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How Santa Monica Studio Created God of War’s Greatest Challenge

Posted by on Feb 01, 2019

There is no single formula for making a good boss fight in video games. Every fight serves a different purpose. The best fights are the ones that embrace that purpose, without getting bogged down by lofty ideas about what a good boss fight needs to look like. For example, let’s compare the Valkyrie boss fight to the Baldur boss fight.

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Fighting a God: Behind the Scenes of God of War’s First Boss Battle

Posted by on Aug 16, 2018

Hello! Today I’d like to take you behind the scenes to talk a little bit about the development of one of our showcase boss fights in the new God of War.

A warning to those who haven’t played the game yet: there will be SPOILERS for a certain boss fight to follow. If you’d prefer to experience it on your own first, kindly look away (and go buy our game)! Otherwise, scroll down to begin the journey.

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