Celebrate PlayStation’s Anniversary With 8 New Custom-Made Wallpapers

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Celebrate PlayStation’s Anniversary With 8 New Custom-Made Wallpapers

Adorn your device with a selection of new designs celebrating the history of PlayStation hardware.

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We hope you’ve been enjoying our celebrations this week! We’re keeping things rolling today with a selection of wallpapers hand-crafted by our pal Cory Schmitz, fitted for your desktop or mobile device.

These designs focus on the initial version of each major PlayStation console release, from the original PlayStation all the way through PS4, and including our handheld systems PSP and PS Vita. Look closely and you might notice that each color variant has a different console layout — spice things up with a different layout for each of your displays!

Take a peek at the wallpapers below, click on each one to download full-resolution versions, then save ’em to your device and show your PlayStation pride.

Stay tuned to PlayStation.Blog, as well as our , , and — we’ll have more 25th anniversary celebrations going live over the next few days.

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5 Author Replies

  • Love it! Updating my desktop to rotate through all four as we speak :D

  • Full HD only?

    • Justin Massongill
      Justin Massongill

      Yeah, looks like the downloads were only coming through at 1080 for some reason, apologies. Should be fixed now.

  • Happy 25th!

  • Xbox1_Sign_Out

    I’m glad you guys didn’t forget about the Vita, in the wallpaper that is.

    • Justin Massongill
      Justin Massongill

      Vita deserves its spot right there alongside the rest of ’em.

  • elementsk8er13

    I love these!! Thank you!

  • And what about a PS4 free theme?

    • You could import it onto your ps4 with a usb and set it as your background that way.

    • TheGuyOnMyPS

      Heh, I went even more basic than Jmcman suggested and just screencapped the images using my PS4. It’s nowhere near as satisfying as an actual theme featuring relevant icons, audio, and maybe even some dynamic features. But, it’ll do.

  • These do look great but any plans for a 25 year anniversary PlayStation Theme for our PS4 Home Screens??? A Dynamic one would be epic!!!

  • MxdeSZN_YouTube

    I’ve been a fan os ps4 for a long time and I have had no problems with anything I cant wait for the ps5 soon. #Ps4isbetterthanXbox

  • SignOfZodiac

    Thank You!

  • Snake_On_Bagels

    happy birthday playstation you’re not just a gaming system. you’re family to me.

  • LastBullet182

    Amazing wallpapers!!!

  • Happy Birthday Day PlayStation Best system in the world, not only system but a friend and family to all of us that we enjoy with it

  • NERVergoproxy

    Why not make dynamic themes and give to your loyal ps users.

  • InFiNiTeGeEz

    Happy Anniversary and Happy Holidays! Put a controller in your hand and go play.You derserve it. ;)

  • SilverAvant

    nice, honestly, but we still need a tool to remove unwanted obsessive applications from the main screen, which only is an eyesore, since they will never be installed on the console.

  • jose213jose

    Its been while since i last made comment here on the PS Blog. Been so busy with stuff, the wallpapers looking great. I save them all and plan on using for my PC and Tablet backgrounds later on. I’m hype for that PS5 to come out and see the new DS5.

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