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God of War III’s Stig Asmussen: Your Questions Answered

Posted by on Mar 12, 2010

See, I told you we’d get him! As you could imagine, God of War III Game Director Stig Asmussen is a very busy man. But as promised, we managed to lock him down for about 10 minutes to bombard him with your questions at the GDC PlayStation.Blog.Lounge (also, check out our chat with Designer Director […]

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PlayStation Move Developer Diary #2

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010

If you saw our live broadcast on Ustream yesterday, then you’ve been properly introduced to PlayStation Move. We’re incredibly excited to start bringing you lots of PlayStation Move content in the coming months, starting right here. Head on over to to find out what PlayStation Move is bringing to the PS3. On Tuesday, GameSpot […]

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Reminder: God of War III GDC San Francisco Meetup is Tomorrow!

Posted by on Mar 09, 2010

Not like we thought it slipped your mind, but if you’re in the San Francisco Bay area tomorrow, you’re invited to come celebrate the launch of God of War III! And if you have the means to get here, do it – we have a history of treating our fans to extremely good times. And […]

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The PlayStation Recap

Posted by on Mar 06, 2010

PlayStation Network Status Update — Thanks for bearing with us. We’re back to business as usual. Latest info on PlayStation Network Status — Did you follow us on Twitter for news Monday? PlayStation Network Service Restored — And we’re back! Commence marathon MAG and Heavy Rain sessions!! Score Tickets to the Final Fantasy XIII Launch […]

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God of War III Interview with Design Director Todd Papy

Posted by on Mar 03, 2010

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend our God of War III event in Hollywood, where we revealed the opening portion of the game to press. Yes, as you could imagine, jaws dropped. I’m not going to spoil anything here, and frankly, I made sure to keep my head turned for the majority of […]

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Score Tickets to the Final Fantasy XIII Launch Event in San Francisco!

Posted by on Mar 02, 2010

UPDATE: The quiz is officially closed, and winners will be notified via email. Thanks to everyone who submitted! There’s this PS3 game. It’s called Final Fantasy XIII. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Yeah, well if so, you’ll definitely be interested to know that we’ve worked with Square Enix to secure 100 very exclusive invites to […]

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The PlayStation Recap

Posted by on Feb 27, 2010

So if you follow the SonyPlayStation Twitter feed, you might have noticed this and this yesterday. For those who missed it, the first person to catch the correct BioShock 2 character reference (just for clarification, only I know the correct answer and it’s fairly straightforward) in this post – and submit it via comment IN […]

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PlayStation Around the Web: What We Read

Posted by on Feb 21, 2010

Man, what a crazy week. In addition to a serious amount of Blog posts, the internets are talkative as usual about PlayStation news this week. Prime example — details on the next Prince of Persia game were revealed, along with shots and more. Man, where have I been? It seem like only yesterday that the […]

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