MediEvil PS4 Demo Launches Today at PlayStation Store

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MediEvil PS4 Demo Launches Today at PlayStation Store

Dust off those bones and clear out the spider webs - the MediEvil Short-Lived Demo is live today!

Brave knights of Gallowmere, rejoice! Shamble your way through the graveyard as you slice through Zarok’s resurrected zombie horde – just don’t forget to grab your sword from the crypt!

And make sure to keep your single eye out for the Dan’s Helmet item – an elusive piece of armor that appeared in the Japanese version of the original PS1 title. Picking up Dan’s Helmet early within the demo will reward players with an extra challenge when equipped in the full game, so don’t miss out!

is only available until October 7th at 12:00am Pacific, so don’t miss this chance to re-live a piece of Sir Dan’s legend!

Sir Daniel will be revived in glorious native 4K* when this classic PlayStation game, remade from the grave up, launches on October 25, 2019.

*PS4 Pro and 4K display device required to view in 4K

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  • Couldn’t find the demo. I’m on the Canadian store.

  • No DEMO on the French Store at this point…

  • Not in the UK either.

  • I swear if that demo isn’t up within the next 20 minutes I’ll go and play Nintendo Switch! >:(

  • I’m in Canada as well and no demo? Is it coming out at a certain time? It’s 6:40 local time for me.


  • Demo up for me on the Canadian store! 4:56pm central time for me right now.

  • Demo is amazing! The game is beautiful!

  • AriesWarlock

    A demo like in the good ol’ days? Nice. And that’s pretty cool that you can get the helmet by playing the demo. Keep doing more demos please!

  • Mercenary09

    Funny enough I only ever played the demo for MediEvil on PS One on one of those PS Underground discs. Glad I’ll finally be getting to play the full game next month and the demo tonight.

    • Same for me as well. I remember enjoying it, but not sure why I never actually bought a copy and played the game.

  • Well done guys…thanks for the demo.

  • xxnike629xx

    I’ve never played the original MediEvil nor its sequel on PS1.
    I presume this remake is just for the first game? Can we expect a remake of the second game as well for PS4?

    • I keep asking that question and it NEVER gets answered. In an age of video game remasters and remakes where they give you all of the original games at once, they didn’t give us Medievil 2 for some reason. Maybe it has to do with staff, resources, and time. Would be weird to get just the sequel on PS5.

  • Hawkinable-CRT

    Beyond excited for the game to drop in twenty-nine days!

    The demo is amazing, love the throwback to the original and the added bonus of getting additional content in the full release – a feature that’s sadly been disappearing from games in the last decade or so. Curious to see what changes have been made and what secrets have remained the same!

    While skeptical at first of this game being made under a new team after Resurrection, I can’t stop applauding; well done, guys!

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