is what has had a permanent effect on me.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game marks a major achievement for open world games. Its scope is insane, yet its world, story and characters remain consistently connected throughout. Besides the seemingly infinite amount of gameplay, what made the biggest impact on me was the depth, variety and richness of its secondary quests.


Inside is a masterpiece of game design. Limbo was already a favorite of mine but with INSIDE, the team at Playdead has perfected the craft of telling an interactive, tension-filled story without words. The puzzles are challenging without being impossible and the mechanics are beautifully layered on as the game progresses. Most of all, I think the game’s subversive social commentary should leave players thinking deeply about how repression exists in many forms and must be fought in our own world.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Hunting robotic dinosaurs is just… so… satisfying. Add to that a sprawling, gorgeous world, strong heroine and super compelling game loop, this is a game I couldn’t put down. As someone who loves stealth gameplay, I found that HZD set a new standard for making stealth feel fresh. Given the game’s immense scope and depth there are many ways you can play. For me I dove headfirst into the trapping/sniping/stealth-kill paradigm and was hooked for a long, long time.

Dead Cells

I’ve always been a Metroidvania fan and while roguelikes can be an acquired taste for some, Dead Cells somehow manages to bring together the best of both genres to present an experience that simply doesn’t get old no matter how many times you play it (and I’m still playing it after many months). The core mechanics are incredibly polished and the retro visuals help set it apart from every other game on this list.

God of War

What else can you say about a game that has deservedly won every major industry award? From the opening heart-stopping battle through every major twist and turn along the way, the game continued to surprise me with its perfect blend of well-honed action, clever puzzles, humor and raw emotion. It’s clear that the Sony Santa Monica team poured their heart and soul into this unbelievably polished gem of an experience.

Head over to now to browse Ted’s list as well as picks curated by Cory Barlog, YOKO TARO, Ed Boon, and more.

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  • black_elctro

    great selection of games :D

  • JamesBlonde777

    What are these games? Never heard of em.

  • Mercenary09

    Great picks Ted. I’d say Spider-Man should be in there too but I know why you probably didn’t list it =)

  • Really hoping that in a few years a creator will be on here listing Resistance 4 on PS5… ;)

  • Resistance series remastered for PS4 would be cool too

  • Mainstream circlejerking…

    • >Mainstream
      >Lists Dead Cells and Inside

      Hmm. Ok.

      Besides, what’s it matter? If he likes a game, he likes a game.

  • Pretty much the same as everybody else picks..
    I didnt really like the new God of War or Horizon.

    My TOP 5 Must Play PS4 Games would be..

    Tekken 7
    Assassins Creed Egypt

  • & yeah, i love Resistance too! would love to see them remastered on PS4 with online multiplayer!

  • My Top 6 would be:
    God of War
    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
    Horizon Zero Dawn

  • The real question is why we cant get a new resistance in the works.

  • princegroove

    Nice! I have all of aforementioned games except Inside. Insomniac rules!

  • Warhawk best game ever! Still being played btw check out Reborn android app. 24/7 servers up and running.

  • Saw this yesterday on the Store and I must say you got ma respect already…not only all top-notch games but also Witcher 3 and Inside on the list,that alone deserves huge respect but you actually listed the 3 best PS4 games…damn.I suddenly get a smile in ma face when someone have Witcher 3 and Inside on their list cuz you get to know devs actually know the good stuff.Only game here that I haven’t played is Dead Cells but I know it’s good game.

    So hats off to you Ted Price.

  • YoungBlaise

    I still need to try Inside and Dead Cells

  • honeybuns1370

    #1 Im gonna go with FF7 from the mid 90s.
    #2 The very first Tomb Raider
    #3 Crash Bandicoot
    #4 Space Invaders
    #5 Galaxian
    And last but not least….drum roll
    #6 Pong
    Oops…Senior Gamer Moment!
    What year is this? Oh boy…


  • Everybody want resistance remaster, I’m I the only one that want disruptor remaster and sequel?

  • Emerald_Swords

    You forgot Resistance to add on this list.

    BTW- Resistance Trilogy- Ps4 plz.

  • Welcome (back?) to the (Playstation) family, Mr. Price + Insomniac crew!

  • crow13312013

    Can some please help me my media player won’t download it says its already downloaded but it has arrow to download I’m using default USB

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