Godfall Announced for PlayStation 5, Bringing Looter-Slasher Action to Next Gen

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Godfall Announced for PlayStation 5, Bringing Looter-Slasher Action to Next Gen

Godfall brings loot-slashing action to PS5 next year.

We founded Counterplay Games with the singular desire to create games focused on high levels of personal mastery, rewarding players for the time invested with our titles. We get to accomplish both with Godfall and the hugely exciting PlayStation 5 hardware.

Our goal with Godfall is to reforge fantasy ARPG-style loot progression and third-person melee combat into a whole new genre: The Looter-Slasher. Namely, our game is uniquely one-part gear driven and one-part player-skill driven. Godfall retains the desire for offense-oriented, mastery-driven combat, rewarding you with head-turning, powerful loot that then inspires your next set of character builds.

Godfall’s third-person melee combat is fluid, dynamic and interactive, embracing offense over defense. While many games these days create one-off cat-and-mouse challenges for players, we want to broaden combat encounters with enduring replayability. In Godfall you can expect satisfying one-against-many enemy encounters along with challenging head-to-head boss fights.

Godfall’s designed from the ground up with co-op in mind. You can play the entire game in solo, duo or trio. Your enemies will respond dynamically, mutating their behavior and attack patterns based on your group size. Our goal for co-op is stronger together, and fun for all.

You can expect to hear much more about Godfall next spring. We’re honored to bring Godfall to you on PlayStation 5 in holiday 2020.

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  • LEFT__4__DEAD__2

    This looks amazing, i want to play this!

  • PLAYSTATION 5?!?! ;)

  • Two4DaMoney

    I need to see gameplay before I get excited.

  • ElektroDragon


  • Dark_Shinobi95

    On PS4 too, trust me

  • EightBitArtist

    first launch title confirm!

  • iamtylerdurden1

    Godfall sounds incredible. Looter Slasher.

  • Guys, I really want to see VR for PS5, or.. Something really new! Usual games, unfortunately, been bored to me a long time ago. And my PS4, Switch, and PC are more than enough for me. In other words, Sony, please, surprise me, make me want PS5! until.. boring, very very boring.. and hype over the PS5 is not at all, as for me..

  • The game can be played solo, that’S good but the real question is can it be played offline?

    • forevercloud


      I am not a fan of games requiring persistent connection to operate in any capacity. If it’s Borderlands/Dark Souls setup it’s easy to make a looter offline. Yet if they go the Destiny/Anthem approach… count me out.

  • Awe yeah man!

  • PS5?…ha laughable to hell with that bs.

  • I like co-op but I wouldn’t want a grind fest of repeating the same few static missions over and over with 1-3 players like in Destiny. The “looter” in the description is what makes me think it will be a grind fest instead of a gameplay skill / challenge / fun focused adventure.

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